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Lilith (Black Moon) in the 6th house

The point of hidden, dark passions and weaknesses of the horoscope, Lilith in the 6th house, distorts adequate perception and emotional expression in the topics of health, work, pets. Perhaps in past lives, the owners of such Lilith were the cause of diseases of many people, probably mistreated animals, so now, as a study, they need to show love, support and mercy. Such people don’t have to be doctors – emotional and spiritual help for healing the soul, feeding stray animals mitigate the destructive impact of Lilith in the 6th house.

A spiritually developed natives are born healers and veterinarians who can telepathically understand animals and find the source of pain in the body. They are addicted to rare species of fauna, and at a low energy level adore spiders, snakes and lizards. The sore spot of the owners of the Black Moon in the 6th house is work, in which they are afraid of the wrath of their superiors, fall into the network of intrigues and do not know how to turn on creativity.

Features of behavior at work

It is extremely difficult for such natives to find their place in a team, even in a high position. With an active strong position of Lilith, they enjoy humiliation of subordinates, seek to reverse any initiative, even to the detriment of the cause, in order to maintain the status of the main one, and with a passive one, they fawn, please, fear to make a mistake. With a relatively calm position of the planet, such people cannot stand professions with a daily routine and many tedious duties, preferring a free freelance schedule.

The owners of Lilith in the 6th house have common features of behavior, depending on the degree of its manifestation:

  • coercion into sexual relations in the workplace;
  • the role of the “scapegoat” in case of troubles in the office, the dismissive attitude of colleagues;
  • feigning illnesses to arouse the pity of bosses and secure preferential working conditions;
  • real diseases caused by psychosomatics – denial of the idea of ​​working in a team;
  • full immersion in professional duties at the expense of personal life;
  • circumstances develop by themselves in such a way that these natives constantly lose their jobs;
  • unwillingness to take care of loved ones, fanatical hobby for diets and wellness practices.

Treating work as a curse, from which they must certainly get rid of, only worsen karma. To improve the situation, they need to accept their official position with all the problems and difficulties, concentrate on the obvious advantages. Volunteer assistance to patients in hospices and nursing homes, caring for pets will be an excellent study.

The influence of the zodiac signs

Women and men with Lilith in the 6th house often have an obsession with cleanliness and fear of germs, or a complete denial of hygiene. High sexual potential needs to be sublimated into creativity or passion for what they love, so as not to add unnecessary distortions of consciousness and problems, the nature of which depends on the zodiac sign of the 6th sector:

1. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are “stars” who cannot face monotonous daily work. They try to put themselves above others. Attempts by the boss and colleagues to call for responsibility are regarded as humiliation and devaluation of the individual. It is difficult to achieve success even with a bright creative talent due to the inability to regularly work and improve. Foolishly or sarcastically joking at others, do not think about the consequences, playing sports or receiving a treatment regimen from a doctor, disregarding safety rules. It is necessary to learn to love and accept physical and intellectual work in a team.

2. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – frequent change of jobs, inability to concentrate on duties, because it is more interesting to chat on the phone, discuss fresh gossip and hang on the Internet. An irresponsible attitude to work makes a person an unwilling pest. Such natives are haunted by errors in the documents and prescriptions of doctors. They collect all possible opinions about the disease, but cannot decide on a method of treatment. Constantly compare themselves to others, condemning them and exalting their own personality. It is necessary to abandon gossip, develop attentiveness and responsibility.

3. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – workaholics, captivated by financial passions. They plow like oxen to pay off loans and borrowings, or, conversely, are lazy to work, preferring to borrow money from friends and family. The salary is often less than a person’s energy input, which worsens health. Striving to do everything in time, they make mistakes or do everything negligently, without checking the results, while being picky about colleagues, petty and despotic in everyday life. It is necessary to abandon tyranny and excessive prudence, remember about the highest duty.

4. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – strive to create an atmosphere at home at work, sincerely love colleagues, not separating business and family relationships. They immerse themselves in what they love, giving themselves completely. If their enthusiasm and achievements are rejected, they begin to brutally take revenge, playing off their colleagues with carefully thought out phrases spoken quietly without witnesses. They are able to destroy the team and the business itself to its foundations. They panic at serious illnesses, refusing to fight, even if there are resources. Service in the army is contraindicated for men with such Lilith .

Important aspects

Success in the workplace will be promoted by the harmonious aspects of Lilith in the 6th house with Mercury and Mars, giving healthy ambitions, a desire to translate them into practice and a keen intellect. Trine or sextile with Venus make people with Lilith in the 6th house the favorites of the collective and it depends only on the people themselves whether to preserve this state, and squaring, on the contrary, awakens an unconscious antipathy in those around them. The harmonious aspect with Jupiter contributes to the patronage of the boss, and the negative portends a complete dependence on the will and desires.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in 6th House:


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