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Moon in the 6th house of the relocation chart

The moon shows the place of emotional involvement of the native. In the natal chart, this is the main comfort zone, but when people change the location of the residence, the cusps of the houses shift, and the planet ends up in a completely different sector, which means that its subject becomes extremely important in a new place of residence.

The Moon in the 6th house is not the most desirable position. Sometimes this explains the servitude of people who, no matter how hard they try, cannot get a promotion, are forced to adapt to everyone, serve and care for everyone. If the profession suggests this, then they will cope with this order of things, but if they are ambitious and have high hopes for moving, their dreams will collapse.

Features of the transition of the Moon to the 6th house of the relocation chart

Depending on the direction of the move, the tops of the houses move clockwise or in the opposite direction, respectively, the Moon moves into the 6th sector either from the neighboring 5th or 7th, or from more distant ones on one side or another. If the native does not move for too long a distance, then most often the movement of the planet goes according to the first option, which is rather difficult to perceive emotionally, unless there are a large number of attractive people of the opposite sex at work, because in this case the task of the natal chart of the 5th and 7th th houses is realized in the most direct way – acquaintance with a life partner at work.

However, if the Moon is struck, then an office romance will cause envy and the appearance of enemies.

It is also quite an acceptable option for the passage of the night luminary from the 5th and 7th houses to the 6th when the native works as a doctor or nurse. In this case, the planet will manifest in full force, and if it is in Virgo or Capricorn, it will also be harmonized through service to one’s neighbor.

The position of the Moon in the 4th house of the natal chart is well combined with the position in the 6th house, but people should not be surprised at the influx of household chores, endless repairs, the need to do part of the work in the evenings in their homes.

If the planet moves into the 6th house from the 1st or 2nd, then in addition to earning in employment, people can expect a deterioration in health associated with a dependent position, when they are so loaded with various duties, driven in the tail and mane, that they, on the one hand, get used to this state of affairs, and on the other hand, lose the taste and joy of life.

Moon in the 6th house of the relocation chart  and work

A good career shines for the owners of the horosocope only in one case: when the ruler of the sixth house is in the 10th, or the Moon just rules it. In this case, we can talk about progressive growth from an employee to a boss, but there will still be an even bigger leader above him or her.

Even if a person becomes a minister or a show business star, the issue of subordination to the president or producer will always be clearly indicated, and for the native’s ambitions this will not be an easy test, although if the Moon were in another house, such individual would not pay attention.

Thus, those who dream of their own business or a leadership position, it is better to choose another direction for moving.

The position of the Moon in the 6th house of the relocation chart is suitable for workers who initially understand that they like to work for hire: hotel staff at the reception, maids, waiters, nurses in nursing homes, cleaners. However, they should not forget that the 6th house is associated with health, therefore, if the Moon has moved there from the 7th house, the native will be very successful in consulting for the positions of a nutritionist, dentist, massage therapist, physiotherapist and in all matters related to medicine.

In some cases, the native will also be comfortable working as an elementary school teacher, especially if the Moon was in the 5th house in the natal chart.

Thus, the owners of the chart should not think that such a position necessarily hinders development and earnings, but they will have to be ready to work 2 times more than usual, perform routine duties, that they were not used to before, and of course, always feel some kind of guidance.

Very often people are not satisfied with the result of their activities, although there is no reason for this, and they change their places of work in search of their destiny and better conditions.

Moon in the 6th house of the relocation chart and health

Here it is important to look at the aspects of the planet. If they are positive, then the owners of the chart will take care of their health and almost certainly improve it through proper nutrition, sports, finding their personal resource. They become interested in improving their body from the inside and out. If before it was not possible to lose weight, now it will be possible without difficulty. The psychological state will also improve, subject to regular therapy with a specialist. This applies not only to people with real problems of the nervous system, but also to those who suffer from codependency in relationships with partners and parents.

The situation is completely different for the owners of the Moon in the 6th house of relocation, which is affected by negative aspects. They will constantly be disturbed by both far-fetched and real health problems. In the presence of opposition, psychosomatics is activated. Suppressed experiences, especially those associated with problems at work, cause the wildest physical overstrain, and then it turns into illness.

In the easiest version, such people constantly sniffle and cough. The need to take sick leave often leads to dismissal or large gaps in studies, if we are talking about a child.

Sometimes the afflicted Moon forms a comfort zone associated with the disease: when I am at home with a rever, I do not have to endure toxic colleagues and a tyrant boss. Therefore, with tense aspects of the night star, it is better to choose another place to stay, if health is already weak.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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