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Mercury in the sign of Capricorn – the calculating mind of the strategist

The closest planet from the Sun, the mediator between the ego and the mind, Mercury, in the sign of Capricorn, is strongly influenced by Saturn , which makes a person calculating, emotionally restrained or completely cold, and able to achieve any goal thanks to a carefully thought out plan of action.

The development of intelligence and the establishment of social ties are subordinated to the main inspiring aspirations of the carrier of Mercury in Capricorn – a high position in society, wealth and all-round compliance with the vocation.

Winning the heart of an ice strategist is extremely difficult. He recognizes only those who are worthy of respect in his understanding – hardworking, modest, reliable and calm, because he himself is not inclined to gush with emotions, and he does not need ambitious competitors at all. When trying to make friends, you need to remember that the owner of Mercury in Capricorn does not tolerate lies and distortion of information.

Features of behavior

Paradoxically, a connoisseur of truth and honest victories is able to show remarkable cunning and ingenuity if the goals that are really important for him are at stake – a high position and material well-being.

When burdened with negative aspects, rancor, vindictiveness and arrogance are also manifested, for which Saturn will inevitably bill in the form of a lack of friends or a loss of position in society. The Mercury carrier in Capricorn should develop the heart chakra to balance the coldness of the mind, and pay attention to the following character traits formed by the two planets:

  • the ability to materialize dreams and ambitions into reality through hard work and willpower;
  • talent of a diplomat, mathematician, military strategist, senior manager;
  • life from childhood is subordinated to high goals and a carefully planned schedule for achieving them;
  • negative attitude to empty and idle conversations, feasts, corporate parties;
  • preference is given to interlocutors who are able to express thoughts concisely and clearly;
  • intuitive selection of words and mental constructions with the help of which reality is controlled (in the highest manifestation, the creators of sacred texts and new programming languages);
  • practical ingenuity, the ability to feel lies at the level of physical sensations.

Evil or weakened Mercury in Capricorn gives rise to a demagogue and despot, forcing people dependent on him to play by odious rules, without limiting his own person in any means of achieving the goal – cheating, intrigue, cruelty.

Mercury in the sign of Capricorn

Male and female

In the highest manifestation, Mercury in Capricorn in a man gives a sensitive interlocutor who instantly delves into the essence of the matter and separates the grain from the chaff, but due to the influence of Saturn, the mind easily freezes in habitual thinking stereotypes or completely degrades, therefore it is vital for the native to expand the boundaries of consciousness, to study new things , to travel, without abandoning the previous experience and traditions of the family.

A man with Mercury in Capricorn is silent and stingy with gestures and emotional statements, but those around him respectfully listen to his opinion. He rarely takes the initiative in personal relationships, but if he is truly in love, he proves his feelings with deeds, not words.

The girl with Mercury in Capricorn is the undisputed leader. She feels a desire to compete with men in the professional field, proving that a woman's mind is no worse, but at the same time she becomes tough, categorical and rude in her statements.

Incredibly hardworking, with tenacious analytical thinking and an excellent memory, she achieves unprecedented heights in politics, business, medicine, science and sports. However, she lacks emotionality and warmth even in family relationships and it is impossible to win the heart of the owner of Mercury in Capricorn through romantic surprises. She also does not trust beautiful words, but she will listen to the restrained displays of attention of a successful specialist in her field.

Retrograde and important aspects with planets

The owner of retrograde Mercury in Capricorn will have to struggle all his life with personally created dogmas that limit his worldview and progress towards success. This is especially evident with a strict religious upbringing.

The native imposes on himself rigid frames and is afraid to go beyond them even a centimeter closer to a new life. For example, he craves fame and wealth, but he is sure that this is sinful or unfair, given the presence of a huge number of poor, therefore he leads a modest life, being in pessimism and depression. You need to develop flexibility of thinking, attend psychological trainings and communicate with successful, benevolent people.

This is especially true when natal Mercury in Capricorn has a square with Saturn and Uranus, which forms a conservative and retrograde, like a fire that avoids any innovations. Such a person may well not have a mobile phone, computer or Internet.

Sextile or trine with Venus and Jupiter promotes more flexible thinking, success in commerce and business communication, removes the fear of public speaking, which helps to make a career as a teacher. A favorable aspect with Neptune awakens an understanding of art and a need for romance, completely closed in an ordinary position, and with Chiron it helps to compensate for the usual seriousness with a subtle and sophisticated sense of humor with a touch of sarcasm.

Additional description

People born with Mercury in the sign of Capricorn are endowed with clarity of mind, discipline, seriousness, practicality, orderliness, objectivity and sobriety. You are not impressed with overpriced promises. You want to know the facts of every statement or idea you hear. Your natural skepticism often borders on cynicism. You have a rational approach to problem solving and are usually calm despite the circumstances. You are able to work for many hours without losing concentration and attention. You have a good memory and are attentive to detail. Other people may find you to be someone with a poor sense of humor, boring, or depressed. You just have something to think about. In thought, you are pedantic, conscientious and disciplined.

Mercury in Capricorn bestows a propensity for business, organization and management. You are an excellent strategist, planning and patiently following an objective course that will lead you to success. As a thoughtful and science-loving person, you enjoy spending time alone reading or contemplating. You rarely have a stupid and ridiculous conversation, because you consider it a waste of precious time, which is better spent doing more productive things.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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