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Opposition Chiron – Mars. On the side of the oppressed

When the participants of the aspect are in opposition , endless star wars go on in the soul of the native. The different polarities of the signs where they stand, the constant jumps from the lower floors of the qualities of the planets to the higher ones, make a person suffer from his own inconsistency and attract traumatic events as a reflection of the internal struggle. A quiet life seems to such a person insipid and meaningless. He’s looking for storms.

The Mars-Chiron opposition just awakens the desire to fight and seek, find and not give up, as the famous song says. The battlefield is the houses where the planets are located. In these areas, the native will look for the offended and oppressed, who need to be protected and patronized, and sometimes in a very original way, otherwise it is impossible under the influence of Chiron. Unfortunately, such nobility and impulsive interference in the affairs of other people often goes sideways to the owner of the horoscope.

The influence of the opposition Chiron-Mars on fate

Men and women with a good spiritual foundation fight for weak and less fortunate neighbors, those with an emphasis on ego – for themselves, and literally head over to the goal. However, they will not sit quietly in place if injustice reigns around.

The main chironic key of the opposition is a hidden talent, which the native, as a real seeker and fighter for truth, must find in his constant desire to conflict and defend certain ideals. The position of Mars will tell you how to develop your gift, and Chiron will indicate the nature of talent . If he is in the 5th house, perhaps this is creativity and sports, in the 2nd – financial advancement for the benefit of society, in the 7th – politics.

Unfortunately, Chiron is not only the key to happy self-realization, but also internal uncertainty, a kind of wound that has arisen due to circumstances or has existed in the family for a long time. A person sometimes guesses that he has a certain talent that will bring good luck, but fears, complexes, other people’s comments do not allow him to fully open up.

Fighting for the rights of others is easier than helping yourself. The native is envious of others who have a similar gift and seem to easily get what he dares only dream of. If Mars is struck, and the owner of the opposition is from a dysfunctional family, he can begin to take revenge on such “lucky ones” in a very aggressive way, destroying their luck. This is also in his understanding the struggle for justice.

The main points of the influence of the Chiron-Mars opposition on fate:

  • strength, assertiveness, courage, powerful sexuality, often hidden behind the mask of an outwardly insecure or very timid person (there are devils in the still waters);
  • great physical endurance and perseverance;
  • huge creative power and a complete lack of understanding of how to express it (you have to learn from scratch);
  • joint flexibility, accuracy, quick wit, which is good for special sports: rhythmic gymnastics, long and high jumps (if Mars is airy), into water (if it is in water signs), archery, pistol shooting, knife throwing;
  • deep respect for the law, even breaking which, the native follows his internal code of rules, but in general such people make good prosecutors.

It is very favorable if Mars has a trine or sextile with Saturn, which helps to gather the will into a fist and start acting, and not rush about like a tiger in a cage, experiencing a burning desire to express oneself, and not understanding how and where to start.

Mars-Chiron opposition and personal life

If the native cannot restore justice, and his struggle seems endless, he often turns from stress into alcoholism. This certainly has a destructive effect not only on his psyche, absolutely changing his personality in a negative direction, but also on relationships with loved ones. He is drawn into a fight, although when sober he is kind and generous, but the opposition with Chiron is not in vain: the masks change very abruptly. If one of the participants in the aspect is in the 7th or 5th house, he can assert himself through love affairs, trying to win as many hearts as possible.

Women with Mars-Chiron opposition often behave like men, taking the first step and seeking reciprocity, but often choose an inaccessible object of passion: a married or famous person, delaying the final victory.

Sometimes, in a relationship, a native needs a struggle, and having won a desired life partner, he is disappointed in living together or begins to conflict, be jealous, and look for reasons to continue the struggle.

Studying the opposition Chiron-Mars

The aspect contains not only destructive, but also a powerful positive potential. The native should look for new and non-standard ways to improve life and use their talents, but the main thing is to turn on the aspect, you need to be desperately brave and go towards fears. You should not hide your vulnerability behind your fists, although, of course, one of the tasks of the aspect will always be to protect the weak, but it is important to be brave, revealing to the world what you really care about, allowing yourself to be yourself in public space.

Owners of the opposition Chiron-Mars often unknowingly block the 1st chakra. Sports will help prevent this. If it is not possible to professionally engage in gymnastics and shooting, you can perfectly work out the aspect through passionate Latin American dances, both in pairs and solo, for example, flamenco.

In creativity and business, it is important to follow the path of an innovator, opening up uncharted paths for supplying material and earning money, not forgetting to donate to charity.

The talismans of the native with the opposition Chiron-Mars will be strawberry quartz , almandine , red jasper and coral .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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