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Opposition Chiron – Venus. seekers of change

Although some astrologers do not take Chiron seriously , considering it an asteroid or planetoid, opposition to it can create really tangible tension. In Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron was a healer, but was unable to heal his own wound, accidentally inflicted by Hercules with a poisoned arrow. In the horoscope, his position indicates a carefully hidden pain, which the person himself is not always aware of until he encounters a problem along the line of the second participating planet of the aspect.

Interestingly, in the cards of celebrities with the opposition Venus – Chiron, a situation of love triangles almost always arises. Cheating is not necessarily real, but the duality of behavior, amorousness, the absence of strict moral standards and developed sensuality are inherent in both the native and those whom he attracts. The tension of the opposition accumulates for a long time, so in the first years of marriage there may not be problems, but a midlife crisis will work as a trigger for their appearance.

The influence of the opposition Venus-Chiron on fate

The native has an overdeveloped desire for perfection. He is endowed not only with a powerful sexuality and need for pleasure, but also with a heightened sense of beauty. Such people have a wonderful taste in clothing, jewelry, interior, but they are too demanding. No matter how beautiful the design is, they will still find a flaw. The tension between Chiron and Venus does not allow you to relax and just enjoy the beauty.

If 1 house is affected, they are just as picky about their appearance, and they even consider their partner under a magnifying glass. This applies not only to the intimate sphere, but also to business unions. The native will not work with a slovenly, ugly and rude person. It can be such only in the imagination of the owner of the Venus-Chiron opposition, and for others it is quite acceptable, but the aspect distorts the worldview.

For those who correspond to the native’s ideas of beauty, he is ready to do everything. In the presence of money, such a person always acts as a patron of the arts, since the multiplication of beauty in the world is his true mission.

If a person has more or less harmonious Sun and Moon, the Venus-Chiron opposition forms 3 types of people:

  • fighters for justice with a clear system of values, but a penchant for manipulation for the sake of their own, as it seems to them, noble goal;
  • artistic change seekers who use people, especially women, for personal gain and enrichment;
  • artists and creators of beauty, ready to give the last for the sake of others and improve this cruel world.

With any character and profession, a native with Venus-Chiron opposition is distinguished by a love for beautiful trinkets, details, accents that form an artistic impression of the image or interior of the house. If one of the planets is in the sectors responsible for other topics, for example, finance, a person will delve into the details here too and, perhaps thanks to them, will find his own unique way to advance in business.

Venus-Chiron Opposition and Relationships

In striving for perfection, the native tries to remake the partner to fit his canons of beauty and personal value system. He is not enough external attractiveness. This is Pygmalion of the highest category, claiming the body and soul, but little understanding of what the partner himself is striving for.

The paradox is that the men and women themselves with the opposition Venus-Chiron are very unsure of themselves. They do not feel worthy of love, so they try to be a walking ideal. The real tragedy is the loss of beauty due to illness or metabolic disorders, because it seems to them that only a comprehensively beautiful person can be loved.

Chiron in the 8th house often encourages them to change their appearance style, up to plastic surgery. It is because of uncertainty that they choose a gray life partner and try to fashion a beautiful swan out of him.

If the partner does not mind, then a good union can turn out, but often the other person simply does not understand why this is necessary, or realizing his value and attractiveness with the help of the native, he leaves to conquer a string of other hearts.

Sometimes it is the betrayal of a spouse that helps a woman with the opposition of Chiron-Venus to become the creator of her life, as happened with Anne Burda, the owner of a well-known fashion publishing house. She opened a business and flourished outwardly after her husband left for his mistress.

Study of the opposition Venus-Chiron

The native will have to look for support in himself, and not in the many love relationships through which he gets used to assert himself. Without awareness of personal value, it is impossible to build a happy relationship. It is painful to realize that you can only be loved for external beauty and certificates of honor.

Owners of the Venus-Chiron opposition try to stand out from the crowd and be special, but they do it out of fear that if they remain ordinary, no one will love or appreciate them. By combining the desire to be unique with allowing themselves to live as they are, with all the advantages and disadvantages, they will break the bad habit of reshaping others to imaginary ideals. As soon as the fear of being rejected by a loved one goes away, an understanding will appear of how to build a happy relationship.

It is important to find your own style, study fashion, sew, dance.

The best talismans of love during the Venus-Chiron opposition will be turquoise , amazonite , andradite ( green garnet ), demantoid.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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