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Opposition Neptune-Pluto. Between heaven and hell

The opposition of the planets includes the struggle of opposite energies in the native’s soul with regard to the affairs of the houses and signs of the zodiac in which the planets stand. They do not support each other’s qualities, but they fight, seeking to consolidate leadership in consciousness and influence fate. It depends on spiritual and intellectual development on which floor this battle will take place and whether the mind will keep the balance of the advantages of both participants in the tandem.

Opposition Neptune-Pluto brings confusion of feelings and throwing from the sublime heavenly love for people to the desire to destroy the imperfect world and start building your utopia. If the aspect does not affect the corner houses, then the native does not pose a danger, but finds an outburst of expressive aggression in creativity.

Influence of the Neptune-Pluto opposition on fate

The confrontation between good and evil, higher ideals and base instincts does not prevent a person from being a talented artist, politician and businessman. Subject to a strong intellect and a religious principle, he is able to mentally take the side of the enemy, understand the algorithm of thinking and resist darkness in a noble way with Neptunian ideas. However, there is a second option: the outwardly virtuous and noble bearer of the Neptune-Pluto opposition is overwhelmed by perverted fantasies and a thirst for power. This is Shakespeare’s Richard III or Hamlet, vulnerable and cruel at the same time.

When positioned in corner houses, the aspect engages the ward in massive transformational events, giving the opportunity to fame through changes in the fate of millions. Most often this happens on the wave of revolution, catastrophe, and at best, through innovation in art or medicine. Other notable features of the Neptune-Pluto opposition:

  • violent imagination and temperament, nobility of aspirations and dark methods of realizing the plan;
  • good intentions often lead a native to hell because of the Neptunian fog in his head;
  • stubborn addiction to erroneous beliefs and convictions: steps on the same rake many times, trusting criminals;
  • aggressive behavior towards dissidents;
  • the idea of ​​superiority over other nations and religions;
  • the need for a prestigious social status, fame and power (especially with the position of any of the planets in the element of fire);
  • the danger of alcohol and drug addiction as a way to escape from unpleasant reality (with the position of Neptune in water signs and a negative aspect with the Moon).

The owner of the horoscope adores everything mysterious and elite, therefore his religious beliefs are often transformed in sects with Masonic attributes. If he follows his heart, he becomes an ardent fighter against racial and national prejudices.

Love and marriage with Neptune-Pluto opposition

Men and women with this aspect themselves hinder their personal happiness, intoxicated with dreams and idealizing the image of their beloved. Fantasies about how wonderful life will be when circumstances finally allow us to be together, turn the chosen one into a superhero without flaws or a beautiful lady without a past.

Pluto really often interferes with a quick connection with a person you like, demanding a change in character or circumstances, and Neptune compensates for the separation with a movie in your head. Illusory reality and dreams bring the native more pleasure than communicating with a partner in ordinary life.

The owners of the Neptune-Pluto opposition are not ready for the prose of everyday life, the division of responsibilities around the house and a common piggy bank. They are also sensitive to the deterioration in the appearance of a loved one, for example, to fullness or baldness, demanding an immediate transformation and look perfect. Men with this aspect often ask their wives to walk in heels and wear evening dresses even at home, and women put their spouses on a diet and scrupulously select an aristocratic wardrobe. The partner’s true needs are ignored. The main thing is to remake it for yourself.

Elaboration of the Neptune-Pluto opposition

The desire of the native to create a new wonderful world, to improve the appearance and inner world of the life partner, children, friends should be translated into reality in noble and positive ways. The main mistake is suppression of the will of others for the sake of personal dreams and worldview. If the Neptune-Pluto opposition affects the corner houses, then the pronounced gifts of higher powers: clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, telepathy, allow the owner of the horoscope to instantly read the fears and expectations of others, using people as tools to remove obstacles from their path.

But the Plutonian karmic force will definitely require reckoning for the incorrect use of magical abilities. The native has all the resources to create the desired reality if he gives more than he takes, especially in creativity, social activities and medicine.

Both planets are higher and for the correction of fate with the help of talisman stones, a long-term effect of jewelry made of serpentine , jaspilite, rauchtopaz and obsidian will be required . Happiness in love will be presented by aquamarine and tsavorite, and practicality and soberness will include citrine .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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