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Opposition Pluto – Ascendant. Scorpion magic

The rising sign of the zodiac, called the Ascendant, shows our spontaneous manifestation of communication skills and professionalism in the chosen field of activity. This demeanor rarely lends itself to the control of the mind, and can also be radically different from the nature of the native according to the sun sign, when a person at work behaves completely differently than in ordinary life.

However, when Pluto enters into opposition , the features of Scorpio are clearly visible in the character , regardless of the position of the Ascendant . The nature of the planet causes catastrophes and cataclysms for development and transition to a new level of consciousness. A native unconsciously or intentionally performs such actions both in relation to himself and interfering with the destinies of other people, which often violates the laws of karma and triggers a series of irreversible events.

Features of opposition Pluto – Ascendant

The aspect endows the wards with tremendous inner strength, magnetism, when it is impossible to look away from the face and eyes, and being nearby, it is physically realistic to feel sexual and intellectual attraction.

Men and women are implicit leaders. They do not climb forward, but they are reckoned with and respected. Their word alone can outweigh the emotional speech of a person with a fiery Ascendant. However, the plutonian temptations of power are pursuing the native with renewed vigor at the next career stage. An excellent understanding of the internal motivation of actions and psychology gives them unlimited opportunities for manipulation, intrigue and domination over the personality of colleagues, relatives, children and even bosses.

Crises and unexpected blows from enemies often occur in life, especially when Pluto is in the 7th house , but if everything goes smoothly for a long time, the native, like a true projection of Scorpio, begins to sting himself or others for no reason, provoking shakes and quarrels for renewal or breaking up the relationship, even if he later regrets it. Other manifestations of the opposition Pluto – Ascendant in the lives of men and women:

  • a powerful aura, intelligence, sex appeal with a complete misunderstanding of how they look from the outside, which greatly harm themselves;
  • the world is seen as an arena for battles for survival and destruction of enemies, even if they get tired of battles, they are reborn as a Phoenix bird and again strive to fight;
  • harsh and even cruel attitude towards colleagues and family members, Spartan upbringing of children;
  • a strong influence on the fate of people to whom they feel sympathy, both in a good and destructive manner;
  • low self-esteem and a perverse understanding of roles in close relationships: business partnership and friendship;
  • the need to manage people in order to increase the level of self-respect;
  • severe chronic diseases, stress and intrigue at work with Pluto in the 6th house .

The native has a close connection with nature and the strangest representatives of the animal world: snakes, spiders, monitor lizards, even crocodiles. Traveling to the countries where these creatures live is energizing, as are hiking and archeology, treasure hunting and geology.

Love and marriage with opposition Pluto – Ascendant

Aspect implies a strong influence on the Descendant, which means the choice of a powerful and oppressive partner. Men and women are attracted to people with a fiery temperament and heightened sexuality. These must be strong personalities from whom they learn new things or develop in competition.

With a good natal chart, this is a sign of marriage with a rich and powerful person, or it is assumed that under the influence of the native, the life partner will become such.

But if there are negative connections with Mars, Saturn and Lilith, suffering from emotional and physical violence in alliance with a spouse is likely, and given the scorpio nature of the native’s unconscious beginning, he will receive latent pleasure from pain, both inflicted on him and emanating from himself … Relationships need to be renewed and brought to a new level through joint hikes to the mountains or places where you need to overcome difficulties, playing sports, developing a common business.

The native remains faithful to the person he has been striving for for a long time. The owners of Venus and Mars in Scorpio, Aries, Leo and Pisces are magically attractive.

Harmonization of opposition Pluto – Ascendant

The more power, social influence and wealth a native has, the calmer he feels. To prevent outbursts of anger and the need for destruction provoked by the opposition, it is recommended to throw out the accumulated tension in stage creativity, public speaking at business presentations, boxing, karate, tennis, and fencing.

You should avoid communicating with the personalities of the criminal world, powerful and intolerant representatives of the opposite sex, especially those with alcohol and drug addiction. Even the bright and talented owners of the Pluto – Ascendant opposition perish under their influence, as happened, for example, with the singer Whitney Houston.

In many cases, work with a psychotherapist is indicated. It is also important to choose the right profession – business related to the management of large sums of money and investments, mechanical engineering, geology, forensic medicine, politics, cinema, theater, literature, geology and prosecutors.

Jewelry with correctly selected stones, harmonizing the influence of the opposition Pluto – Ascendant, will help you find happiness in love and purpose. Smoky quartz, charoite, mystic topaz , alexandrite , sherl, kunzite and lava stone are perfect here . It is good to have amethyst druses , black marble, volcanic glass products on your desktop .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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