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Opposition Sun – MC (Midheaven). Flying with clipped wings

In contrast to the harmonization of quadrature with opposition, you will have to carry out colossal work on yourself. Sometimes this is more difficult than confronting unfavorable external circumstances. A change in thinking leads to the heights of success, but it will require working with consciousness and the inevitable inclusion of Mercury and Saturn in the process , regardless of the qualities of the main participants in the aspect.

The opposition creates the strongest tension between the opposite energies of the planets, which are in the same bundle. If this is the Meridian of the Midheaven , then the problems will affect professional advancement, preventing them from moving to the next step, until the native has worked out the internal complexes associated with the manifestation of love of life, creative power, individuality and self-love, without excessive selfishness.

The Danger of Opposition Sun – Mid Sky

The interpretation of the aspect depends on the signs of the houses where the Sun and MC are located. If one of the participants is in the element of fire and air, a person will strive to be realized in a career, despite the family's desire to see him at home. This is especially pronounced in women. Her father and husband see her as a housewife, and she is eager to realize her creativity or need for financial independence.

Water signs include a thirst for creativity, although the family may talk about the lack of talents, and deep down, the native really doubts the right to self-realization and the ability to monetize the results of labor. But the position in the signs of the earth often, on the contrary, hinders a career through the desire of the bearer of the aspect to sit at home and not get into the jungle of business and competition.

The Sun – Midheaven opposition is a common cause of procrastination. A person does not believe in himself so much that he comes up with reasons why he cannot move towards professional goals. The father or boss, who constantly criticizes or imposes his opinion, often knocks the ground out from under his feet. Success slips away in the last minutes before the finish spurt and this prompts to abandon the next attempts. However, one should not despair, but carefully study the shades of the influence of the Sun – MC opposition in order to work them out later:

  • tense atmosphere at home, conflicts with parents, constant desire to resist their will;
  • self-affirmation and recognition become an obsession for the sake of which eternal values ​​are forgotten;
  • admiration for bosses, famous media personalities, rich and assertive leaders;
  • difficulties in professional development: they are not appreciated, not noticed, it is necessary to improve internal and even external qualities;
  • lack of support, especially during difficult testing periods, the native remains alone with himself;
  • different values ​​with a business and marriage partner, misunderstanding and even domestic violence, if there are additional negative aspects to the 5th and 7th houses;
  • dismissals and mental rushes at an unloved job, inability to find their place in life and choose a profession that best contributes to the fulfillment of their mission;

The owners of the opposition between the Sun and the MC adore progressive technologies, but inner conservatism stops them from high-quality training, buying a new laptop that makes their work easier, and the opinion of others also prevents them from fulfilling their wildest dreams, although they see how other people do it successfully.

Personal relationships

For women, the enemies that block the path to the desired career are the father and the spouse, and for men, most often the boss, although friction with the parent is not excluded. The degree of stress depends on other negative indicators in the horoscope. This may be a mismatch in views on a career, for example, the desire to become an actor causes bewilderment among a respectable bank manager, or the native's opponent himself has not achieved a dream come true in his life and inspires him that he will not achieve anything without cronyism, bright talent or external beauty.

Objectively, the owners of the Sun – MC opposition can be gifted and bright personalities, but those around them do not see this because of the facelessness and worthlessness program embedded in the subconscious. For this reason, the boss often exploits their abilities, gaining profit and fame, and the bearers of the aspect sit in the shadows and cannot loudly declare that this is thanks to their work, because they are afraid of losing their place, the respect of an eminent person and their usual place of work. Because of a similar fear, a woman with such opposition endures for a long time humiliation and devaluation of her merits by her husband.

Elaboration of the opposition Sun – MC

Distracted by games with the outside world, proving their right to success in obvious things, men and women are equally devastated energetically. The main condition for harmonizing the opposition Sun – Midheaven is a calm and warm atmosphere in the family. Therefore, it is necessary to leave the parental home if loved ones interfere with self-confidence or part with a toxic husband who interferes with self-affirmation in the profession.

The lack of a safe environment creates lifelong dependence on a more assertive and dominant partner. It is necessary to learn to make independent decisions and take responsibility for them. It will not hurt to work with a psychologist and trainings for personal growth, financial literacy and public speaking. Most often, success comes to the owners of the Sun – MC opposition in the places of their childhood and the inner formation of ideals.

For energetic support and the inclusion of stellar energy, it is recommended to wear clothes of light yellow shades with golden fragments, use business accessories in the same range. The second color is better to choose a suitable tone according to the zodiac sign of the 10th house . Stones-talismans: diamonds , zircons , rubies .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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