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Opposition Uranus-Pluto. Give me a foothold and I’ll turn the Earth

The opposition of the higher planets is not so obvious and clearly affects the life of a particular person, spreading to the entire generation. However, if the members of the union are located in signs and elements that are friendly to themselves, and especially in corner houses, then the native will feel the raging wind of change, blowing up the burning coals of the soul’s passions.

The Uranus-Pluto opposition includes indomitable bouts of anger when the world resists human desires, and an equally strong need to turn reality upside down and stand on it, riding a horse in a royal crown and mantle. If this is not possible, then proudly retire to the forests and caves, choosing a primitive way of life.

The influence of the Uranus-Pluto opposition on fate

In any new trend in science, literature and art, the native feels the possibility of his own transformation for the better. He enthusiastically picks up fresh ideas, even radical ones. With air and fiery Mercury, no one thinks about the consequences, it is more important to burn and torture here and now.

If most of the planets are in earth signs, then the calculation is made with an eye to the future, which does not prevent you from joining a revolutionary movement or a secret society that aims to conquer the world (if Uranus or Pluto is in the 12th house ).

The sector of the horoscope affected by aspect 10 and 11 shows that the native will be supported by friends, and he will become the leader of the group, the character of which will be shown by the zodiac sign of this place, especially if the MC (middle of the sky) is nearby .

Childhood and adolescence of the carrier of the Uranus-Pluto opposition most often falls on the era of economic turmoil, so the taste of the struggle for survival excites his desire to live better. Other manifestations of the aspect:

  • sharp mind, talent of an inventor, ambition, imperiousness;
  • eccentric antics during moments of stress and love;
  • thirst for wealth and luxury that amaze the imagination of others;
  • artistry, violent imagination, jealousy of more successful rivals;
  • the need for competition and competition;
  • fanaticism, fierce defense of beliefs and beliefs;
  • danger of accidents due to the love of risk.

If one of the planets is in the 1st house, then he himself is the main source of problems and troubles for the native. An eccentric and intolerant character becomes the cause of injury through negligence, violence and the energetic impact of black magicians due to envy and resentment of rivals. If the 3rd house is affected, you must be extremely careful on the road and during short trips.

Politics attracts the owner of the aspect more than other areas, because it is there that he can gain power and create a new reality for other people. At the highest level of development, it is a fighter against injustice and global evil.

Love and marriage with opposition of Uranus and Pluto

Living with a native is not easy. If the Sun and Venus are in fire and air signs, then selfishness, an extroverted character and the need to participate in bright mass events will not allow paying attention to the inner world of one person. This is an ambitious politician, born to bathe in worship and admiration, therefore, the native expects an easy and non-binding relationship from a partner, and if Venus and the Moon are in earth signs, then they are also not against material support or participation in revolutions and putsches on an equal basis with him.

The gender of the bearer of the aspect does not matter: men and women are equally powerfully charged with the energy of destruction and transformation, and they expect either comprehensive support or entertainment and fun from a life partner. They need to be constantly surprised, provoked, burned to ashes in heated arguments and swallowed offensive words, because in the morning the owners of the Uranus-Pluto opposition will not remember that they discussed with the transition to personalities.

Living together will require constant compromises from the chosen bearers of the aspect, but they will not be bored. If Uranus falls into the 7th and 8th houses, the marriage will be hasty and shocking to loved ones, a misalliance or an alliance with a representative of another race is possible. Pluto in the same sectors will require the native to change his behavior within the relationship.

Elaboration of the Uranus-Pluto opposition

For success, it is important to adhere to the principles of Uranus: to accept new things, it is easy to change the rules of the game, to be flexible in communication. However, you will need to avoid excessive impulsivity. As soon as you succumb to the temptation to throw out seething rage or flare up over a trifle, a plutonic stream of dark energy will whirl into a whirlpool of dangerous and destructive events.

The native easily makes enemies, he is disliked because of the habit of saying directly in the forehead everything that comes into his head according to his mood, and if he also starts to conflict, he will immediately receive a cosmic retribution according to Pluto : a clash with crime, fights, and damage.

These moments are worked through by detective activities as a hobby, dancing, boxing, paintball, and shooting. It is necessary to learn how to control energy, concentrating it on the way to achieve the goal, skillfully spending it to confront enemies. To do this, it is better to do yoga, kundalini, aikido, qigong and martial arts.

To harmonize the Uranus-Pluto opposition with stones, jewelry made of fire opal , fluorite, agate , obsidian and vesuvian are suitable .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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