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Opposition Venus – MC (Midheaven). Give or take?

The opposition of the planets and important points of the horoscope creates an excess of qualities of one participant and the weakness of the second, but the difficulty is that, depending on the situation and spiritual experience, changes occur constantly. If the opposition occurred between Meridian middle of the sky , indicating the scope of fame, and Venus , the native is torn between the desire to be loved in the family and the need to be popular with millions.

Close people hinder the desire to be rich and famous, or for the sake of his dream a person sacrifices quiet family happiness. Sometimes the choice has to be made several times. It is difficult to harmonize these extremes because there is no inner sense of emotional balance. Selfishness is replaced by sacrifice and a complete lack of understanding of their true value.

Dangers of opposition Venus – MC

Men and women with the opposition Venus-Midheaven cannot decide in any way what is more important: to be a favorite of the family, to give tenderness and care, devoting themselves to others, or to follow their dreams, to earn money on popularity in creativity or business, suffering from discontent loved ones. Family members quickly get used to the attentiveness and courtesy of the bearers of the aspect and do not want to share them with the whole world.

At the same time, if the native uses the gifts of Venus correctly, taking into account the zodiac sign of the 10th house, applying his talents in the sphere indicated by the MC, then he will easily reach the level of a world star. However, this will not go unnoticed. Most often, personal life suffers, and without love and care, the owner of the Venus-MC opposition withers or goes all out.

At a high level of development, the main pleasure is to create a beautiful home for yourself, where relatives and friends are happy. With emotional dissatisfaction, revels and walking around hot places begin, throwing money around in order to buy the impressions of others about themselves as a generous creative nature. This generates gossip and leads to loss of reputation. It is important to know all the shades of the aspect’s influence on fate:

  • loving, sincere nature with the need to be an opinion leader in areas that are interesting to oneself: beauty, health, financial solvency, material pleasures;
  • the desire to be a source of love and accept it, but the inability to do it at the same time: from an energy donor they turn into a vampire, unexpectedly for themselves and others;
  • the desire to be accepted in the highest circles of society, which is obvious with a strong position of Venus, but with negative aspects it causes sycophancy, groveling in front of rich and popular people;
  • the habit of receiving love and public attention through sacrificing oneself for the sake of others, be it family or work;
  • a mask of a good girl or guy, in order to keep the brand in any situation, but often it gives the impression of falsity and pretense;
  • passion for luxury, attributes of a beautiful life, including social events.

Men and women with the Venus-MS opposition are able to create coziness and comfort in the house even from improvised means, but if it is not possible to live in beautifully furnished housing, in a prestigious area, they fall into depression. It is contraindicated for them to save on themselves, since this creates a lack of Venusian energy, which blocks the money channel.

Personal relationships

The native had a happy childhood with loving parents. The family did not need it financially. This created the confidence that life goes by the rules, subject to comfort, prosperity and spiritual harmony with loved ones.

However, this is not a guarantee of good luck in love. Men and women strive to recreate the picture of family happiness in which they grew up and in 70% of cases, with a strong position of Venus and a harmonious 7th house, they are really lucky to meet a loving, caring partner, create a cozy nest and enjoy the comfort.

But when faced with the selfishness and dictatorial habits of another person, at work or in personal relationships, they simply do not know how to react, having no experience of dealing with emotionally callous partners.

The bearers of the aspect immediately sacrifice themselves in order to earn love, return the usual harmony, but if they refuse professional realization, personal pleasures and creativity, no one will appreciate their feat.

Elaboration of the Venus-MS opposition

It is important for the owners of the horoscope to find a balance between selfishness and the right to make dreams come true. They often abandon professional goals, believing that loved ones will disappear without their support and care, or they get a hidden pleasure from sacrificing their interests for the sake of others and how it looks in the eyes of society.

The best way out is a family row. The Venus-MS opposition brings financial profit in business partnerships with family members, even if it is a hobby, for example, a painting school or a theatrical enterprise, not to mention private entrepreneurship. Success awaits in professions related to art, the beauty and health industry, hotel business, real estate, trade, jewelry.

It is important to become the owner of your own home as early as possible, which will give confidence and stability. At work, it is recommended to wear clothes in pink, scarlet or light lilac shades. Stones-talismans will help luck in career and love: diamond , turquoise , white topaz and sapphire , rose quartz and spinel.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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