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Opposition Venus – Saturn. Between love and duty

Opposition is a tense aspect that requires the native to work on his spiritual and emotional state. Tandem participants stand in hostile signs, and their energies collide in direct confrontation, which gives rise to internal conflicts. There is a splash of negativity through unfavorable events and the destruction of important topics along the lines of houses where planets stand.

It is extremely difficult to allow yourself to love and accept a tender attitude to the owners of the Venus-Saturn opposition. As soon as the need for pleasure, passion and wealth is born in the soul, the mechanism of limitation is activated through personal painful attitudes or even negative events – illness and injury. The native is afraid that this is a punishment from above, but in fact creates them himself, with fears and uncertainty in the abundance of the Universe.

The influence of the Venus-Saturn opposition on fate

The opposition works in both directions: as soon as a person is going to start an important business, irresistible laziness (the prerogative of Venus) and procrastination turn on: the need to drink tea, take a bath, call a friend, just to postpone unpleasant routine work. And having received a well-deserved rest, the native torments himself with the thoughts that it would be necessary to finish the long-term construction and save money for more useful things than entertainment.

However, a click on the nose really comes from above if the bearer of the aspect decides to bypass the law or use a freebie. Why do some people freely enter all-inclusive hotels without documents, while others are caught by the guards at the entrance? Saturn will not allow Venus to receive unpaid pleasure in this particular arrangement of the planets.

Internal instability, feelings of guilt, a feeling that they are not appreciated enough, completely block the ability to love and express oneself creatively. The Venus-Saturn opposition manifests itself in many directions, depending on the signs and houses involved. Typically, these difficulties relate to:

  • acceptance of personal personality and appearance;
  • relations with the boss – he dislikes, finds fault, lowers the salary;
  • communication with parents – they reproduce the function of restriction and punishment, do not support the native’s dreams;
  • trust in friends and spontaneity of emotions – fear of appearing stupid against the background of respectable and well-bred people;
  • friendship – they choose the elders and play the role of a follower;
  • profession – I like to dance or sing, but I have to work as an accountant.

If you don’t make the planets friends, then the best qualities of Venus: to enjoy what you love and enjoy the money you earn, will be blocked until old age. The solution is to properly strengthen Venus and placate Saturn.

Love relationships with Venus-Saturn opposition

Men and women with an underdeveloped aspect are extremely unhappy with their appearance. They seize stress with tasty and unhealthy food, gaining pounds, and then spend a day in the gym, tormented by remorse. The result is hormonal imbalance, confidence in one’s imperfection and, in a circle, craving for pleasure.

They have a fondness for movies and books about unhappy love and a lot of suffering that the protagonist goes through. In life, they have to face similar obstacles. Happy love and family life are hampered by:

  • significant difference in age and social status;
  • grandfathers or fathers on both sides;
  • distance, political situation;
  • shyness, stiffness in movement;
  • feelings that run counter to family traditions and charters;
  • lack of reciprocity of the object of passion.

Unconsciously, a cold and arrogant person is chosen as a partner for marriage, even more suppressing the emotional side of the native. This is especially evident with Saturn’s position in the 5th and 7th houses . Sometimes this portends a marriage of convenience or when one is loved, and the marital union is concluded with another out of a sense of duty.

Elaboration of the Venus-Saturn opposition with actions and stones

The main action for the harmonization of the planets is to enjoy the painstaking hard work. This includes regular training and rehearsals in sports, music, meticulous elaboration of the most complex details in painting, and honing dance and gymnastics movements to perfection. Trainings on simulators, figure skating, jewelry and watchmaking, any direction where maximum concentration and attentiveness is required to obtain a fantastically beautiful result. It is necessary to bring each business to the end, regardless of difficulties and obstacles. Hard work at first, and Venus reward at the end .

Astrologers advise to go to the mountains more often: the difficult way up is combined with the contemplation of beauty. You need to learn to love and value your personality, time and work. Then admirers in love will offer a hand and a heart on Saturn, and not a short-term flirtation on Venus.

The wonderful stones of optimism – diopside and dioptase – will help to awaken courage of feelings and ease of communication. They promote mutual love and a point of balance between rest and work. A strong talisman will be a blue sapphire framed by two diamonds or zircons . Rhodonite, amazonite are also suitable, and fluorite will awaken the energy of creativity.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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