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Opposition Ascending (Descending) node – Chiron: pain as an engine of progress

Chiron is not a planet, but an asteroid, for this reason many astrologers deny its influence on fate. However, in practice, people feel its energies, especially if there is a tense aspect, because the symbol of Chiron is a wounded healer, and it is impossible not to notice the feeling of vulnerability in a particular subject. The opposition with the lunar nodes will manifest itself precisely in the themes of the house and the sign where the asteroid stands, making them very significant for those areas in which the karmic points are located.

The ascending (Northern) node is the direction of the future, a symbol of new lessons and the development of the soul. Descending (Southern) – installations acquired in past lives and come to the subconscious from the collective tribal experience. They need to be discarded, taking only what is necessary for development in a new status. However, Chiron’s wounds cannot be easily forgotten. Here you need to focus on the experience of getting out of pain, and not on the events themselves.

Opposition Karma of Chiron with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Chiron is very convenient not to notice until karmic problems arise. He is responsible for the symbiosis of different structures, for example, when a man and a woman in union give birth to a new one – a child. The same applies to business, where people of different education and functionality lead the company to a certain result.

The opposition does not allow such opposites to unite and give birth to something creative and unique. This is especially evident if Chiron is in the 5th house, then due to some traumas of the past, the native will attract toxic partners, with whom it is impossible or very problematic to conceive, and creative processes will generally go out under the influence of internal fears, complexes, fear of repeating some painful experiences.

The opposition of Chiron with the Ascending (North) Node indicates a traumatic experience in the past. If the asteroid is in the 2nd house, it may be the fear of money and the loss of a source of food, in the 4th – problems with parents, the fear of being left without one’s corner, the expectation of poverty and loneliness in old age. These fears don’t just happen. These are echoes of untreated wounds of past incarnations. The native came into this life to heal himself and pass on the experience of healing to other people.

The opposition of Chiron with the Descending Node gives a person insight, intuition, musicality and healing abilities, and not necessarily in medicine. Becoming a unique phenomenon in his field, he will help the souls of others to be inspired by his experience and reach his destiny.

But it is also a big responsibility. If a person ignores the call of his inner voice or allows others to forbid him to create, begins to take matters of the house and the sign where Chiron and the Ascending Node stand too seriously, then, through mental and physical trauma, he gets a shake-up to feel his true calling.

Harmonization of the opposition of Chiron with the Ascending Node

In this position, Chiron stands in the same house and sign with the Descending (South) Node, directly opposite the Ascending (North), increasing the feeling of vulnerability and vulnerability in the themes of this sector.

Especially difficult is the study of 8 and 12 houses associated with crises, isolation and temptations. Here you will need to transform the painful experience of the past into your superpower in order to finally master the new theme of the Ascending Node on a high floor. If a person does not do this, he will go around in circles, stepping on the same rake again: losing money, quitting his job, attracting abusive partners and conflicting with children.

For elaboration, it is very important to correctly use the tools of Chiron: generic and psychological practices, Tarot, astrology, regression, emotional-figurative therapy. An important point is that it is desirable that another person be the leader in the search for truth and new models of behavior. The native himself should not make himself an astrological alignment, and he will not be able to treat himself through psychology. Guides are definitely needed, with which, fortunately, the South Node supplies the ward at every stage of life. They have the qualities of the sign where Chiron stands.

Only after the formation of new models of response to traumatic situations is success possible in the sphere of the Ascending Node.

Harmonization of the opposition of Chiron with the Descending Node

In such a situation, the asteroid connects with the North (Ascending) node and Chironian themes become significant and important for the development of the soul.

However, there is a second side of the coin: in a past life, the native could hurt other people who possessed energies and gifts that were incomprehensible to him. They were healers, astrologers, musicians, teachers, witches and magicians. Now he will have to learn from his own experience what they felt, and correct his own mistakes made on the topic of the house itself and the sign where the South (Descending) Node stands, using Chironian tools: intuition, magic, healing, using the forces of the elements or contact with nature. This may be the disclosure of a creative gift or the use of alternative medicine in the treatment of a disease.

It is good for the native to be a teacher, after he knows the energies of the South Node, and understands how to cope with the vulnerability of Chiron in the topic of the North, it is very important to bring this knowledge to the masses. It is not necessary to teach, although courses and master classes will go well if the native chooses the path of a psychologist, but his poems, music, paintings and other creativity will also have a healing effect on people’s souls.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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