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Opposition Ascending (Descending) Node – Mars: Overcoming Karma

The opposition is an extremely tense aspect. Unlike quadrature , it always acts, creating a feeling of dissatisfaction with the quality and standard of one’s life. Lunar nodes give this feeling a karmic depth, and Mars – an insatiable desire to immediately change the situation. In modern astrology, Mars is gradually losing its significance as an evil and cruel planet. In opposition to one of the nodes and simultaneous conjunction with another, it creates circumstances for the native that require immediate overcoming, or surrounds it with prohibitions and restrictions.

Opposition with the Ascending (North) Node implies that the person misused the power of Mars and came into the world to bring this energy to the highest floor, showing courage and courage. The same aspect with the Descending (South) Node, on the contrary, limits the willpower, aggressiveness and assertiveness of a person so that he does not suffer from his own incontinence, and learns to resist offenders in an ecological way.

Mars Opposition Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

If you look at the tense aspect of the nodes and the red planet from the point of view of karma, then it is appropriate to consider its aggressive side. There was a lot of violence in the past life of the native. If there are additional negative connections of Mars with other planets, one can even assume participation in destructive actions or death at the hands of others.

Opposition with the Ascending (North) Node implies that Mars is conjunct the Descending (South) Node, as these points are always opposite to each other. In a person’s family there could be many brave and determined people, possibly connected with military affairs, whom he tries to imitate or unconsciously repeats their fate.

The South Node symbolizes those behaviors and habits that have become obsolete. They were appropriate in past incarnations of a person, but now there is no need for them. That is why, as soon as the native shows aggression or just anger, he immediately receives an answer: they break off relations with him, he falls ill or loses his job. It is necessary to learn to defend your borders without scandals, jealousy, and even more so fights.

The opposition of the Descending (South) Node with Mars in conjunction with the North, on the contrary, implies that in the past a person avoided open conflicts, caved in to more arrogant and rude people, but the time has come to boldly declare their right to success.

In the first half of life, the native seems to be confronted with enemies from the past, only now the Ascending Node supports him on the path of resistance and helps him win.

It is good if the owner of the horoscope finds a role model in the family pedigree associated with military prowess and commitment to the principles of honor, and makes him a role model.

Harmonization of the opposition of Mars with the Ascending Node

Martian energy is a rough, simple, physically tangible force of opposition, directly opposite to solar creative, but without it it is impossible to fulfill one’s destiny, encrypted in the symbols of the 10th house, the Ascending node and in the house ruled by Mars.

When it is connected to the Descending (South) Node, a person tends to take his old methods, and without analyzing his horoscope, he does not understand how to act in order for everything to work out.

He needs to master the tools of the sign and the house where the North Node stands, with the help of the strengths of Mars. In this area, one must be a fearless leader, bypass obstacles, protect the weak and skillfully defeat enemies without falling into aggression and without destroying rivals.

It is very important to boldly display Martian talents outside. It shows sports, dancing, participation in any competitions and competitions, team games, as well as work on the ground for pleasure: a garden, a vegetable garden, a summer residence.

The native needs to learn to humble his ego, to be a performer, not a boss, to be able to relax, especially if his Moon is in fiery signs. If you do not relieve tension and suppress your sexual desires in communicating with a partner, there is a danger of earning a neurosis, exploding for any reason and venting irritation on loved ones.

Mars Opposition Harmonization with the Descending Node

The red planet at the North Node in opposition to the South is in any case stronger, unless Pluto is on the opposite side.

The call of the native is to decisively and without sentimentality change the past in favor of the future. If the Ascending Node is in fire and water signs, the process will not go without disruption, but the position in the air and earth sectors will make it exciting and rewarding.

A native can become an athlete, a military man, a surgeon, a jeweler, even a hairdresser and fashion designer, but this choice almost always goes against family traditions and the desires of loved ones.

It is especially difficult for women with the opposition of Mars and the Descending Node to realize themselves, because they really have to break traditional ideas about their social role. They devote themselves to sports, competing with men on an equal footing, serve in the army or confidently rule a business.

However, it happens differently when a woman is forced to fight with her husband for her independence and the right to choose. This is already a karmic program that needs to be changed for the better through the qualities of the North Node: indomitability, courage, energy and nobility.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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