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Opposition Jupiter – Lilith: temptation as an advantage

Opposition is always a tangible confrontation between two planets. They do not understand each other’s principles, each is trying to impose its influence, but since the Black Moon (Lilith) is a fictitious point, it acts insidiously, distorting the energy of its opponent, forcing him to work against himself.

In the case of Jupiter, generosity turns into wastefulness, ambition into exorbitant vanity, faith into fanaticism, and gourmetism into gluttony. At the same time, if the planet of luck is in a weak position: in Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo, then Lilith will definitely dominate and create “sticking” on one or more low qualities, but strong Jupiter, on the contrary, will stand its ground.

Dangers of opposition Jupiter – Lilith

In the worst case, a person is highly dependent on his Jupiterian weaknesses: inflated ego, greed, addiction to delicious food, therefore, initially makes the wrong choices and distorts his fate. At the same time, he may be lucky with money, he is listed in a prestigious job under patronage, or he is easily taken there for some reason, but it is not a fact that he will work.

The owners of the opposition Jupiter – Lilith are demagogues and geniuses of delegation. They will do everything to shift the responsibilities to others. In addition, the aspect gives the morality of the native a touch of selfishness. He does not care about religious and human laws, he lives on the basis of his own interests, finding new arguments of his rightness through the house of Lilith.

The main problems of the opposition Jupiter – Lilith:

  • the desire to live in a constant holiday that other people have arranged;
  • preaching erroneous ideas and false theories with a claim to the ultimate truth;
  • enjoying one’s ability to violate other people’s personal boundaries, laws and rules: the native gladly talks about his bad habits, for example, gluttony or wastefulness, exposing them as virtues;
  • selfishness, vanity, fixation on the material, especially with opposition on the axis of 2-8 houses, when big money comes through dubious transactions and violation of the law;
  • constant provocation of philosophical disputes, disputes about politics and economics, just to talk in public, a person doesn’t care if he is right or not;
  • unscrupulousness, bribery, participation in mutual responsibility for the sake of personal profit or benefit.

Thus, a native can turn out to be a dishonest official who takes bribes for any even minor help, because in philosophy Jupiter-Lilith is a matter of principle, or a businessman who arranges revels with crowds of models and champagne baths. However, if a person does not have real power, he is even more dangerous, since unsatisfied ambitions make him annoyed at more successful people, and if Mars is also affected, then even take revenge. These are precisely the people who, out of spite, do not write out the necessary certificate, do not put a seal or open the door exactly at the reception hours, just to demonstrate their power.

The positive influence of the opposition Jupiter – Lilith

If the native is at a high level of development, his Jupiter becomes stronger than Lilith and restrains her, thanks to his strength, wisdom and nobility. For example, if this is the axis 2 – 8 house, then a person can be tempted with illegal big money along the Black Moon in the 8 sector, but he remains true to the principle of honest earnings along the line 2 at home, but at the same time invests wisely, studies the spiritual laws of money, looks for new non-standard ways to increase income. This also activates Lilith in the 8th house, but on a completely different, favorable level, which ultimately brings not dubious wealth, but a constant flow of abundance.

The owner of the opposition Jupiter – Lilith sharply perceives injustice and rushes into battle to protect the weak, while at the lowest level of awareness, he does this solely for himself.

Opposition Lilith – Jupiter and relationships

The influence of Jupiter extends more to relations with society in terms of building business ties, however, it indirectly affects personal life, especially if the opposition with Lilith occurs along the 1-7 and 5-11 axis.

Man imagines himself to be the center of the universe, and the environment plays along with him in these illusions. A weak planet of happiness cannot resist the temptation of Lilith, seducing marriage of convenience, pushing to weave intrigues to get a dream partner. This is more typical for women – social climbers. They are ready for anything to get a rich spouse and enter the circle of the elite.

A strong Jupiter in men in such opposition, on the contrary, helps to resist such ladies who want to take them away from the family, and in front of any gold hunters. Women with a harmonious planet of happiness can also stop in time and, through the highest hypostasis of Lilith, creatively and boldly position themselves as a person with education and a favorite thing, and not just a beautiful body.

How to work out the opposition Lilith – Jupiter

A good education and a conscious attitude to personal vanity, the desire to brag, to impose one’s opinion, to use someone else’s work will help in this. The native needs to actively act on his own, fulfilling his dreams, show maximum creativity and honesty in the house of Lilith, then luck on Jupiter will connect.

Such people have a peculiar understanding of justice, therefore, before throwing themselves at windmills, you need to cool down emotionally and check all the facts. Very often things do not turn out the way they first seemed.

It is important to separate ambition from vanity, not to show off before the final result is achieved, and to respect the aspirations and beliefs of other people.

In all this, the stone will help the native – the citrine talisman .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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