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Opposition Jupiter-Uranus. An unquenchable lust for power

The tension between the planets standing in hostile elements creates an imbalance of energies and spiritual discomfort. Unlike quadrature, where you have to deal with external circumstances, opposition will require victory over internal fears, complexes and destructive reflexes.

With the opposition of the planet of happiness – Jupiter and the symbol of innovation – Uranus, an unquenchable thirst for power is born, and money burns hands. Waste and risky financial scams repeatedly lead to debts, quarrels with loved ones and bankruptcy, because the native considers himself extremely smart and does not listen to wise advice, throwing everything at stake. If there is a square with Mars, then forced involvement in a large-scale fraud is likely, which leads to imprisonment.

The influence of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition on fate

The owners of the aspect always protest against those in power on the Jupiterian line: politics, education, religion – three topics that do not leave them indifferent. They are constantly looking for flaws in the accepted system of faith and seek to expose the ministers of the cult, or to invent a new religion. Protestantism is becoming a symbol of freedom from postulates. At the same time, humility and wisdom are just not enough. The owners of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition believe in the uniqueness of their destiny and hate being on a par with ordinary mortals, which leads not only to a deterioration in relations with friends, but to conflicts with law enforcement agencies.

The rules are not for the wards of the aspect. At a low level – driving through a red light, at a high level – refusal to comply with protocol and dress code. After gaining a prestigious social status, they easily cover relationships with loved ones who do not fit into the new glamorous context. On the other hand, they are deeply touched by injustice, but in an effort to help and benefit, the carriers of the opposition are bathed in narcissistic bliss from recognition and applause, forgetting about selflessness and modesty.

Independence, enthusiasm and strong will must overcome the negative manifestations of the aspect:

  • the need for unlimited power, the desire to be the only authority for others;
  • inability to separate the important from the fake: they spend a lot of time and money on a business or project, which will later turn out to be dummies;
  • unscrupulousness, tactlessness, inclination to risky experiments;
  • adventurism, impulsivity, anxiety, irritability;
  • the habit of being fascinated by fraudsters and joining radical revolutionary communities;
  • neglect of routine preparations, planning and calculations before starting a business;
  • sudden loss of popularity, reputation, sponsor support, loss of fortune in a casino.

Unfortunately, even artistry, rich imagination and idealistic views do not save the native from the subconscious antipathy of people who read the mood of superiority and arrogance.

Love relationship

The opposition creates many difficulties in personal life if the planets are in the 5th, 7th and 8th houses. You should not rush to get married, because in the first place there will always be public recognition, support for business relations and, as a result, a stormy social life outside the home.

There is a chance that the bearer of the aspect will get tired of social activity or satisfy ambitions by the age of 30, and even then he will be able to pay attention to family life. In their youth, men and women show responsibility only in activities that contribute to a career and enrichment.

In personal relationships, they provoke discussions on the topic of politics and religion, and the main thing is to win the dispute, even at the cost of humiliating and suppressing the enemy.

Under Uranus in the 5th house, the partner is seen as a social elevator, and later, when the goal is achieved, it is mercilessly deleted from life. However, much depends on the position of Venus: the ambition of the fiery and airy planet of love is much higher than the earthly and watery ones, capable of permanence and warm affection.

Elaboration of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition

From the point of view of astrology, games in casinos, at horse races and on the stock exchange are categorically contraindicated for the native. Even playing cards for money is not worth playing: the initial luck will be replaced by bankruptcy or the reputation will be damaged. It is necessary to check financial partners and use the services of only large and trusted banks for loans and mortgages.

The main problem is the lack of a sense of proportion and tact, which needs to be developed purposefully. The native’s eccentricity and fanfare, mistakenly positioned as uniqueness, annoy others. By holding back the urge to hit everyone with thunder, lightning, and juggling fire, you can achieve recognition faster, especially if you don’t promise more than you can deliver. When positioning Jupiter in Cancer or the 4th house, it is better to adhere to traditional religions and avoid communication with sectarians.

You can remove the negative manifestations of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition with the help of talisman stones. An excellent choice that harmonizes both planets would be Harlequin opal and charoite. Amethyst , yellow sapphire and lapis lazuli will help to include wisdom, caution in handling finances .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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