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Sextile Mars-Pluto. Master of the universe

Sextile indicates the opportunities and prospects associated with the use of the energies of the planets participating in the aspect. They also show qualities of character, showing which are easier to achieve success, and the field of application of talents. The reward will come to the worthy. Fate often tests the owners of the Mars-Pluto sextile for their loyalty to bright ideals.

Strong-willed and domineering, from an early age they feel their hypnotic effect on others. The powerful energy of the planets makes it possible to reach any heights, but with such permissiveness there will be many temptations. The native is able to cause changes in the weather, use the forces of nature for personal gain, bewitch and enslave. On the dark side, he becomes dangerous.

Pros and cons of Mars-Pluto sextile

With harmonious planets, the determination and power of the energy sector are aimed at combating injustice, the vices of society and helping the poor. At a high level of spirituality, a person devotes his life to helping the unfortunate. They are ruthless crime fighters, surgeons, technicians, coaches, trainers and writers.

The bravery of the owners of the Mars-Pluto sextile borders on recklessness. Feeling themselves connected to the flow of cosmic energy, they really seem to have been spoken from above and come out unscathed from shootings, fights and fires. With a practical striving, the minds become national leaders, presidents and military leaders. An example is Napoleon Bonaparte.

The combination of ambition and enthusiasm makes them selfless workaholics if they are interested in work. If not, laziness and a forced, passive lifestyle lead to mental disorders, anger and aggression. It is good to shoot the excess of unused energy with water sports, and to control the colossal energy of the Mars-Pluto sextile, study the pros and cons of the aspect:

  • strong psyche, enterprise, sensuality, domination and ambition;
  • unusual creative abilities designed to transform people’s consciousness through shock, shock, forced immersion into the dark abyss of the unconscious;
  • physical endurance on the verge of reality: success in military affairs and sports;
  • the ability to easily communicate and manage a huge audience, to influence the unconscious emotions of the crowd, directing them in the right direction or at the barricades;
  • men are incredibly sexy and active, women are endowed with a tough, domineering character without gentleness and charm inherent in their sex;
  • fame and popularity come in a field that evokes an emotional response in the soul;
  • the danger of violence and prison from enemies or as a result of their own aggressiveness (especially if Pluto is in the 12th house ).

With a position in fire signs and low spiritual development – a bandit and drug lord, however, destroying others, the native attracts retribution no less terrible.

Love relationships with Mars-Pluto sextile

In the female horoscope, the aspect bears a threat, because the girl herself attracts trouble by demonstratively imperious and rude behavior. It is difficult for her to find a man stronger than herself, so she treats the opposite sex with contempt, provoking quarrels. Lack of fear and confidence in impunity come at a high cost: rape and beatings often occur under this aspect.

By sublimating aggression into creativity and managing sexuality with dignity, it is easy to avoid such problems. In the female horoscope, the sextile Mars-Pluto sometimes portends marriage with a popular person and exaltation through a relationship with him, especially if one of the planets is in the 5th or 7th house.

A man with this aspect is looking for a highly intelligent companion, mysterious and inaccessible. He likes to win reciprocal sympathy and delve into the secrets of the chosen one, trying to find out her real one. Despite the crowd of fans, he will love only the one that stands out from the crowd. Venus in Scorpio , Aries or Leo will seem the most attractive of all , since the bearer of the sextile Mars-Pluto wants to go together towards the highest goals of power and wealth. Housewives and childish lambs are not his style.

Child with sextile Mars-Pluto

The childhood of a native is held in difficult conditions, designed to reveal an understanding of inner strength, strengthen the will or defeat adult enemies through determination and hypnotic abilities. A supportive environment sometimes builds confidence in one’s own power and is relaxing. The child with the sextile Mars-Pluto realizes early that he can convince teachers and classmates of anything.

In the negative version – blame others, use them to pass the exam, or substitute the weak for fun. On the positive side, the desire to punish the aggressors, bring the villains to the surface and restore justice. It is advisable to attend a medical club or school for young police officers in order to direct the mind on the right path. Sports will help transform negative emotions into positive ones. With a strong Sun – kickboxing, karate, and with the dominance of Jupiter, oriental single combats with a philosophical basis – kung fu, aikido.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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