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Sextile Mars-Uranus. Warrior on the wings of Icarus

The sextile connects planets at 60 degrees, promising honors and rewards. The peculiarity is that they will come to those who know how to keep the highest qualities of the participants of the tandem, actively demonstrating them in life. The rewards will not come in advance, but after the fact of the results. However, the owners of the Mars-Uranus sextile run the risk of not waiting for fame.

From childhood, a native imagines himself as a super hero with super abilities and constantly tests this invulnerability through risky experiments: jumping from a springboard, running on thin ice, climbing without belay. Technical experiments with electronics are useful, but the impulsive host Mars-Uranus rarely reads instructions, but is confident in the ability to fix intuitively. The result is burns and injuries. The mind of the inventor, the passionate imagination and enthusiasm of the hero must be controlled by will and courage.

Pros and cons of Mars-Uranus sextile

The native is really born to be a hero. Erudition and intelligence are most clearly manifested in times of danger. This man grabs the banner and leads the attack when the crowd is on the run. With developed Mars, he will strategically assess the situation in advance and choose a safe path to the top of the fortress.

Struck Uranus, alas, gives contempt for the enemy’s threats and fanfare, which leads to death. If the planets are harmonious, then it is eccentric, impulsive actions that lead to success, money and high position. Rescuing a drowning man, the owner of the Mars-Uranus sextile finds a sponsor for his projects, and neutralizing the criminal, becomes a news star.

Este Lauder, breaking a bottle of her perfume on the doorstep of the store to attract the attention of customers is a prime example. Passion for battles and dreams of exploits push the native into difficult situations and provoke the appearance of enemies. Knowing the pros and cons of the Mars-Uranus sextile will help you stay on thin ice:

  • optimism, creativity, ingenuity, diligence, hard work, impulsiveness and practicality;
  • will, determination, enthusiasm and ability to ignite the flame of creativity and efficiency in others;
  • love for physical activity, tests for the strength of the body and technology;
  • talent and interest in electronics, aviation, mechanical engineering, astronautics, martial arts, natural science and surgery;
  • brilliant achievements in activities that are interesting for themselves: the native, like a comet, rushes upward, not seeing obstacles;
  • frankness, courage, rejection of old methods and inventing new, faster ways to achieve the goal;
  • passion for secrets, astrology, occultism, the ability to control the mind and power of thought.

The owners of the Mars-Uranus sextile are most clearly revealed in the team, the leader of which they become. They do not tolerate nervous tension, so they are irritable and sarcastic in subordinate positions, especially during the deadline, when an urgent need to give a result. They painfully endure losses, but quickly recover. Glory and honor come in early youth.

Love relationships with sextile Mars-Uranus

Passionate and romantic, men and women are equally impulsive in expressing feelings. They are not shy about public demonstration, performing serenades about love under the balcony or reciting poetry from the stage mentioning the name of a companion. It is a common thing to rush to the top of the cliff to pick the edelweiss for your beloved, or make a marriage proposal three years later for after meeting.

In marriage, they are also romantic and love to arrange pleasant surprises, although they are easily carried away by the work process and forget about important dates of birthdays or wedding anniversaries, with the exception of the position of Venus in Virgo or Capricorn . There are always a lot of friends, noisy companies and fun in their house.

Adventure, sports, gambling will have to be shared by the partner of the owner of Mars-Uranus, otherwise he will find a more interesting satellite. Unfortunately, the native’s ardent interest and passion quickly diminish if there is no ideological community. He easily flares up from a new love, also decisively breaking with the once strong family union. For a harmonious relationship, you will need a sexual partner without prejudice and with an exalted Uranus.

Sextile Mars-Uranus in the child’s horoscope

Parents of a child with a Mars-Uranus sextile will have a hard time. From an early age, the baby sleeps little and actively studies the world around him. It is necessary to remove electrical appliances away and close the sockets with plugs. If the planets are affected by negative aspects, it is better for the native not to walk during a thunderstorm, so as not to attract lightning. On a walk, parents need to closely monitor their child.

He is attracted by high slides and ravines, and his temper and desire for superiority prompts him to provoke fights with stronger opponents. Later, the desire for dangerous antics will appear: parachute jumping, parkour, roofing, stalking. The ban will generate even greater desire, so you need to find an experienced instructor or initially load the child with an interesting sport, so that amateur performance does not attract.

At the same time, a child with a Mars-Uranus sextile is curious, artistic, quickly masters the computer and can become a successful blogger and programmer. Early shows interest in sex and intimate relationships with peers, and later may surprise relatives by volunteering to join the army. Military science often brings success and teaches discipline to the unbalanced nature of the Mars-Uranus sextile.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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