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Sextile Neptune-Pluto. Creators of new systems and laws

Sextile is a harmonious aspect that gives the native the opportunity for career growth and general good luck, subject to active creativity and self-improvement. Luck will not be permanent, but occasionally favorable circumstances will lead a person to open a portal to a world where dreams come true. However, in the life of the owners of the Neptune-Pluto sextile, happy accidents and miracles are commonplace.

The native begins to be interested in the possibilities of esotericism and magic early. By applying knowledge in a positive way for the benefit of others, he attracts a stream of luck. Success in his life will be closely linked with art and freedom of speech, the struggle for justice within the power structures.

Pros and cons of Neptune-Pluto sextile

Violent imagination, the ability to see the essence of things and an unusual perspective on the use of creative inclinations puts a person in the center of public attention. Circumstances themselves attract representatives of power and art to him, drawing them into the whirlpool of public life and prompting them to make positive changes in legal and cultural postulates. The main karmic task is to be devoted to the divine ideals of equality and brotherhood, to bring goodness and light. The level of income and career growth directly depends on this. This aspect is long lasting and affects an entire generation, so it is necessary to carefully study the strengths and weaknesses of the Neptune-Pluto sextile:

  • favorable opportunities, clairvoyance, understanding of the essence of things come only at a high level of spiritual development;
  • occult abilities and success in astrology with the strong positions of the planets in the corner houses;
  • courage is shown in a bold challenge to generally accepted laws and regulations;
  • the ability to deconstruct the outdated foundations of any system and bring people dependent on it to a new level of prosperity and development;
  • excessive enthusiasm for the position of a boss makes them squeeze all the juices out of subordinates, which leads to problems and hostility;
  • in art – the introduction of new canons of beauty, creativity, which is especially indicative in the field of artistic skills, literature and cinema;
  • wealth comes as a result of observance of moral norms and with high morality;
  • success in computer technology, Internet professions, space, aviation, metal industry, psychology, atomic physics.

The generation with the sextile Neptune-Pluto at a low level of development poses a threat to others, demonstrating radical fanaticism in upholding falsely understood ideals. These are the leaders of terrorist organizations and revolutionary-minded opposition parties. At the highest level of development, such people contribute to the collective evolution of the planet, which is expected to happen after 2030.

Love relationships with sextile Neptune-Pluto

Men and women with the Neptune-Pluto sextile are looking for love that inspires and promotes development. Stormy imagination and hidden passion make them great lovers, but these qualities are revealed only with emotional closeness. Primitive relationships based only on sexual attraction are not interesting to the owners of the aspect, but moreover, they harm their karma.

Romantic falling in love is preceded by periods of intense spiritual and personal growth. If the native is lonely, then he is frozen in development.

The sextile Neptune-Pluto is most harmoniously revealed when Venus is located in earth and air signs, allowing you to enjoy romance, but not to lose vigilance regarding your partner’s shortcomings. If Venus is in the element of fire and water, then rushing into love like into a pool with his head, a person sees nothing but the desired object of passion. It is easy to deceive him, using his innate devotion to the interests of a loved one for selfish purposes.

The only thing in which the native will not meet the partner is religious beliefs, although if Neptune is in the element of fire, then this option is possible. If the master of the subconscious is struck by negative aspects, the person goes into the world of illusion and later suffers from disappointments and missed opportunities. The most intense passions leading to long-term relationships arise during the transits of Pluto.

Sextile Neptune-Pluto in the child’s horoscope

Children with the Neptune-Pluto sextile deeply feel the emotions of others. Empathy helps them to integrate into any team, but makes life difficult during quarrels and unfair attacks by envious people. Acutely sensing negative energy, they get lost, choking on emotions, or lose control over themselves in anger, doing terrible things.

It is difficult for them to maintain emotional balance, therefore it is advisable to remove aggressive peers from the social circle, and in adolescence, classes with a psychologist will not interfere. The transformation of inner aggression into positive energy is best done on stage and in art school.

Strengthening an aspect with stones

To harmonize the aspect with natural stones, priority is given to stabilizing Neptune . Jadeite , beryl , aquamarine will help remove far-fetched fears, understand a difficult situation, and improve family relations. Do not wear charoite and moonstone . Pluto will be strengthened by black quartz, obsidian and vesuvian.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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