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Sextile Ascending (Descending) Node – Pluto: creation or destruction

Lunar nodes are fictitious points, symbols showing the level of past karma and the future goal, in the pursuit of which the native works out the sins of former incarnations. By themselves, they are neutral, but the aspect with the planet makes it clear that its properties need to be developed or adjusted to fulfill the karmic task. Although the sextile has a favorable meaning, it does not work constantly like a trine , it must be activated by deliberately working on the highest floor of the planet.

Pluto also symbolizes the collective karma of the family, often associated with deep subconscious attitudes that are passed down from generation to generation. The native needs to learn how to properly interact with the authorities or lead people himself, without falling into tyranny or anarchy.

Pluto Sextile Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

Owners of the aspect need to pay special attention to the history of their kind. A sextile with the most mysterious and little-studied planet can provide an unlimited secret resource for achieving goals, provided that its energy is correctly understood in relation to a particular person.

The aspect suggests that certain talents of a person will help him gain power and glory in the affairs of the house where Pluto stands.

If he is in sextile with the Ascending (Northern) Node of Rahu, then the person will have to study this new sphere for himself from scratch. In a past life, he could be oppressed and prevented from developing in this direction. The same difficulties and trials probably went through his ancestors. They could not fully master the Plutonian talents in the house where the planet stands, but sought to do it in the most environmentally friendly way for the benefit of people. In this incarnation, they are given a chance to achieve even greater success through the line of Pluto. Owners of the aspect can succeed in psychotherapy, plastic surgery, physics and esoteric topics, any transformational direction. You need to prepare for this, because a person gets a second chance at the first return of Saturn, at about 27-29 years old.

Pluto sextile with the Descending (South) Node Rahu is a difficult test. On the one hand, a person already knows how to use power and quickly remembers Plutonian talents, on the other hand, such an aspect is a sign of the negative application of discoveries, not for development, but for destruction. Higher powers will check the intentions of the native. Every time he wants to gain significance and realize ambitions in the house where Pluto stands, obstacles will arise, his plans will be attacked by ill-wishers, and with the money he receives he will immediately be offered to organize something criminal and destructive.

Further development of events will depend on the native himself, how resistant he is to the temptations of the dark side. If a person rejects destructive and essentially dark desires, which may well look decent from the outside, then in the first return of Saturn he will be given the opportunity to regain fame, power and wealth, but already for the benefit of society.

Talents and opportunities of Pluto sextile with the Ascending node

The owner of the aspect may be very surprised when he reads that he was born to change the world with the power of his abilities. At first, he does not pull on a superhero, unless, of course, the Sun, Mars and Saturn, as well as aspects of Venus, are not initially manifested in his chart. With an abundance of negative aspects, he needs to re-pull out the internal resource from the depths of the subconscious, and external circumstances help him in this, but not in the usual way.

The owners of Pluto in 2 or 8 houses would never have discovered the talent of a financier if they had not been born into a poor family or experienced a business collapse at the very beginning of their journey. Pluto leads a person to reveal talents and awaken ancestral memory through crises. Perhaps the ancestors of the native survived dispossession or complete ruin, and then were able to recover. In the case when they failed, a person has an even more important task – to save a resource of his kind through self-realization and success in the houses where Pluto and the North Node stand.

It is important to identify which talents were especially pronounced in family history and develop them to change your own life and the fate of other people.

Talents and opportunities of Pluto sextile and the Descending Node

The south node of Ketu always slows down or blocks the energy of the planets with which it forms an aspect. However, there are loopholes. The native can also excel in the fields of psychology, politics, medicine, physics, forensics and law if he gives more than he receives.

In a past life, he often dishonestly monetized his privileged position, but now in no case should you take bribes, engage in shadow business, hide taxes, especially if the axis 2 and 8 at home are affected. As a compensator, it is important to simply help people who are desperate to get help from law enforcement agencies.

The native in any case wants to again take a position that implies power and influence over people, but if he takes the path of pride and revels in his sense of self-importance, the South Node will begin the process of destroying all his achievements. Owners of Pluto sextile with the South Node need to take the brightest and best of family talents and traditions and help others based on this.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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