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Sextile Ascending (Descending) Node – Saturn: tradition or innovation

The lunar nodes are indicators of the karma of the human race. The descending South is an overflowing vessel. It is easy for a native to develop along this line, as if he recalls familiar skills and experience of past incarnations, but if you live and earn money only on the basis of this knowledge, degradation will occur. It is necessary to move to the top of the Ascending North Node. His house and sign will show in what area the highest destiny of man.

Sextile is a positive aspect, suggesting certain talents associated with the karma of the family, or those that will have to be developed in order to generate positive energy of the future. Through connection with the nodes, the native connects his personal evolutionary development with the general social currents, especially if Saturn , the social planet, is involved. Whether a person will use hereditary developments or create his own value system depends on the position of this lord of karma.

Saturn Sextile Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

Any aspect with such participants is karmic. Saturn is used to be considered a harmful factor that freezes any initiatives and undertakings, but thanks to the positive energy of the sextile, it can become an assistant, and not a brake, in any business along the line of the sign and the house where the node is located.

In a past life, a person was closely connected with public administration and tried to realize his ambitions. His ancestors could hold a high position in society, but if there are additional negative aspects, their aspirations are unlikely to come true.

The sextile of Saturn with the Descending Node means that the native has reached decent heights in self-realization. Depending on the sign and the house, one can assume a social status: from a royal person to a diligent executive official. In any case, he is familiar with subordination, etiquette, the social ladder and the state structure at the subconscious level.

At school, such people are excellent performers and exemplary disciplined students, and as they grow older, they seem to remember their past achievements and become ideal managers in any field. However, they may be bored in such a job, because inspiration, scaling and excitement from new successes await them along the North Node line.

Saturn Sextile with the Ascending Node is given to a person for his selfless service to society. In the presence of personal efforts, the owner of the horoscope opens an unhindered path to the very top of society. True, one will have to cultivate self-respect in oneself and learn not to feel guilty for the material reward of labor, because in the past incarnation the native walked the path of self-denial and ascetic service to ideals. The second test is not to abuse the almost unlimited power that sooner or later gives the development of talents in the aspect.

Full self-realization of a person will not happen before the age of 29, but this does not mean that one should sit idly by. In any case, you need to open yourself along the South Node, and only then move on to the opposite.

Talents and opportunities of Saturn sextile with the Ascending node

The Lord of Karma teaches hard, but rewards generously. A person will initially find himself in situations where you need to understand the hierarchy system, be able to obey and learn from higher people to lead and organize something new. It is important to look at the position of the house where Saturn stands.

In the 1st house, he encourages you to become a leader, introducing a new system of interaction or work, which should be better than the previous one. This is not a destroyer, but an innovator who creates progressive improvement for the benefit of society.

In the 7th and 11th sectors, on the contrary, he needs to give up hard rule and the imposition of his vision, listen to the team, organize a team or partnership where everyone has the right to vote. Saturn does not bestow flexibility of thinking, so the native will have to work hard on himself, because it is not always possible to take dreams to the very top with workaholism and discipline alone. You need to be able to understand social trends and find your niche.

Traditionally, a person will excel in construction, architecture, real estate sales, public administration, agriculture, politics, but one must carefully consider the totality of the readings of the South Node, 10th house and the Sun.

Karma and the possibilities of Saturn sextile with the Descending Node

The owners of this aspect may be faced with the fact that their subconscious beliefs and ideas about the world order do not coincide with the opinions of others and with the state of affairs in the modern state.

They may be attracted to certain systems, like totalitarianism, or vice versa, anarchy.

A person is often blindly convinced that he is right and gets into various unpleasant situations in order to understand: there are different systems in the world and you need to respect each of them. Worst of all will be for those who do not want to develop flexibility of thinking and do not learn new things.

At the same time, the owner of Saturn’s sextile with the South Node should absolutely not go against the traditional system of government, for example, work in opposition.

This is especially dangerous with different consequences if Saturn is in the 12th house . If he or the Descending Node is in the 9th house, or a person is simply attracted to foreign systems of education, labor and government, it is better for him to move to another country and live in harmony with social trends there than to create a revolution in his homeland. It is there that he will need the talent of an organizer, manager and teacher.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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