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Sextile Ascending (Descending) Node – Midheaven: Karmic Career

The lunar nodes have a special influence on the fate of a person only in direct connection with the planets or other fictitious points, symbolizing the spiritual growth and material development of a person. Depending on the nature of the aspect, positive or negative events will occur in the life of the native, due to the state of his karma.

The Meridian of the Midheaven (MS) crosses the 10th house and signifies the highest destiny of the individual, usually associated with professional skills. The South Descending Node indicates the need to give up certain pleasures and abilities in order to reach a new level of one’s mission, while the North Ascending Node, on the contrary, enhances the importance of the MC, suggesting that a career in this incarnation should be given paramount influence.

Karma Sextile Midheaven with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Sextile is a favorable aspect, but it has one peculiarity. From a karmic point of view, he continues to support the realization of the native’s talents, passing to him by inheritance, but his inclusion requires personal efforts. If a person simply dreams of becoming a successful businessman or a movie star, then the knot aspect will not help him in any way, but when he takes specific practical steps towards the goal, then the whole world seems to contribute to his upward movement.

The sextile of the Midheaven with the Ascending Node is the merit of the past incarnations of a person and the harmonious development of his ancestors. In addition to easy career advancement, he also provides the sympathy of others and bestows a pleasant appearance.

If the North Node is located at the top of the horoscope, this is the most successful position, akin to the action of a trine, but you still have to carry out practical work on yourself.

The position in the lower part of the horoscope is harmonized by the positive influence of the sextile, but if there are many other squares and oppositions, then the native will have to go through a series of tests before he succeeds.

The karma of the sextile of the Midheaven with the Descending Node is more difficult. On the one hand, this is a sign of the success and social relevance of the ancestors, on the other hand, the native must either realize himself through the North Node, taking into account innate talents, or give up his career in favor of other activities. Often such people receive an inheritance and live for their own pleasure, or are engaged in spiritual development.

Talents and abilities of the Midheaven and Ascending Node sextile

These are the darlings of society, who do not imagine themselves at home away from public recognition, even if the North Node falls into the 12th sector. Many show business stars have just such a position that helps them pull their secret fantasies and esoteric experiences through creativity into the light of day and gain recognition.

In any case, a person feels that he was born with a specific purpose, and dreams of realizing talents and abilities in the area where the node stands, but it is also necessary to take into account the sign of the Middle of the sky and combine their meanings.

The fastest option for a career take-off is the position of the MC and the North Node in related elements when their missions overlap.

In any case, life throws a lot of chances for a person to catch on, fateful meetings and amazing coincidences that eventually lead the native to the right place, even if initially he had no connections and was born into a poor family. Sometimes he just needs to decide to speak with a high-ranking person and a series of events twists into a ladder of success.

If the MC forms a sextile to the Ascending Node in the 8th house, in principle other people’s money and resources will help the person. For an artist, this means producing and promoting with the help of a high patron, for other professions, the support of a teacher, sponsor or organization, or the need to find such a fund to realize their goal.

Talents and abilities of the Midheaven sextile with the Descending Node

It is a mistake to think that this aspect means a complete abandonment of a career. Sometimes this is indeed the right choice, but it is important to consider the sign of the MC and the node, as well as the major aspects of the chart as a whole.

The fact is that the memory of a brilliant career in a past life is stored in the subconscious of a person, or there were people in his family who achieved great success, and because of this, the native seems to understand that he has the knowledge and innate hereditary talents for movement up, on the other hand, it may no longer be interesting for him, and he faces a choice:

  • a simple specialty and an unsophisticated life away from the lights and opportunities of the metropolis, a completely different path than was adopted in the family (without higher education, for example);
  • repeating the path of famous ancestors in order to surpass them or again experience the intoxicating feeling of glory and power that the realization in the Middle of the sky provides.

In the case of the second option, the path of the native will not be easy. Higher powers will test his disinterestedness through various temptations, which it is extremely difficult for him not to succumb to, because in a past life he acted selfishly for his own good, and now spiritual growth and charity come first, even against the backdrop of a successful career.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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