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Sextile Ascending (Descending) Node – Uranus: free creation

A person’s karma is indicated by the lunar nodes . The descending South resembles a balloon inflated with air, ready to take off, and the Ascending North looks like an amphora that needs to be filled. In the first case, the vessel of karma is full of the achievements of the ancestors and the native himself in the past incarnation, in the second case, you yourself need to achieve success, which will lead you to a higher level.

Uranus is the first planet after the Saturnian border, separating social skills and applied talents from higher matters. The sextile of nodes with it will not appear immediately. Rare glimpses of the uniqueness and dissimilarity of the native to others will flash from childhood, but with proper development, he will shine with uranium ultraviolet after 30 years, becoming an adept of secret knowledge, a discoverer, scientist and creator.

Uranus Sextile Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

Aspect with the North Node appears in the elect. These people in a past life devoted themselves to searching for the secrets of the universe, in order to find the elixir of youth, the cure for all diseases and the philosopher’s stone, in order to make people better, to unite them with higher ideas than the search for food and endless competition.

Perhaps they conducted their research in seclusion or generously distributed money to the poor, sponsored scientific developments and poor artists, leaving themselves only a little.

In this incarnation, they have a chance to develop their talents to unthinkable heights, and most importantly, to get fame, money, respect for their work. They will have to learn to accept the fruits of their labor and lead, uniting different social groups without dissolving into them.

The sextile of Uranus with the Descending Node speaks of the opposite past of a person. He was bright, selfish, brilliantly erudite, knew how to seem his own in different strata of society, and most importantly, enjoyed his exoticism and dissimilarity to others.

It was on this that he staked, earning good money, and just as easily let it go to the wind, shocking others, instead of going into depth, supporting science, psychology, esotericism. He owned secret knowledge, but monopolized it. Now his exoticism will work to the detriment. You will have to learn to be part of a well-coordinated team, and not the only star in the sky.

Talents and opportunities of Uranus sextile with the Ascending node

Such an aspect makes the native an eccentric, but it attracts people. He intuitively understands the language of stars, animals and herbs, reads information from subtle planes, can get an answer to a difficult question at a moment of emotional intensity or a quarrel.

Such people often have a prickling of electricity in their fingers. If he does not allow the natural tension of power to spill out, if he is not a creator, seeker, practitioner of esoteric and astrological knowledge, then he will follow the line of the South Node, proving his uniqueness through eccentricity and insane eccentric acts.

Such people are gifted with the talent of a pilot, astronaut, healer, inventor, programmer and designer. Their bold dreams can change the world beyond recognition.

They sensitively capture the emerging fashion trends and social trends, but do not seek to destroy them, but, on the contrary, become the face of a new time. Their element is the development of talents, and they contribute to the development of many through their own example.

Of course, there are options when a person goes into the shadows and is afraid to look boldly into the eyes of his future, and then he misses the chance to become a star, and at the same time harms others who could ignite his talent from his inner fire. We must develop courage and be a pioneer, not a follower. Important meetings and opportunities for growth await the owners of the horoscope at the age of 21, as well as at 43-45 years old.

Talents and opportunities of Uranus sextile with the Descending Node

With this aspect, it is impossible to remain in the position of preserving traditional values. The native wants novelty of sensations and emotions on the verge of what is permitted, therefore they are innovators-destroyers. They most often stand in opposition to generally accepted cultural and social trends, and, depending on their own level of development, simply despise them or seek to oppose their uniqueness to the proven old. There are also many inventors among them, but the South Node will not allow a person to enrich himself through his creativity, because he already did this in the past incarnation, but fame and money did not go to the good. Now popularity is possible only if the whole team works on discoveries and inventions, when everyone is praised and rewarded. If the native tries to pull the blanket over himself, boasts of his unsurpassed intellect and talents,

A person will be tested for vanity at the age of 21, 43-45 years old, and if he insists on sole domination, Ketu and Uranus will find a way to destroy his creativity or create such a competitive environment around that he himself will feel worthless.

Professional success awaits a native in the field of cinema, radio, television, but it is desirable to create behind the scenes, for example, as a director, cameraman, screenwriter. Also, any technical professions and work on the Internet will bring good luck.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Uranus Sextile South Node:


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