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Jupiter sextile Chiron. Subtle world of possibilities

The aspect that gives favorable opportunities for the fulfillment of plans and the declaration of oneself as a talented and bright personality is especially good with the participation of Jupiter , the planet of great happiness. He favors Chiron , being the ruler of Sagittarius, whose symbol is just the centaur. The sextile endows the native with optimism and a rare gift to be at home in any company and social circle. Wherever a person appears, he will always find company, retinue, friends and patrons. He achieves any goal easily and quickly.

The only thing that makes his path to success difficult is the tendency to be lazy, to have fun, to be distracted by various pleasures, and with a weak Chiron, the native leads those who sympathize with him astray. Karmically, his task is to be a spiritual teacher and a guide to happiness, and at a low level of development, he takes his adherents to the world of low energies and destructive pleasures.

The influence of the Chiron-Jupiter sextile on fate

Cheerful and charming owners of the aspect are more sociable and influential than others when Chiron is in his strong positions: Sagittarius, Libra and Taurus. All qualities are more pronounced if both planets are in favorable positions. Then the action of the Jupiter-Chiron sextile is like a trine and can constantly attract happy career opportunities.

The native is a philosopher and does not seem to take any event in life seriously, especially if his Ascendant and the Sun are in air signs. Even if he loses all his fortune, shrug his shoulders and rejoice that he himself is safe. In the depths of his soul, he knows that the cunning of Chiron and the favor of Jupiter will still allow him to get rich and achieve all his goals.

However, there is a trap here. He is in no hurry and wastes time. It’s one thing to go bankrupt and immediately start rebuilding your financial empire, it’s another thing to postpone everything until tomorrow, for a week, and then a year has passed. Sextile must be used in practice. Rejecting his gifts, it should be remembered that he invisibly turns into a square, attracting problems and obstacles. If there are aspects of Chiron with the Black Moon, then on the contrary, a person is tormented by obsessive ideas of being chosen and of indispensable accomplishment of great deeds, feats, in order to not live life in vain, which absorbs all his time and energy.

Happy Opportunities and Gifts of Jupiter-Chiron Sextile

The aspect draws many powerful people into the life of the native. The main thing is not to miss the active period and keep these people in your life as friends or helpers. It can be both celebrities and talented promising associates, whose talents will help the owner of the horoscope to fulfill their dreams. The only problem is that a person often prefers to sit at home in a narrow circle and philosophize in front of the TV. In this case, a lucky break will pass by, because the sextile needs a push from the outside, from the native himself.

If he undertakes to develop a major social project, starts a political campaign or organizes a charity concert, then higher powers will support his efforts, but nothing will happen by itself.

There is a unique gift here, when the power of Jupiter is softened by the ability of Chiron to adapt to any circumstances and environment, thanks to which the native is the soul of the company and the boss who is adored. The activities of a peacemaker in politics, business, pedagogy will bring the greatest success.

Jupiter-Chiron sextile in a relationship

Although the aspect is not directly related to personal life, it attracts people, among whom it is easier to find the other half, corresponding to the native’s ideas about beautiful and passionate relationships. During the transit of Venus, when an aspect is formed with one of the participants in the sextile, there is a possibility of turning on the Cinderella Gate: a period when there is the highest probability of a fabulous acquaintance or wedding with a partner of your dreams, but again, sitting at home watching TV, it makes no sense to wait for this. You need to go out, communicate, use your connections to get into the desired social circle and to relevant events.

Men and women with Jupiter-Chiron sextile feel eternal dissatisfaction with the position in society if it is not high enough. For peace and happiness in marriage, it is better to choose a really high-ranking companion.

How to turn on Jupiter-Chiron sextile

Aspect gives many happy occasions and opportunities to appear before society fully armed with talents in order to clearly express themselves, but it is not easy for introverts to get them: you need to give up solitude and home relaxation. Fateful meetings, acquaintances, performances, even the fulfillment of cherished desires take place in public.

You need to develop democracy and liberality in yourself, suppressing the desire to control circumstances and people around you, trust the course of events and let the Universe work its magic. Holidays will play a big role in the life of the native: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, where it is desirable to always be present in person, so as not to miss the opportunity of sextile. In any incomprehensible situation, one must act with justice and be on the side of the law, rejecting the temptation of permissiveness, which is often the sin of the owners of this aspect.

Staying true to Jupiterian principles, without losing Chiron’s individuality, will help paired alexandrites , sultanite, amethyst , chalcedony , yellow topaz and calcite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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