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Jupiter-Saturn Sextile. Social climber

Sextile is a harmonious, but the weakest aspect of the natal chart. Connecting the planets, he awakens the energy of luck only with the purposeful and hard work of the native. Laziness and apathy completely block opportunities. This is especially important for the owners of the Jupiter-Saturn sextile, which combines completely different energies of social activity, cognition, optimism and blues, pessimism, and limitations. Fire and ice either destroy each other’s advantageous sides, or turn into a warm stream of positive energy that carries a person upward.

The owner of the Jupiter-Saturn sextile is aimed at social success. The strong position of the planets makes it possible to optimistically go towards rainbow dreams in accordance with a clearly verified and structured plan. He is far-sighted, talented and ambitious, and most importantly, he enjoys the favor of higher officials. The boss promotes the native’s projects and generously rewards for work, and the person himself, being a leader, takes care of subordinates. However, in order for the aspect to turn on, it is required to work in an enhanced mode.

Pros and cons of Jupiter-Saturn sextile

The owner of the aspect is a sober realist. He loves to dream, but proceeds from the available opportunities or builds multifaceted to-do lists necessary to move up. If there is a desire to become the head of a foreign company, then the native will enroll in financial management courses in high school, hire a tutor in English and mathematics, and begin an internship at the firm as early as the first year.

He knows for sure that he will take a high post and is ready to limit himself in entertainment in order to achieve the main thing. After 30 years, he begins to give the impression of a darling of fate, but this is the result of his foresight and foresight. Each plane of the carrier of the sextile Jupiter-Saturn has 5-6 alternatives. He is respected and appreciated for a balanced opinion on any issue. These are excellent judicious politicians, lawyers and educators, public figures and financiers. Knowing the pros and cons of an aspect makes it easier to focus on its benefits:

  • serious attitude to life, poise, excellent organizational and intellectual abilities;
  • the need for constant development and advanced training, internships in other countries, but having acquired new knowledge, the native always returns to his homeland;
  • orthodoxy of views on religion and marriage, dislike for breaking traditions;
  • the ability to be content with little in everyday life, modesty in appearance, while generously donating to charity;
  • desire to continue a family business or professional path;
  • frugality, reliability, prudence protect against poverty and deception;
  • ingenuity and enterprise – with retrograde planets.

The native evokes the sympathy and trust of those around him, which is especially pronounced with a strong Venus , but his innate nobility keeps him from the temptation to use people for personal gain.

Love relationships with sextile Jupiter-Saturn

In love, men and women with the Jupiter-Saturn sextile are good old-fashioned. They are in no hurry to rush into the maelstrom of passion, and they rarely experience it, except for the position of Venus in the fire signs. They prefer tender friendship, trust and sexual harmony, rather than the flame of stormy experiences and romantic adventures. In addition, reputation in society and impeccable authority are in the first place. They choose a reliable, promising partner from a prosperous family as partners.

Public opinion plays an important role. If relatives, friends and colleagues approve of the future companion, the feelings of the owners of the Jupiter-Saturn sextile bloom, and they are revealed in a blaze of charm in front of the chosen one. They have great chances to please them with people with Venus in Virgo , Capricorn , Taurus , and if the bearer of the aspect has the planet of love in an earth sign, then he is capable of a marriage of convenience in order to strengthen his position in society. Both sexes prefer an older companion with a career and financial background. External beauty does not really matter. The home atmosphere is calm and even, without outbursts of passion and violent quarrels.

Jupiter-Saturn sextile in the child’s horoscope

This aspect is an indicator of excellent students. Children with the Jupiter-Saturn sextile are judicious, result-oriented and punctual. They do not need to be reminded to do their homework, and the desire to be authoritative in the eyes of their peers encourages them to study perfectly well, do social work, and, with Mercury and Neptune expressed, also shine on stage, which automatically makes them favorites of the school leadership.

A child with the sextile Jupiter-Saturn is correct to the point of impossibility, but does not cause dislike, except for the excessive sympathy of teachers. When Mars is affected, enemies and obstacles may appear on the way to career heights. Venus in Capricorn makes him a lone individual, practically not in need of friends, therefore, when educating, it is important to pay attention to the spiritual and aesthetic side, to develop an artistic and emotional perception of the world.

The relationship with the father directly depends on how harmoniously the child will show the advantages of the Jupiter-Saturn sextile. If the planets are strong, then the father is fair, but strict, teaches and inspires to success, teaching discipline and perseverance.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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