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Selena (White Moon) in the 4th house

Astrologers call the White Moon Selene and consider it the guardian angel of the natal chart . Its icon marks the source of energy, support of the Higher Forces and the sphere of life in which the ancestors of people, and they themselves in a past life, performed the greatest number of good deeds. Now, success and well-being will be ensured as long as honesty and selflessness are observed in matters of the sign and the house of the horoscope.

Selena in the 4th house symbolizes the support of the mother, as the embodiment of the earthly guardian angel, and the holy radiance of the hearth. If White Moon is located in the first third of the house, then such natives protect the entire family on the maternal side. Ancestors can appear in a dream and provide answers to pressing questions. One of the best and strongest positions of the White Moon also implies a high spiritual mission to protect the traditions of these individuals country, but to fulfill it, they need to know the peculiarities of interaction with the power of the karma of the clan.

Influence of Selena in the 4th house on fate

To achieve success, the owners of the White Moon in the 4th house need to develop the talents and abilities that were in the family and genetically transmitted to them. Sometimes this lies on the surface: everyone in the family was doctors, military men or teachers, but sometimes they need to find common patterns on their own, deliberately pushing aside recurring bad habits and concentrating on positive manifestations. Usually Selena in the 4th house appears in the horoscope of talented and bright people, or those were in the mother’s family. The Guardian Planet also highlights the strengths and sources of luck of the natives themselves:

  • there will never be problems with housing, the house is a source of vitality, pacifying comfort and inspiration;
  • a strong spiritual connection with the mother, even being in a difficult relationship, for example, when squaring with the Moon, it will be a factor prompting such individuals to move upward, to complete a karmic task;
  • a genetic predisposition to proper nutrition, unconscious or deliberate adherence to the food culture adopted in the traditions of the country and family, contributing to a youthful and fit appearance;
  • interest in the affairs of relatives and sincere sympathy for family traditions, holidays, the desire to gather everyone at their table and immerse themselves in communication;
  • strong immunity and protection against diseases worked out by ancestors;
  • the likelihood of inheritance, in the presence of good aspects with the 8th house, ensured easy old age in the circle of loved ones under the roof of the family estate;
  • success as a freelancer: preferably working from home in a remote profession or following a family tradition (mother’s profession is preferable to father’s).

Children with Selena in the 4th house always have a reliable rear from troubles at school. At home, a creative and free atmosphere reigns, and mom will support, calm and inspire. This is one of the hallmarks of desirable homeschooling, since the child is acutely aware of injustice and does not tolerate the official environment of the educational institution. Parents should not send such children to study abroad or to another city, except for the location of the angelic sign in Gemini, Sagittarius or Aquarius.

Three levels of karmic manifestation of Selena in the 4th house

As a rule, success and prosperity, the provision of housing and land, come to the owners og Selena in 4th house in their native land, although if the mother is a foreigner, and they feel interest and sympathy for her culture and country, prosperity there is not excluded. Divine support will manifest itself in full accordance with the level of spiritual and intellectual development of the carrier of the White Moon in the 4th house:

1. Lower – dissatisfaction with the state of the home, quarrels with the mother and father, boredom or limited opportunities for the manifestation of innate talents in the place of residence. Irritation with ancestors, the desire to be different from them, especially if there were alcoholics or sick people in the family. Irritation when necessary to communicate with relatives. It is important to understand that they worked out bad scenarios, making room for a happy life for posterity, and focus on the virtues they had.

2. Medium – a beautiful, cozy house filled with love and mutual respect between father and mother, guests give pleasure and bring good news. Happiness and good luck in the home country, inheritance of health, property, good habits and connections. The older generation helps in the implementation of plans. Important events for checking the debt and compliance with the genetic achievements of ancestors occur every seven years, and if the native adheres to the line of self-improvement, then security and creative satisfaction increase.

3. Highest – the level of heroes defending the family and country, even at the cost of their lives. The possibility of becoming a famous commander or writer, thanks to which the family and the city where they grew up will become known to the whole world.

At any level of development, these owners of the White Moon in the 4th house are protected from trouble in the region where they were born.

Important aspects with other planets

The signs of Selena’s influence are more pronounced when in the signs of the element of Water and in the presence of aspects with the Moon. If they are favorable, then a powerful connection with the love and protection of the mother makes a person invulnerable, helps to show talents and form a stable nervous system.

Negative aspects with the Moon teach to overcome conflicts and tension in relationships, through working out generic lessons, and when connecting with Lilith, also curses to clear karma from the remnants of darkness. Positive configurations with Saturn, Pluto, Venus will help with this. It is beneficial to engage in healing, listen to the problems of others, especially the elderly and children, and give sincere advice.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in 4th House:


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