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Trine Chiron – Jupiter. Luck and patronage

Trine creates positive energy, thanks to which both planets show their best qualities. However, with Chiron, not everything is so simple. With all the virtues of a conductor of universal wisdom, teacher and healer, the mysterious asteroid symbolizes some wounds that have long been present in the family or, on the contrary, have arisen in life recently. Thanks to the trigon, they do not hinder development, but serve as an incentive to find a solution to the problem.

Trine Jupiter-Chiron appears later than other aspects, from about 12 years old, if a person has an active social position. In the place of Chiron’s standing, the native usually passionately wants to assert himself, and Jupiter , the planet of happiness and good luck, contributes to this with the right alignment of forces.

The positive effect of the trine Chiron-Jupiter

The Achilles’ heel of the native is social status. His main desire is fame and honor, for which he is already in high school trying to study brilliantly and participate in olympiads. In the house where Jupiter stands, everything will be easy for him, but the location of Chiron may respond with uncertainty and anxiety. However, for the owners of the trine, this unpleasant feeling will not become an obstacle, but rather a signal to act along the line of Jupiter. The native is an incredibly optimistic and resourceful person. If problems arise, or a wave of Chironian doubts and painful experiences covers him, he turns on optimism and creates a Plan B with inspiration.

When there are many other trines in the horoscope, this is the minion of fate, who will not pay attention to internal anxieties, and may become a victim of his own frivolity. The owners of squares go through difficult lessons, but gain confidence and experience, develop a personal philosophy, thanks to which they not only build a brilliant career themselves, but also lead others. Other properties of the Jupiter-Chiron trine also contribute to this:

  • the desire to learn and grow both in school and at work;
  • benevolence, compassion, generosity even in the most difficult periods of trials;
  • good luck in society, public places, during oratory speeches, surrounded by retinue and any crowd, when the stage inspires, and does not frighten;
  • the ability to create a favorable atmosphere around oneself, to find a common language with any person, but especially with foreigners;
  • the ability to attract high patrons thanks to charisma, intelligence, adherence to principles, and subsequently to be a sponsor, philanthropist, teacher of less fortunate people;
  • support of higher powers, innate wisdom, the ability to hear answers to your prayers;
  • the gift of easily grasping foreign languages, traveling even when there is not enough money, thanks to patrons or luck: they can win a trip in a competition or money in a lottery;
  • good luck in getting a higher education – you can safely enter a prestigious university even without connections, circumstances will turn out so that they will take and pay a good scholarship.

The problem lies in the weak Sun. In this case, the native feels himself the emperor of the universe. Permissiveness, licentiousness, violation of the principles of justice for the sake of personal gain will destroy his luck in the bud. But a strong Sun with such an aspect will create King Solomon, for whom wisdom is a source of wealth and happiness.

Trine Chiron-Jupiter and relationships

The aspect does not directly affect personal life, but of course, people of high social and financial status are attracted to the native. It is unlikely that he will agree to an alliance with a person of an ascetic plan, closed and unpromising. However, if the planets do not belong to the angular houses, the Moon, Venus, Mars will determine the nature of the relationship. Trine affects personal life only in the case of the position of Jupiter or Chiron in the 5th or 7th house.

If Jupiter gets there, this is an indicator of good luck in love and business partnership, which will more than cover the feeling of inferiority generated by Chiron. The fuller and richer the intimate sphere, the more success can be achieved in the affairs of the house where the wounded healer stands. Moreover, the native should purposefully seek relationships with high-ranking and wealthy people, and the point here is not in the calculation, but in the competent distribution of energies. By associating with a poor and limited partner, he literally blocks the luck of the trine. This is true for the position of Jupiter in the 5th or 7th house. If Chiron is there, the native will also solve problems through partnership, but difficulties and obstacles cannot be avoided.

Study of the trine Jupiter-Chiron

The aspect provides great opportunities in obtaining a good education, sponsorship and career advancement, using which you can forget about Chironian insecurities and doubts. An additional bonus is such qualities as clairvoyance and extrasensory perception in the affairs of the house where the participants of the trigon stand. It is important to develop this, because often the native suppresses the feeling of Chiron’s inferiority through inadequate self-confidence and aplomb and does not know how to listen to his inner voice.

Intuition is especially useful in cases where you need to make a fateful choice, for example, if you pass to several universities or to prestigious positions in all interviews at once. A great help to the trine Jupiter-Chiron will be a good education in the 9th or 10th houses, as well as the choice of the appropriate social circle in the 11th sector.

During socially significant events for the native, as well as at work and in the process of studying, it is recommended to wear jewelry with natural stones: yellow topaz , citrine , amethyst and charoite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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