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Trine Moon – Neptune

Trigon is a harmonious aspect that promises calmness, serenity and a wealth of possibilities. The essence of the aspect is perfectly combined with the nature of the luminaries of the Moon and Neptune.

The moon , its position and aspects will tell about the inner sensations of a person, his state of health and health. The good aspect of the trines of the Moon and Neptune is a guarantee that the native will always find a way to improve his physical condition and restore mental balance. This is especially true in the case when the Moon in the horoscope is essentially strong .

The moon and Neptune , closely interacting with each other, give a person good intuition, the ability to notice and understand the signs of fate and foresee many life situations. As a rule, the native is interested in psychology, religion strives for personal and spiritual growth.

Trine Moon - Neptune

Aspect and its influence on the character and behavior of a person

The owner of this aspect is distinguished by kindness, mercy, delicacy and psychology. Those around him are attracted by his calmness and serenity. In any difficult situation, such a person will prompt a way out. He will always listen, give good advice and tune in to the positive.

Often people who have such an aspect in the birth chart have an ear for music and a literary talent. Their inner world is rich in wonderful images, and if they can be expressed on canvas, in poetry or in music, then a real masterpiece is obtained, bewitching those around with its spiritual depth and grace of external forms of expression.

In addition to the field of art, the owner of a horoscope can realize himself in the field of tourism, medicine (especially non-traditional), in psychotherapy and psychology.

Trine Luna – Neptune in the radix of a man

A man, in whose natal chart there is this aspect, has great sympathy for women who are romantic, delicate and mysterious. A beautiful stranger may be from another country or be of a different religion.

In a relationship, there is not only love, but also mutual understanding. Partners feel a close spiritual connection, engage in creativity together and share common ideals.

Trine Moon – Neptune in the woman's radix

If a woman's horoscope contains the trine of Neptune and the Moon, then this may indicate her kindness, mercy and compassionate nature. She is happy to help others. Her concern extends not only to relatives and friends, but also to complete strangers in trouble.

Often the owner of the horoscope takes part in charity.

Trigon Moon – Neptune in the child's horoscope

If there is this aspect in the child's birth chart, then he is distinguished by increased sensitivity, daydreaming and has a good fantasy. Parents should pay special attention to the development of the creative (musical, artistic, literary) abilities of such children. It is useful for them to read fairy tales and magic stories before going to bed or turn on pleasant calm music. Evening water treatments will also help you relax and fall asleep faster.

Planets in different signs of the zodiac

Moon and Neptune, united by the trigon aspect, most often stand in the signs of the zodiac, belonging to the same element.

The planets that activate the element of Fire endow the native not only with enthusiasm, optimism and love of life, but also with a good imagination. This is a great indicator for people who are creative.

Planets in air signs will emphasize a person's ability to communicate, listen to others and empathize with them. A subject with this aspect has the ability to sensitively perceive the phenomena of the surrounding world.

If Neptune and the Moon are located in the elements of Earth or Water, then the owners of the aspect are quite practical and realistic. They use their rich talents in order to achieve a secure position in society and material well-being.

Lilia Garipova

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