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Trigon Mars – Lilith: fiery temperament

Mars , a symbol of courage and purposefulness of the native, often turns to him with an aggressive side under the influence of the Black Moon (Lilith). However, the trigon helps to stay on the thin line, like a razor blade, between courage and recklessness, ardor of feelings and depravity. A person is distinguished by an incredibly passionate temperament, fearlessness and perseverance, thanks to which one can not only move mountains, but accomplish the impossible, from a feat to a scientific discovery.

This is a leader who leads the attack with a drawn saber, or a leader who is ready to be responsible for all members of his team and the business as a whole. Men with this aspect are warriors and commanders, and women will not tolerate any restrictions on their rights. They choose dangerous professions and there is no sweeter feeling for them than the admiration of significant people for their courage and risky deeds.

Opportunities and problems of the trine Mars – Lilith

The native will have to trust his wild, primitive instincts in order to set up, first of all, relationships with himself, and then express them in an environmentally friendly way, splash out through creativity or leadership in any interesting area.

It is important for men and women with the trine Mars – Lilith to understand that they are not pawns in someone else’s game, but those who start and end it. Difficulties inspire them because they mean that you can play by your own rules without regard to others.

Generic programs of the trine Lilith – Mars – overcoming difficulties through creativity, a non-standard approach to the problem, and even a little thanks to violations of the rules for the good of the common cause. For example, what’s the point of waiting for a green traffic light while chasing a criminal? In such situations, courage and following the impulse will count as a victory.

Trine Mars – Lilith turns on when the native falls into a state of inner emptiness, from which he wants to escape. Then the victorious energy wakes up. If everything easily floats into your hands and there is nothing to fight for, a person can simply express himself in creativity or enjoy victories on the personal front.

It is believed that the owners of the aspect have a steel character and are not afraid of anything. This is only partly true. If Mars is in Cancer or Libra, a person will strive to appear as a warrior and a winner and will inevitably go too far: he will go over the heads or get into a fight out of the blue. It is important to learn to overcome inner fear in an environmentally friendly way, and not with brute force.

Fearlessness and recklessness is more characteristic of Mars and Lilith in fiery signs. Such people walk on the razor’s edge, and if there are no additional destructive aspects, they get away with everything.

But someone else’s opinion really does not matter for any owner of the aspect, they go to the goal, not paying attention to the criticism and envy of other people.

Trine Mars – Lilith and relationships

Owners of the aspect exude charming sexuality. Depending on the sign of Mars, it will be expressed in different ways: from animal charisma to elusive attraction. Despite the huge success with the opposite sex, men and women with the trine Mars – Lilith value personal freedom above all else. They do not tolerate manipulation, persuasion, and most importantly, any restrictions on the part of a partner: jealousy, a sense of possessiveness, a ban on communicating with friends and arbitrary disposal of finances. It will only push them away.

If they decide to leave, it will not work to persuade them to return. Pity is not characteristic of the owners of the trine Mars – Lilith, they are annoyed by other people’s tears, reproaches, appeals to conscience. The exception is the position of the Moon and Venus in the sign of Pisces.

A woman with a trine Mars – Lilith will definitely not dissolve in a relationship, although she really likes their physical side. She was born a leader to lead large groups of people, and if for some reason she cannot fulfill her destiny, she turns into a domestic tyrant. Screaming and punishment in the house will be a common thing, so it is in the interests of the household not to interfere with her self-realization.

A man with a trine Mars – Lilith is an alpha male. It has a simply magnetic effect on women, even if the appearance is not perfect. He is interested in a sporty, active and self-sufficient lady with a peppercorn and intrigue in her character. Winning a woman, he is ready to overcome any difficulties, but having achieved his goal, he quickly cools down.

How to work out the trine Mars – Lilith

The aspect begins to work from early childhood and it is not easy for the parents of such a child to endure stubbornness and whims. Already now it is necessary not to shout and punish, which will only embitter the owner of the aspect, but to give arguments in favor of one or another event line.

Later, the native himself should not just rush after the internal impulse, but learn to calculate all the pros and cons, and most importantly, to see the risks and pitfalls. Unfortunately, the passion for risk can cost a person very dearly, and you will have to pay not only with money, but also with health. The fact is that after 30 years, the trine’s luck weakens, and if earlier the native could rush on a motorcycle at breakneck speed, now he can get into an accident. As a rule, the energy of the aspect keeps the ward from serious injuries, but it is better to avoid minor ones.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to choose a profession in favor of a business where it will not be boring and there is an element of risk and adrenaline. These are sports, military affairs, politics, business.

It is very good to engage in sports dancing, participate or organize corporate leisure and lead an active personal life. Loneliness is contraindicated here.

Jewelry with garnet will help control the fiery passions in the soul of the native .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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