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Trigon Neptune-Pluto. Eternal wandering of the soul

Trigon brings good luck and prosperity. As if an energy wave picks up a person’s beginnings, clearing the way from obstacles, attracting the right people and favorable circumstances.

If higher planets are involved in an aspect, it usually affects the aspirations of an entire generation. In the horoscope of the personality, a powerful effect occurs when the corner houses are touched, giving birth to high-class magicians who control reality and possess paranormal abilities. The occult side of talent is not always obvious to others, but success in the field of medicine, art and esotericism depends on it.

Possibilities of the Neptune-Pluto trigon

The degree of manifestation of the power of trine depends on the level of spirituality of the person. At a low level of consciousness, aimed only at the consumption of material things, it will manifest itself in outbursts of foresight in stressful situations. Will be lucky in exams, minor dangers will pass. A native draws energy from entertainment, but it is quite possible that he will spend his whole life in it without achieving more.

At a high level of development of spirit and intellect, the Neptune-Pluto trigon endows the ward with the gift of influencing the consciousness of millions through art, religion, charity. This is an actor and a priest rolled into one. Any message is spiritualized and leads to the filling of being with meaning.

The intriguing and compelling manner of speech and public speaking equally successfully distinguishes the native as a pop star and a preacher. Unfortunately, the art of deception, transformed through talented performances in cinema, illusion, circus, at a low level of awareness will lead to fraud in the field of healing and esotericism, as well as financial scams. With Neptune’s position in the 12th house – international espionage. The memory of the trine carrier has an interesting feature: it is difficult for him to keep facts and names from the first time, but once he has learned it, he remembers it for the rest of his life. Popular unrest – revolutions, uprisings catalyze the talents inherent in nature.

Often, the native’s phenomenal abilities are aimed not only at awakening empathy and compassion in society, but also at concrete social changes. However, wishing for this to happen sooner, the owner of the Neptune-Pluto trigon causes a destructive avalanche of events, provoking social unrest and even wars.

Negative sides:

  • detachment from reality and immersion in dreams within the boundaries of your home;
  • tyranny of households with the requirement to follow the rules of the game invented by the native;
  • using spirituality and esotericism to make money;
  • conviction that the end justifies the means.

Famous personalities with this aspect are George Washington, Jane Austen, Stendhal, Denis Diderot, John Franklin, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Love and marriage with the trigon Neptune-Pluto

The love relationships of trine holders are filled with high content. Passion strikes them with thunder and lightning, always turning life upside down. They do not recognize other emotions. This is inspiration, thirst for life to rupture the aorta and the desire to know the highest absolute through a partner.

Holders of the Neptune-Pluto trine idealize lovers, endowing them with non-existent virtues. They are attracted by external beauty, which they deify and do not want to see flaws. However, people with an explosive temperament cling to their Plutonian part. Also, carriers of the Neptune-Pluto trine tend to fall in love with partners who are completely different from them in character, subconsciously wanting to grow spiritually in marriage with difficulties and grinding in characters. Such karma overtakes the owners of trine, in whom Pluto falls into the 5th and 7th houses . If there is Neptune, then in love they draw inspiration for creativity and sometimes deliberately provoke a showdown, betrayal and explosions of passions in order to reflect them later in music, literature and on stage.

They themselves are characterized by an explosive temperament that manifests itself spontaneously and rarely. Basically, outbreaks of a destructive plan occur during the transit of Pluto, when the native wants to break ties with the annoying present and rush towards the dream.

Practical interaction with the Neptune-Pluto trigon

Adventurers with lofty ideals, under the burden of life circumstances, begin to chase a long ruble. They see their magical influence on others and the temptation to use the spell is too great. However, wealth and well-being directly depend on the degree of adherence to the highest truths and their implementation. This was the secret of the success of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, who adhered to the principle of equality and freedom for all.

You need to help others get rid of fears, believe in yourself, and psychotherapy, dentistry and plastic surgery will be the best choice of profession for the Neptune-Pluto trigon. The second successful direction is the acting path, since the native knows how to completely transform into different images, and he tends to hide his true personality from the majority if Neptune is weakened by negative aspects.

Strengthening the positive influence of trine will be achieved through constant contact with natural stones corresponding to the planets. The ideal choice would be a coil mounted in cupronickel. Also suitable are alexandrite and aquamarine in silver, rauchtopaz and obsidian in cupronickel.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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