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Trigon Pluto – Ascendant. Iron hand in a velvet glove

The positive influence of the trigone is all the more strong because the participants in the tandem belong to the same element, supporting each other’s talents and dignity. The planet gives the Ascendant a source of energy for prosperity and self-presentation in society in a way that is beneficial for the native. Even if it is Pluto , the lord of the dark side of consciousness, which in the negative scenario includes a thirst for power, here it transforms a person into an inquiring thinker seeking to reveal the secrets of the Universe for the sake of the common good.

The desire to change the world for the better is so strong that as a scientist, the Trigon ward can inject himself a new vaccine to study its effects. At the same time, you need to be careful, since the native has such a potential of energy that, having conceived a revolution, he will bring changes to millions of destinies, and despite the positive aspect, for others his strength will be fatal.

Pluto – Ascendant Trigon Features

Higher powers often complicate the circumstances of a person’s life in order to reveal the resource of his giftedness. Pluto’s power awakens in a stressful environment. Therefore, no matter what trials arise on the way, one should not forget that there is nothing beyond the control of the will of the owner of the trigon, and difficulties are nothing more than decorations, among which his talent and mystical power of the soul will be revealed in the best way.

In addition, the Pluto-Ascendant trine endows the wards with fatal charisma, sexuality on the verge of physically felt pheromones, which does not guarantee external beauty at all, but even in its absence attracts many fans, as well as comrades-in-arms, because everything that the carriers of the aspect do comes from the heart …

Passionate struggle for justice, self-righteousness and the desire to live their time on earth for a reason, especially distinguish the owners of the planet and the rising sign in the elements of fire and water, and if they are in the spheres of earth and air, then the native is more pragmatic and focused in the first place for enrichment and fame. Other features of the Pluto-Ascendant trigon:

  • straightforwardness, courage, a strong ego and a system of life values, indifference to death;
  • mysticism of consciousness, occult and hypnotic abilities, incredible intuition, telepathy;
  • great interest in power and ways to achieve it, manipulation of people’s consciousness;
  • pronounced features of Scorpio in appearance and behavior: dark eyebrows, eyes, a serious melancholic facial expression, aggressiveness, secrecy and a good memory for offenses;
  • at a high level of development – the ability to forgive enemies, turning attackers into allies through conscious energy transurfing;
  • the ability to quickly become a friend of financial tycoons, celebrities and officials, or to communicate with them in a close circle at ease.

Despite the fact that the goals and views of the native are usually noble, he can jinx those around him with an excess of the energy of his words. All the more carefully you should filter negative emotions, accustoming yourself not to envy or swear with profanity, because this will attract dark forces and destroy plans for the near future.

Love and marriage with trigon Pluto – Ascendant

Men and women with this aspect are early aware of their magnetic effect on others. With the abundance of oppositions and quadratures in the horoscope, especially those related to Scorpio, Lilith and Mars , it is possible that they use sexuality to manipulate people and get what they want. And this is not necessarily wealth and comfort.

One way or another, Pluto wants power, just with a positive trigone, having achieved the goal, the native uses it for the benefit of society. But a partner can be abandoned and carried away by a more interesting person, no longer needing help. Entering into close relationships, men and women with the Pluto-Ascendant trigon always make irreversible changes in the life of their beloved, as a rule, of a very pleasant and positive nature if they are sincerely in love. But when people are used for selfish purposes, the consequences will be unpleasant for both parties. They will respect only strong partners with clear goals and a system of values. They are suitable for creative, but at the same time disciplined individuals with high aspirations.

Practical interaction with the trigon Pluto – Ascendant

Workaholics with prophetic abilities and the ability to achieve their goals will break through any obstacles and get a star from the sky. The problem is that sometimes they just do not know how strong talents they have, including the karmic support of their ancestors in the line of creativity, management of people and capital, reforming the system of power and scientific innovation.

Not realizing that they already have the tools to get what they want, they can go the aggressive path, jealous of others for success, although the key to it personally for them is to abandon competition and focus on self-development. As a rule, fate finds them on its own, the main thing is not to miss your chance.

If Lilith joins the aspect, there is a danger of looking different from who in essence a person is, to seem like a demon, being kind and sympathetic, for example. To fulfill the destiny of the Pluto-Ascendant trigon, it is important to have a good university education and practice your abilities.

Jewelry with natural minerals: smoky quartz, vesuvian, sherl (black tourmaline), obsidian , variegated jasper and lava stone will help to find a foothold on the verge of good and darkness .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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