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Trigon Saturn-Uranus. Practitioner with original thinking

It is happiness to be the owner of even one trigone. Aspect brings opportunities for the realization of talents and attracts pleasant experiences. It includes two planets standing in the same element and in different signs. The more trigons in the natal chart , the stronger the feeling of great destiny and the thirst to accomplish feats and discoveries.

However, sometimes one Saturn-Uranus trine is enough, because its bearer knows how to appreciate the experience of generations and innovative trends of our time, combining them into unique social systems that change the future. He is a born statesman, political leader and businessman, and his ability to get along with people of all ages makes him an excellent educator and diplomat who knows when to be persistent in protecting interests or to loosen the pressure.

Saturn-Uranus trigon capabilities

The aspect acts for a couple of years on a large number of those born at this time, therefore it is more pronounced when located in corner houses and additional connections with the Sun and Moon. A native has moral strength and is able to resist any temptation, especially if he has set an inspiring goal.

Remarkable abilities in mathematics, natural sciences, interest in progressive teachings and quick thinking help him, even in his youth, to gain the respect of teachers, bosses and succeed financially. The gift of trigone (trine) Saturn-Uranus is an intuitive understanding of the karmic law and adherence to an environmentally friendly moral code. Success through personal achievement without compromising the interests of others. The unique combination of the highest qualities of the constellations ruled by the planets of trine gives the talent to direct collective forces in a direction beneficial to the native’s country. But if they are not in corner houses, you will have to develop the strengths of the aspect:

  • willpower, determination, initiative, intuition;
  • prudence, insight, reading the intentions and motives of the individual and the collective as a whole;
  • courage supported by planning: first comes up with tactics of action, consequences and prospects, then goes on the offensive;
  • combination of responsibility and freedom of action;
  • respect for money, but no dependence on luxury;
  • luck in business, politics, management of large-scale projects;
  • profit from the introduction of inventions, investments and management of collective funds.

A problem or a difficult task only provokes the native. He will certainly find the right solution, and others may be very surprised that no one suspected this method. If planets are exiled or weakened by negative aspects, excessive caution and constraint prevent talents from fully manifesting.

Love and marriage under the trigon Saturn-Uranus

Men and women with the Saturn-Uranus trine from their youth develop for themselves a clear system of values ​​regarding love and relationships. They are interested in new ways of dating, flirting, sexual experiments, but they also coolly share entertainment and long-term connections. Meeting a person to gain experience of communication and passion with the opposite sex, they are in no hurry to make promises to be together forever.

The owners of the Saturn-Uranus trine decide to marry only after gaining a solid social status and certainly with a partner who has an impeccable reputation.

Another option is also possible – the scandalous glory of the companion resonates with the reformist ideas of the native, for example, marriage with a representative of another race or a former criminal who has entered the path of correction. This is especially pronounced when Uranus is in the 5th or 7th house. If Saturn is in these sectors, then his wards are reserved supporters of traditional views on relationships and will not wash dirty linen in public, even for the sake of hype on popularity.

For a marriage, partners with an ascending or sun sign in Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra, Gemini and Virgo are well suited.

Practical interaction with the trigon Saturn-Uranus

Trigon carriers must necessarily use intelligence for practical purposes, but it is not recommended to be too serious at the same time. A person with the Uranus-Saturn trigon often experiences a split personality, not understanding who he really is – a solid official, a fiery revolutionary, conservative or anarchist.

In his youth, as the planets transit, he is thrown from freethinking into orthodoxy, and the sooner the realization of the worldview system comes, the easier it will be to move forward. However, the truth is in the middle: it is necessary to build something new on the basis of traditions and experience.

The position of Saturn in a certain house will tell you what exactly will become a support in the search for your path. These can be scientific discoveries, original engineering projects, social and political reforms, earnings on cryptocurrency and electronic systems.

You can support the beneficial effects of the Saturn-Uranus trigon with the help of natural stones. For the first, in this combination, jewelry with chalcedony , jet and lapis lazuli is suitable , and the second is enhanced by fluorite, labrador and motley opal-harlequin .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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