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Trigon Sun – Ascendant. Inspiring feats

Trigon is a strong aspect that supports the astrological perspectives of talents along the line of the planets that are involved in it. It is a good luck magnet that attracts favorable circumstances and the right people, but you also need to act yourself in order to get the result. The sun is a symbol of will, leadership, the ability to decisively take benefits from life and flourish in business, acting in good faith. Ascendant – behavior in society and professional development.

United by a trigon, they stretch the entire horoscope on themselves, even if the Sun has the weakest position in Libra. But luck will turn its shadow side if you succumb to star fever and the temptation of permissiveness. Having got used to the gifts of fate, it is very difficult to start living without magic, and the energy of the trigon is not infinite. The secret is to interact productively with him through the right priorities and actions.

Trigon Sun – Ascendant capabilities

The native is written to be popular and beloved by the people around him. If there are no negative aspects from the Moon or 4 houses , then the family has a friendly, and most importantly, creative atmosphere, which forms an optimistic and joyful attitude towards life and towards oneself as a person. Father is the inspirer and assistant of all creative ideas of the owner of the Sun – Ascendant trigon. It is likely that the profession will be chosen the same as that of the parent, or later the person will head the family business.

Surprisingly, those around them recognize the native’s right to leadership intuitively and are happy to follow him to the shining horizons of his dreams. This is facilitated by an amazing charm, light energy and captivating sincerity. Men and women with the trigon Sun – Ascendant seem to emit sunlight, but unlike the carriers of the sextile, which dazzle the eyes with a starry brilliance, they attract with warmth and kindness. Therefore, it is easier for them to show additional gifts of the aspect in real life:

  • generosity, optimism, outward beauty, cheerfulness;
  • creative ideas, creative talent, public speaking;
  • organizational skills, constructive thinking, logic, quick reaction;
  • stress resistance, erudition, willpower;
  • an abundance of energy for work, passion, an adventurous streak combined with a practical mindset;
  • talent of mathematics and physics on a par with the gift of a musician and artist;
  • plasticity and a sense of rhythm are great dancers.

Most often, circumstances develop in such a way that fate itself leads the trine carrier to glory, and even if he turns to the dark side, higher powers will give many chances to return well-being. Robert Downey Jr. and Naomi Campbell are examples of this. The main thing is not to miss a lucky chance.

Love and marriage at trigon Sun – Ascendant

The native’s personality is determined by the father and the manner in which he interacts with the mother. Usually trine is stronger than any additional negative aspects to the Sun, so even if the dad was not perfect, he at least tried to be so for the child.

A man with a trigon Sun – Ascendant embodies in his life the best version of the image of a parent, striving to be an active, cheerful and caring spouse, not pulling the blanket over himself, but generously sharing energy and useful connections.

A woman with this aspect is looking for a husband similar to her father both externally and spiritually, which complicates personal relationships if the bar is high. She has no shortage of fans, but sometimes she has to choose: agree to an alliance with a person who is unlike her parent or remain an unattainable star.

Trigon Sun – Ascendant in synastry (astrology of compatibility) – a harbinger of a harmonious long marriage, in which both partners are self-sufficient strong personalities. There will be no quarrels and conflicts here.

Practical interaction with the trigon Sun – Ascendant

The profession must be chosen necessarily associated with publicity. Preparing for fame from youth, the native sometimes does not understand that it has a dark side: gossip, gossip, outside interference in private life. It is important to harmonize the position of Mars if it is weakened in order to avoid traumatic situations.

If there is a negative aspect from the red planet to the Sun or the Ascendant, you need to take care of your appearance and not communicate with potentially dangerous people.

Success awaits the native in politics, cinema, theater, sports, business. Confidence and optimism make the Sun-Ascendant trine carrier an excellent teacher and trainer who can inspire students to study with love for their work and subject.

If the rising sign and the Sun are in fire signs, a person is written to be a leader and to lead directions in science and creativity, in other cases success comes in close cooperation with the team, and solo work is contraindicated. It is necessary to be in sight, in the center of attention, otherwise natural charisma and talents will go out without finding an energetic response from people.

The aspect is strong in itself, but if you wear stones-talismans with solar energy, then luck will become permanent, and laziness and selfishness will disappear. Holders of the Sun – Ascendant trigon will be suitable for amber , pomegranate , zircon , citrine , pyrite and sun stone, soft in effect .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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