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Trigon Uranus – Ascendant. Illusion Materializer

Trigon provides talents that bring good luck and financial well-being throughout life. On the one hand, this makes it easier to achieve career aspirations, on the other hand, it weakens the desire for self-development, because everything floats into your hands without effort. The Ascendant is associated with the social role of a person, his demeanor and appearance. But when Uranus is involved , you can forget about unambiguity.

One thing is obvious: the native has an out-of-the-box thinking and stands out from the crowd by his tall stature, unusual eye or hair color, his facial features are also far from classic, but his rare charm makes him a star of parties and social events. Plus – a strong will and innovative views on any kind of activity provide lightning-fast career takeoff due to the implementation of revolutionary reforms. In the life of a native there will be a lot of fabulous and unusual from the point of view of the layman, but he himself will have to manage events.

Uranus – Ascendant trigon capabilities

Men and women with this aspect from the outside seem to be frivolous minions of fate. But their willpower manifests itself in extraordinary events, stress and even disasters when they act intelligently, brightly and effectively. Despite their rich imagination and creative talent, working on the stock exchange, where you need to analyze the balance of power every day, place bets, sometimes relying only on intuition, suits them perfectly. Routine and calmness only extinguish the natural mind and prevent the uniqueness of thinking from manifesting.

In adolescence, carriers of the Uranus-Ascendant trine seem to be eccentrics or simply brave personalities who are not afraid to be funny and different from others in the style of dress, conversation and behavior. They often model their own clothes and strange hairstyles, they can dye their hair purple or blue, especially if the Ascendant or the Sun is in Aquarius. Later, these qualities are transformed and expressed in freedom from public opinion.

The native itself forms the worldview of society, and does not depend on it. But in order for people to listen and follow the influencer, it is necessary to develop the strengths of the aspect:

  • erudition, wit, mental agility, quick reaction and keen intuition;
  • the gift of foresight, reading information from subtle planes, telepathy, prophetic dreams;
  • love of the unusual, interest in psychology, astrology, alternative medicine, space and electronics;
  • the ability to inspire people, turn enemies into comrades-in-arms, to win on the basis of enthusiasm and belief in one’s righteousness;
  • dexterity of movements, excellent sense of balance, talent to do many things quickly at the same time;
  • independence, curiosity, sincerity to the point of lack of tact, as they preach the freedom to speak the truth;
  • good luck comes when large masses of people are involved in ideas, but support from a close circle of friends and detachment from collective emotional impulses is necessary.

The native needs to be free from tight deadlines, dress codes and prohibitions on long conversations. He is comfortable working in a buzzing office hive with no partitions between tables, or in an unusual freelance schedule, for example, at night and sleeping during the day.

Love and marriage under the trine Uranus – Ascendant

To please men and women with this aspect is easy and difficult at the same time. They are attracted by the external brilliance and exotic appearance, unusual hobbies and bold statements, but if this is a superficial appearance, it will be difficult to keep their interest. They understand how much they differ from others, therefore, having met a kindred spirit, they experience a fireworks of emotions, wanting to keep it forever.

But if they are deceived, in the future they will treat the sphere of feelings with skepticism and cynicism, although in the depths of their hearts they will continue to believe in a miracle.

The easiest way for them to converge with the carriers of Mars and Venus in the signs of the air, as well as people with strong Uranus in the 7th house . It is difficult to find mutual understanding with people who have the Sun in the sphere of the earth, and the owners of Mars and Venus in fire signs will torment the native with jealousy and a desire for attention. Men and women with the trigon Uranus – Ascendant understand romance in their own way: unusual surprises, extreme sports and sudden trips together to the ends of the world are their strong point.

Practical interaction with the trigon Uranus – Ascendant

The aspect will manifest itself especially brightly and strongly in life at the age of 21, later in the period of 41-43 years, when both fateful rises to the level of a world star and strange antics that contribute to scandalous fame are likely. The holder of the trigon will brilliantly show his abilities in aviation, astronautics, show business, sports, science and business.

Thanks to his versatile hobbies and thirst for thrills, he is able to make a career even in several areas at the same time or in stages. Friendship with original interesting people, travel to unusual places of the planet will speed up the process. You also need to do astrology or study your horoscope with the help of a specialist in order to know at what moments it is especially important to control the impulses of emotions. A lot of joy and self-confidence will come from studying electronics.

Dating with friends and life partners will happen under unusual circumstances, or in moments related to the native’s hobby. Good luck in love and protection from accidents will bring stones-talismans: fluorite, all kinds of variegated opals , jasper , agate , chrysocolla and lapis lazuli .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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