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Trigon Ascending (Descending) Node – Pluto: politics as the meaning of life

The axis of the lunar nodes in the natal chart symbolizes the forthcoming evolution of the native, which must be correctly carried out. The descending (South) node of Ketu is the fulcrum for past life achievements. Here you can see both talents and successes that need to be used to gain confidence in the present, as well as mistakes. Usually trine with Ketu emphasizes positive developments, but in the case of Plutoit is impossible to speak exclusively of light without shadow. Too much energy of power and hypnotic influence on people is given to the native for him to use it only for the common good, but he will have to learn this in areas subject to the Ascending (Northern) Node. Such people are born with a special mission and are endowed with a huge transforming power that must be spent on global transformations of the world. If the native hangs in the comfort zone due to weak Mars or tense Venus with the Moon, then, despite the good influence of the trine, they will have to go their own way through crises and upheavals.

Pluto Trine Karma with Ascending (Descent Node)

Not all owners of the aspect can become rulers, commanders or even famous politicians, although the potential is inherent in the trine with Pluto from the very beginning. However, other map configurations cannot be discounted. One person from childhood manifests himself as a purposeful leader thanks to strong Mars and Saturn, the other manipulates and pits others for personal gain, in fact also showing plutonian energy, but one floor lower. A trigon is just a favorable current, but the goal set by the native will determine his karma in the future. Without spiritual development, the aspect gives rise to a generation with the motto: the end justifies the means, but the evolution of the soul involves power and reform for the benefit of society, and not for the sake of personal enrichment.

It is difficult to say that in past lives the native was an impeccably honest servant of the people, although the trine implies a reward for good deeds.

The trine of the South Node with Pluto shows that the native has reached the maximum point of development as a manager, leader or ruler. He could be the greatest king of antiquity, a military leader or a world-famous politician. In any case, his soul fully knew this experience. As much as possible has been done in the area where Ketu stands, however, the ruler of the Descending Node will tell you what exactly needs to be improved now, and what you need to build on in order to remember your successes in these areas.

The trigon of the North Node with Pluto means that in a past life a person did a lot to improve the life of the people, carried out reforms with the purest intentions, and now he was given the right to be, relatively speaking, a king, and not a minister.

In previous incarnations, the native tried to make power with a human face, be harsh, but fair, rich, but skillfully manage finances. In this life, you need to do the same, but on your own behalf, and not as a representative of a high-ranking person.

Features of the Pluto Trine with the Descending Node

The planet of karma is always associated with success in public activities. It was in such areas that the native showed himself in a past life, or a similar aspect indicates the presence in his family of power bearers, law enforcement officers, as well as those who influenced the course of thought processes of entire generations through their activities. They could be psychologists, writers, scientists and even priests with their own unique vision of the world order, which contradicts the main doctrines. The trine of Pluto with the South Node shows that their discoveries and achievements have been recognized, despite the likely destruction of the old along the way.

The native needs to find such examples or develop similar talents in order to later take on the role of leader in the area where he has the North Node with full confidence.

Without plutonic experience in the opposite sphere, this cannot be done without breakdowns, crises and sacrifices. Knowledge of psychology, geopolitics, economics and even esotericism will help in achieving the goal. It’s just that you can’t practice magic yourself, especially if the ancestors were associated with witchcraft. You can study and apply knowledge of astrology. Now it is better for a person to give than to take, that is, to be a manager of other people’s finances, an executor and an adviser, especially close to the president and power structures, but not to make decisions that are solely important for society or an organization.

Features of the Pluto Trine with the Ascending Node

Man has a great transformative mission to carry out in the area for which the North Node is responsible. It is better to take a larger scale, because the native will start at the moment of the first return of Saturn, which means that he will have time to prepare.

Usually such people from an early age feel the purpose of their life and go ahead of it, hurting others along the way, but you need to get used to this. If you stand on a position of justice, it is impossible to be good for everyone. The native will have to face the shadow of himself and also the dark side of the world order, but only in order to better understand the thinking of criminals and criminal structures, and fight for a better world without illusions.

It is best to make a career right away in order to take up a position as early as possible, giving the right to decide for oneself and implement reforms. In a past life, a person has seen enough of how this is done, and if his intentions are pure and environmentally friendly, the whole Universe will help him in transforming reality. This will not necessarily be politics, although here the native will show himself best, but the owners of the Pluto-Rahu trine also make excellent psychotherapists, writers, surgeons, investigators, lawyers, astrologers and even artists. The main thing is not to get carried away with demagogy, manipulation of public opinion and not become a victim of megalomania.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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