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Trine Ascending (Descending) Node – Venus: all for love

The axis of the lunar nodes shows how powerful a jump needs to be made from the step of the past incarnation to the future karmic task. Aspects with planets are a kind of clues. They will tell you what talents, qualities of character, circumstances and people will help you on this path, even if you have to overcome and resist. No need to flatter yourself: although the trine is a favorable aspect, it is also the creator of laziness and a comfort zone. Only courageous seekers who have realized the task of the North (Ascending) node go beyond its limits, and for the majority it is much easier to enjoy the benefits of the South (Descending) that come as if by themselves.

Venus is the planet that bestows beauty, good taste, creative talent, financial success and dizzying lure of sex appeal. It is its properties that will help a person to manifest himself in early youth as a creator and a magnet for money, and later to fulfill his mission at a new level, if he does not fall into the trap of copper pipes and voluptuousness.

Venus Trine Karma with Ascending and Descending Nodes

The very axis of the lunar nodes shows not only the nature of the incarnations of the native, but also the history of his family. Southern – a concentrate of the most common talents, actions, behavior patterns in his family. So did the native himself, so it was accepted in the family chain.

The Trine of Venus with the Descending Node speaks of an extraordinary innate artistic taste, the ability to present oneself and charm anyone, mainly due to powerful charisma, which cannot be repeated or played. Even if men or women behave modestly and do not have classical beauty, they still attract the attention of the opposite sex. This is the result of accumulated karma: generations of relatives were loved and creatively realized themselves.

In a past life, the owners of the trine Venus-Descending Node were popular, successful in trading and investing, studied all the trends in fashion and art, hence their innate understanding of how to dress with taste, be in trend, but be different from others.

The sign of the South Node will show what exactly the talents of a person manifested in his personal past incarnation or in the life of his ancestors. The fiery elements hint at a high social position, up to the crown on the head, air and water elements indicate the status of a courtier: an adviser or maid of honor, as well as artistry, musicality, and earthly ones speak of financial success.

The Venus trine with the Ascending (North) helps to achieve any goal where you need to be a bright, creative, unique personality. In the past, a person was an apprentice, polishing his talents in the shadow of someone greater and more famous.

Perhaps he worked hard and began to realize his personal dream only towards the end of his life. There was not enough time, but his talent was so unique and needed by the world that higher powers gave him a chance to start from scratch. A hint in the sextile of Venus with the South Node: in the sphere of the sign and the house of their position, you need to remember the experience and achievements of a past life.

Features of the trine Venus-Descending Node

Artistry and a special charm distinguish the native from the crowd instantly. A retinue of admirers surrounds these people from childhood. It is easy for them to gain confidence in high-ranking officials, thanks to their charm, ability to play any role and arouse sympathy. However, they do not have much prudence.

Desire is the driving force. If the owner of the trine Venus-South Node just wants something, then on the wave of inspiration he will come up with and realize his dream, from buying an expensive phone to getting a seat on the board of the company. Most often, they just want to shine in society, charm and receive recognition of their artistic gift. Among these people there are many film and theater actors, but in life they play many roles, forgetting about their true essence. They are so accustomed to it that, having learned about the need for development in a new direction, at the location of the North Node, which is indicated by a sextile from the same Venus, they continue to live in the old way, because laziness is the shadow side of the planet of love. She always pushes the wards on an easier path. This is where knowledge of astrology comes in handy, in order to consciously open up as a creator and artist in a new genre of a previously unfamiliar house and sign. Otherwise, in the South Node zone, you will have to give more than you take for yourself, and this is already difficult.

Features of the trine of Venus with the Ascending Node

The native is also gifted with charm, artistry, practical acumen and high ambition. However, unlike the wards of the opposite aspect, he must develop the rudiments of these qualities in himself through practical application. Otherwise, perfect hearing, the ability to draw, music and sing will remain unclaimed.

A person needs to allow himself to be ambitious, set high goals and go towards them. You don’t have to be an artist, but developing your artistic talents will help you become bolder, more confident, and more relaxed in connecting with new people and making useful connections.

Such people are born diplomats, but in relationships they need to learn to love, and not just accept, since the trine of Venus with the North Node makes a person a narcissist, focused only on his feelings. This applies not only to the axis 1-7 of the house, but also to any human relations on the topics of other sectors.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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