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Venus in the 2nd house

Venus is a financial planet, and its location in the Second Field – the house of money – is auspicious. Venus imparts to the native the ability to maintain balance and order in material affairs. It helps not only to make money, but also to keep what you have acquired.

In addition, Venus in the 2nd house indicates that the native has some kind of talent. With proper development, the natural abilities of the owner of the horoscope can bring him a good income.

Talents and personality traits

Venus in the 2nd house of the natal chart speaks of love for life, worldly wisdom, solidity and practicality of the subject. He loves earthly blessings, but at the same time he is used to working well and fruitfully, because this brings him prosperity and a sense of stability. Everyday efforts in the chosen direction make the owner of Venus in the 2nd house a recognized master in his craft. Diligence, perseverance and great creativity are the keys to the native's success and glory.

The owner of the horoscope knows how to create beauty with his own hands. He is good at art and has a penchant for collecting beautiful items. Its features include regular updating of the wardrobe, frequent purchase of decor and luxury items, jewelry, and cosmetics.

The native is a good host and homeowner. Strong and harmonious Venus in earth signs contributes to the acquisition of real estate. The native tries to buy things of good quality and only at a bargain price, and also knows how to successfully invest money.

As a rule, such people like to receive gifts. A good gift should be valuable and beautifully decorated. The native can easily determine whether he chose with a soul or bought out of despair. At the same time, he knows exactly what kind of present will make any person from his environment happy.

Venus in some zodiac signs

The sign of the zodiac, in which the mentioned planet stands, will clarify the sources of income for the native.

Venus in water signs (for example, in Pisces ) will indicate receiving money more from the creative activity and the beauty industry. Venus in the sign of Cancer will allow you to have income by working as a teacher, beautician, chef or pastry chef.

If Venus is in the sign of Air (for example, in Gemini ), then the native's earnings can be from legal and contractual matters, from trade and consultations.

Venus in the signs of the Earth speaks of the possibility of obtaining money from construction, applied arts, animal husbandry, horticulture and agriculture. The ability to accurately assess the cost of goods and services comes in handy in trade and financial activities.

The considered planet in the sign of Leo   disposes of the native to engage in jewelry. The income of the owner of the fiery Venus in the 2nd house can also come from stage activities and teaching.


Venus in the 2nd house of a man

Venus is one of the marriage markers for a man. Her location in the 2nd house of the horoscope suggests that the native prefers talented and at the same time practical women who strive for stability and gaining financial well-being. Such a woman has good taste, cooks well and knows the value of beautiful things.

Venus in the 2nd house of a woman

The owner of Venus in the 2nd house, as a rule, strives to reveal her abilities and builds up skill throughout her life. She can sing beautifully, dance gracefully, paint or sew.

As a rule, the presence of numerous talents and applied skills provides such a woman with good earnings. It is important for her that her partner also takes care of the material condition of the family. Financial well-being will be the key to a stable and strong relationship.

Lilia Garipova


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