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Venus in the 8th house

The planet Venus, located in the 8th house of the birth chart, will give information about risky and dangerous situations in the life of a native. The eighth field of the horoscope is considered evil, but the presence of the good planet Venus in it somewhat softens the unfavorable indications.

In addition, it is difficult for the luminary responsible for love, harmony, joy and happiness to show his strength in the difficult and hectic environment of the Eighth House. Critical situations (force majeure, latent conflicts, transformational processes, diseases, accidents, etc.) prevent the positive and creative potential that this good planet carries in itself.

Features of the character and behavior of a person

The owner of the horoscope is brave, decisive, perceptive and loves risk. Such people understand what the beauty of Russian roulette is. They are attracted to gambling, high-speed driving, dangerous hobbies such as parachute jumping and any extreme in life.

A native may have an ordinary appearance, but his unique charm, strong-willed qualities and unusual energy attract representatives of the opposite sex to him.

In the realm of love, there are tragic circumstances, intense experiences and disappointments. In personal life, the native attaches great importance to the intimate side of relationships. He is sexy, charming and prone to love affairs.

Despite the fact that the native periodically experiences some difficulties on the personal front, he often benefits from his partner. If the planet in the 8th house is strong, then the native is likely to receive inheritance. Such people know how to dispose of other people's property and can always count on not unexpected bonuses, discounts, bonuses and expensive gifts.

Venus and some signs of the zodiac

Venus is a positive luminary, and her presence in the Eighth field promises support of a different plan during periods of critical situations and dangerous illnesses. It can come from others, in the form of money or free, effective and timely help from doctors.

This support will be especially obvious if Venus has only harmonious aspects and is located in the signs of her power (in Taurus , in Pisces and in Libra ).

If Venus is badly damaged and is essentially weak (for example, Venus in Aries ), then the owner of the horoscope needs to be extremely careful about his health. Immunity problems can make any illness dangerous, even at first glance. For example, diseases of the throat of an inflammatory nature, respiratory diseases, etc. will lead to disastrous results.


Venus in the 8th house of a man

If Venus is located in the 8th house in a man's birth chart, then he is attracted to women who are risky, strong-willed, energetic, athletic and have financial acumen. Often unforeseen circumstances arise in the life of a partner, and she needs to be rescued from trouble.

As a rule, the owner of such Venus willingly supports a woman financially, especially if she is in a difficult situation. However, if the planet is weak (for example, Venus in Scorpio) and damaged by other luminaries, then the chosen one can be greedy, greedy and ungrateful. Adverse changes in personal life can be the reason for the native's financial losses.

Venus in the 8th house of a woman

A woman with Venus in the 8th house has a strong will and an iron character. Not everything in her life is going smoothly. She knows what a real danger is and knows how to withstand adverse life circumstances.

The owner of the horoscope is often helped by others if she finds herself in a difficult situation. She needs to avoid unnecessary risks and take care of her own safety. For example, a love of fast driving can lead to accidents, and adventures on the love front can end in tears if the owner of the horoscope shows frivolity and promiscuity in relationships.

Lilia Garipova


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