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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Chiron

The lunar nodes are the fulcrum of a person in the development and understanding of his karmic task. The ascending North node gives support and hints about the future, and the Descending South node shows what experience of the generic egregore can be relied upon to master the new heights. In addition to talents and skills, skeletons in the closet are also hidden here – it is advisable not to repeat the mistakes of the past. A planet in alliance with any of the nodes concretizes and facilitates the task of this incarnation.

Chiron in conjunction with the Ascending Node indicates that there were traumas and tragic events in the family, thanks to which the native has the experience and knowledge to help other people avoid this problem. If he does not understand what it is, he will have to go through something painful that will make him look for a magic pill. Chiron in alliance with the Descending Node is a sign of a stop in development due to repeated mistakes in the family. There is some kind of trauma in the DNA, which the descendants recreate again and again. In addition, the native himself could be a person who causes great pain to others in the theme of this house.

The Karmic Impact of Chiron’s Conjunction with the Ascending and Descending Nodes

The north node enhances and highlights the planet nearby. The native has no chance not to notice its impact, but Chiron is not Venus or Mercury, with which everything is clear. This is a mysterious asteroid, a guide to another reality. In the human family there were healers, healers, sorcerers and magicians, as well as representatives of the arts, who suffered because of their secret knowledge. Now it’s time to restore justice. Higher powers make it possible to engage in esoteric or psychology for the benefit of not only yourself, but also the people around you.

If a person chooses a mundane profession, far from mysticism, and ignores the development of a subtle feeling, then not very pleasant things begin to happen to him: a mysterious illness, a sudden betrayal of a loved one, loss of a job, so that he starts looking for reasons, heals himself through the harmonization of the primary trauma, and then helped others to do the same. Most often, the deep shock that brings a person to the destination and healing practices happens in youth.

The connection of Chiron with the North Node is in the horoscopes of Jennifer Aniston, John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey and Hitler, whose spiritual wounds subsequently resulted in a catastrophe for the whole world.

Chiron in aspect with the South Node, on the contrary, pushes a person into society, preventing him from immersing himself in reflection on the topics of the past, although the owners of the connection love to savor their pain and live in the sympathy of loved ones.

On a higher level, their trauma from childhood and adolescence helps them to perceive the world philosophically, to be thinkers and helpers to those who are experiencing a similar problem. The connection of Chiron with the Descending Node is in the horoscope of Jack Nicholson, Michael J. Fox, George Clooney, each of which is an incredibly charismatic and mysterious person. They experienced a lot and realized a lot, which made them icons of generations. Saddam Hussein had a different fate, who obviously went far away from the prompts of Chiron.

The effect of the connection of the Ascending Node with Chiron on men and women

This aspect manifests itself more harmoniously in women than in men, since their nature is characterized by sensitivity, intuition, interest in prophetic dreams and esotericism. Such women are charismatic and attractive due to their willpower, because they have overcome the trials and traumas of youth. By achieving goals and becoming an example of a happy fate in spite of circumstances for other sufferers, they are on the right track.

For men, excessive vulnerability and passion for mystical matters can interfere with building successful relationships in society. They painfully perceive criticism and can withdraw into their own little world, just not to experience negative emotions, while you need to go towards fears and overcome them.

The connection of the North Node with Chiron in the 7th house is especially problematic, because then the sphere of relations will expand internal vulnerability, which will respond very productively in creativity: the native will pour out heartache in poetry, songs, dances, but personal happiness will take place only if he finds a partner – teacher, wise, kind and noble, who will help heal inner wounds. It is necessary to immediately cross out any problematic and toxic people from your environment.

The effect of the connection of the Descending Node with Chiron on men and women

This is a very difficult karmic situation. On the one hand, there were healers and cunning entrepreneurs in the family who could make a lot of discoveries for the benefit of people, on the other hand, the native will have to pay for their mistakes or deliberate mystification of their actions for the sake of profit.

Women with the connection of the South Node and Chiron are considered witches. They often have paranormal abilities, the ability to read minds, speak pain or hypnotize. It is in women that a chironic anomaly is more common: a sixth toe or a different eye color. Due to their heightened intuition, it is difficult for them to find a life partner in early youth, as they see through a partner.

Men are also magnetically attractive, have a sharp mind and healing abilities, but they can only show them when the ultimate goal is for the benefit of other people, even if the native is shot in a good film that will give the audience positive emotions and inspiration.

When connecting the Descending Node with Chiron, people will have to give a lot of personal knowledge on overcoming illnesses, betrayals, humiliations and any other pain in order to be able to create and create their own personal techniques, and also make them their main profession. This applies to the field of alternative medicine, astrology, nutrition, dietetics and creative areas.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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