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Ascending (or North) – Descending node in conjunction with the MC (Midheaven)

Lunar nodes are fictitious points showing where useful karmic experience is hidden, mistakes of ancestors that cannot be repeated again, as well as talents that need to be developed and re-read. The higher they are located, the more significant the theme of a particular node in a person’s life. The middle of the sky is the highest point of the natal chart, and it is favorable for the Ascending (North) node, but the owners of the Descending (South) will have a hard time. Their ambitions and undertakings are blocked from above for the sake of reprogramming negative blocks in the mind and gaining new experience.

Wards of the North aspire to skyward, but they can burn their wings if they catch star disease, and the owners of the South keep in their memory the experience of a high position in society and could rule the world, but they are no longer interested in overcoming obstacles in the pursuit of success. This can be harmonized by turning to karmic astrology.

Karmic influence of the connection of the Ascending (Descending) Node and the Midheaven

The Midheaven (MC) point is on the cusp of the 10th house . The closer any of the nodes is to it, the more significant the topic of career and personal brand is for a person.

If the ascending node stands directly on the MC, then all paths are open to the native for self-realization on the theme of the sign of the 10th house. If this is Leo, then he will be a brilliant leader with artistic inclinations, Capricorn – a financial magnate, Virgo – a prominent scientist.

Of course, the personal choice of a person matters, but the strongest energy of the connection of the North Node with the Middle of the sky will literally push the native onto the path where he needs to be realized.

In a past life, the owners of the aspect sacrificed themselves for the sake of the career success of their loved ones. Women could give up social life and devote themselves to family and children, men faithfully served their overlord or left the business of life to feed their families through a practical specialty. Now they will not be disturbed by living conditions, or their life partner will take over the material support of the issue so that the native can make his dreams come true.

If the South Node is located on the Meridian of the Midheaven, a person is initially born in poverty or suffers oppression, envy, hostility of others, because in a past life he abused his privileged position.

This is a test of pride, because the memory of the power that the native possessed is stored in the subconscious, and he really gives the impression of a royal person who mistakenly fell into the wrong social circle.

In this incarnation, he can also achieve a lot, but only through work, endurance and perseverance: no one will bring anything on a silver platter.

The holders of the MC connection with the North Node are young souls who have come into the world to gain knowledge and new experience of glory. Old souls are indicated by the union of the South Node with Midheaven. They know a lot and atone for their sins by selfless labor or creative fire. Material reward for them is secondary, the main thing is to curb pride and bad temper. The situation can be softened by the conjunction of the Sun or Venus with the North Node.

The influence of the connection Midheaven – Ascending Node on men and women

It cannot be said that the aspect affects the representatives of opposite sexes in different ways. He endows with incredible charisma, financial instinct, the ability to be at the right time in a place where the necessary opportunities for the native and people with connections are concentrated.

All the talents prescribed in the map can be easily and quickly implemented, even if you were born in a poor family and do not have influential acquaintances. Such a person will easily enter a prestigious university and will be interviewed for the desired position. However, there is one caveat – a woman with the Ascending Node-Midheaven connection cannot be a housewife, because this takes her away from her destiny, and sooner or later she will become unhappy and crushed by the huge potential of power that is given to her to become a star.

A man with such an aspect simply will not be able to work in small positions, he will be fired, despite his obvious talents and intelligence, just so that he enters a higher orbit.

There are many celebrities among the owners of the combination of Rahu and MS, for example, Paula Abdul, Meryl Streep, Celine Dion, as well as royalty. Aspect gives a special become, an imperious look, external beauty and self-confidence.

The influence of the connection Descending Node – Midheaven on men and women

These people brought pride and irritation from past lives. Then they occupied a significant place in society, but were not happy with their fate. Now they will have to come to terms with what they have: lack of money, routine, failures, or move forward, boldly meeting each test with optimism and humility.

Interestingly, fame rarely brings them pleasure. They may become popular, but there will be many haters around, harassing them with their nit-picking, or they will promote strange and ambiguous things that cause public outrage. The very image of the native can be associated with the popularization of sinfulness and crime, which was the reason for the rise of Al Pacino after the filming of The Godfather.

It is very important that there is peace and tranquility in the family, even if childhood was far from ideal, you need to find a reliable and loving life partner, because together it is much more effective to overcome the blows of fate, especially since initially these people are introverts, with low self-esteem and constant reflection.

Nevertheless, many of them managed to re-win the pinnacle of fame on a fairly positive wave, like George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars epic, Kevin Costner, Denzel Washington, Louis Pasteur.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Midheaven Conjunction South Node:


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