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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Neptune

Knowing astrology, it is easy to determine how to work out the karma of the past and in which direction to move, creating the future. This is indicated in the horoscope by the Lunar Nodes . The descending (South) shows the experience and talents with which a person came to this world, but relying on them in development, one should not forget about the main vector of the Ascending, North Node. The planets nearby concretize these topics, point to the problems of the past and the freedom of expression of the future.

Neptune in conjunction with the Ascending Node gives a green light to creativity, but if an ordinary planet helps the native to reveal his talent to the maximum, then Neptune also confuses, excites unrealizable dreams. A person can become a brilliant actor, singer and musician only if Mars, Saturn and Mercury are strengthened. The connection of Neptune with the Descending Node, on the contrary, blocks creative energy and intuition. The native is gifted by nature, but he is a stranger everywhere, always out of place and off topic, which is perceived by him very painfully and can lead to depression.

Karmic influence of the conjunction of the Ascending and Descending nodes with Neptune

Usually, the connection of the planet with the North Node is favorable for the native, but in the case of higher ones, everything is not so simple. Neptune is not only the gift of an artist, poet, musician, intuition and prophecy, but also a complete blurring of boundaries with reality.

In the past, a person served the high ideals of society, in terms of creativity, religion, culture, charity, with zeal and dedication, and perhaps his talent and dedication changed people’s lives for the better. Now he was given the opportunity to quickly and freely create and enjoy it.

A striking example of the connection of the Ascending Node with Neptune in Sagittarius is the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who from childhood understood that cinema was his path. However, there are also tragic examples: the poetess Nika Turbina, who tragically died at the age of 21. The girl prodigy, who shone in the rays of glory since childhood, could not stand the complete immersion in the Neptunian unconscious. Danger and trials of the aspect – alcohol, drugs, spiritualism. This is not so much a gift as an exam for the stability of the psyche.

The connection of the Descending Node with Neptune is also ambiguous. A person is gifted with artistic talents, but their manifestation is blocked by various circumstances, but his children or grandchildren will receive these gifts as an inheritance, subject to the righteous lifestyle of the native.

There is also a ban on the use of alcohol, antidepressants, magic. You can have creative hobbies, teach others music, dance, painting, but just give, and not popularize yourself. In the family, most often there were hypnotists, magicians, alchemists, manipulators or opportunistic victims.

Now the task is to learn to be strong enough to give love, to pass on your skills without expecting anything in return. Prayer practice and regular church attendance are highly shown. It is very important to repent of the sins of the family along the Neptunian line. They also show the tense aspects from the connection.

The influence of the connection Neptune-Ascending Node on men and women

On the one hand, light glory and an aura of spirituality, on the other hand, the habit of living in a world of illusions, inventing your own reality, ideals and plots of events. It is very difficult to live with such a person, because if something does not go according to his scenario, he gets angry, and if he cannot change anything, he drinks his grief with wine.

A man with a North Node conjunction with Neptune looks like a little boy to a ripe old age. This is a child who puts the puzzles of circumstances into the word “eternity” like Kai in the fairy tale about the Snow Queen. He knows about his mission and devotes his life to it, and sometimes a woman has no place next to him, except for the time of a holiday romance. A girl with the connection of the Ascending Node and Neptune is magically beautiful, knows how to bewitch with her voice and bewitch with dance, but a too ideal image of a partner lives in her head, real people seem boring and mundane, so she often remains alone.

Many men and women with Rahu-Neptune conjunction are incredibly religious, and given that the aspect blurs the boundaries with reality, there is often a desire to go to a monastery, go to Bali and feed on sunlight alone.

Even if the Neptunian ideas are not so odious, there is still a risk to go headlong into art, medicine, poetry as a service, forgetting about reality, and then the South Node will remind you of it with unpleasant events on its topic. It is very important to find a sober-minded and practical life partner.

The effect of the conjunction of the Descending Node with Neptune on men and women

The native may become popular, but this will only exacerbate his rupture of consciousness. Men and women dream of glory and fear it. From birth, they are like invisible to the opposite sex, they live in their own reality, and even if aspects with other planets make it possible to materialize a creative gift, such as that of actress Sigourney Weaver, they will never flaunt their personal lives, they will avoid social events.

They may have secret sexual fantasies or religious beliefs as opposed to conventional ones. Deep shyness, vulnerability, uncertainty lock them in a prison of fears and complexes. In fact, they themselves sentence themselves to loneliness, if there are no harmonious and strong Venus, Moon and Sun. Many have a tendency to depression and suicide, like E. Hemingway (Neptune-YULU conjunction in Gemini).

The themes of self-sacrifice and service can also be traced in the work of such people. The sooner the native works out the topics of Neptune and Ketu with a psychologist, astrologer and rodologist, the easier it will be for him to live.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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