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Ascending (or North) – Descending node conjunct Selena

Selena (White Moon) is the guardian angel of the native and, at the same time, in the language of astrology, a fictitious point showing in which area the clan of the owner of the horoscope has accumulated the greatest number of good deeds. It is here that he needs to pick up the baton of goodness, and also not be afraid of problems, subject to the right behavior. Connection with the Lunar nodes of karma is a favorable sign, but there are some nuances here.

In alliance with the Ascending Node Rahu, also known as the North Node, Selena blesses and supports any undertaking of the native in the affairs of the house and sign, if it is aimed at multiplying goodness. On the one hand, this is easy, but as soon as a person leaves the bright path and acts dishonestly, everything begins to collapse. If he goes the right way, circumstances develop successfully and lead to success. The connection of Selena with the Descending Node of Ketu, also known as the South, speaks of the need to rely on the positive experience of the ancestors, to continue their good deeds. Any unseemly act blocks the karmic flow of abundance.

Karmic influence of the Ascending (Descending Node) connection with Selena

The goal of life has already been set for a person from above, which means that he is obliged to do good. If the White Moon is within 5 degrees of the North Node, then the native will be greatly fortunate in the theme of this house. In a past life, he meekly endured humiliation and returned good for evil, but now the time has come to receive a reward for righteousness – easy success and no obstacles. For such people, everything turns out by itself, and there are simply no enemies and competitors.

However, if there are many tense aspects in the chart, in addition to this connection, there is a danger of becoming a freeloader living at the expense of others. The fact is that the meaning of the life of such a person is in search of truth, maintaining holiness in oneself and others, helping the poor, but devoting oneself to such higher matters, it is easy to forget about the material side of life. Therefore, having become a preacher, missionary or spiritual teacher, the owner of the horoscope subconsciously attracts assistants who are ready to take on everyday problems, and the main thing here is not to start living at the expense of others.

The connection of Selena with the Descending Node is a sign of good karma. The ancestors of the native tried to create for him a space of love and goodness, where he can fulfill his dreams, but again, on the condition of a kind-hearted attitude towards the world. The temptation is that for the time being, a person can do what he wants, and nothing will happen to him. But then the retribution will come very quickly and painfully, immediately setting priorities.

Such people very keenly perceive injustice and cruelty even in relation to others, and here it is important to start reading sacred texts in time, for example, the Bible, where with the help of Selena’s energy they will come to the right answers. Otherwise, there is a danger of becoming a well-meaning avenger and disturbing the karmic balance in the family.

Effects of the Ascending Node-Selenium Compound on Men and Women

Fictitious points do not affect the representatives of the stronger and weaker sex in a special way, but in general they make the sign of the zodiac in which the White Moon stands incredibly significant. If there are additionally 2-3 planets there, then perhaps a person will begin to live according to this sign, and not according to the Sun or even the Ascendant.

The sphere of patronage of higher powers can be determined depending on the house where the Selena-North Node connection happened. If this is the 5th or 7th sector of the horoscope, men and women will be lucky with spouses and partners, as well as in matters of childbearing and marriage.

Even in the 12th house, the aspect neutralizes enemies, although it involves spiritual service to people. In the 6th sector, the native will always be lucky in work and in medical matters, for example, he will get to a talented doctor from God without any connections and patronage.

Thus, Selena and the Ascending Node can have both a general beneficial effect, helping to find a loving family or a brilliant career, and in narrow matters. Any request of a person to God on these topics will receive a positive resolution. The main thing is to become a source of light, love and kindness for people and close relatives, then everything will develop by itself.

Effects of the Descending Node-Selenium Compound on Men and Women

The holders of this aspect need to pay special attention to the sign and house of the North Node. The positive karma of the kind, which is indicated by both Ketu and the White Moon in alliance with him, will help them in the new sphere, but first you need to release those forces and talents that are given to them by right. For example, if this is the sign of Leo, then you need to allow yourself to be a leader and an artist in your field, but not to slip into self-centeredness, to become a generous king, and not a narcissistic tyrant. The fact is that due to the connection of Selena with the Descending Node, one can amuse oneself for a very long time in the sphere of the North Node, enjoying impunity, but as the resource of the family is depleted, luck will also fade.

Also, this aspect speaks of a significant mission of a person. If the aspect is in the 7th house, then, as in the first case with Rahu, men and women will be equally lucky with a life partner, but there is one difference: you can’t hang out only in this area, no matter how good it is. You will need to build your own business, be active in the affairs of the 1st house, otherwise circumstances will force you to leave your happy nest and you will still have to take the position of an active fighter, but not on your own terms and not when you want.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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