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Third phase of the moon

After the Full Moon, the Moon begins to wane, moving into its third phase. This time is most favorable for the realization of the energy that came with the growth of the heavenly body. This phase of the moon is associated with the air element, and also yellow in color. This is the last stage when your plans and ideas will come true as you would like it.

Third phase of the moon

This time should not be wasted and energy wasted, it is better to use it to achieve your goals, because then you will have to wait a long time for a new influx of strength and energy. During this period, a person has a good positive mood, he is cheerful and cheerful, because the accumulated and not wasted energy is asking to go out. It is necessary to give her a way out, and not simple, but directed. Use your strength to implement your plans, finish all the things that you wanted to do, and in no case put off until later.

Influence on the human body

Now it should be said why it is important to devote yourself during the third phase of the moon to business, and not entertainment. A person charged with energy at this moment still feels energy inside himself, but every day it begins to dissipate, by the way, that is why the phase is called “dissipating”. The following happens to a person:

  • Energy is leaving every day, so the chances of achieving success in the planned affairs, if it was not done, are less and less.
  • The influence of the Moon affects the emotional background of a person – a positive attitude is replaced by melancholy.
  • If the energy was wasted during the Full Moon , the person will feel oppression already during the Scattering Moon period .
  • Lack of energy will increase the risks of family quarrels or problems at work.

Astrologers recommend …

Astrologers strongly recommend not to spend an excessive amount of energy in the first periods when the Moon begins to increase, and even more so to restrain yourself at the Full Moon . Then your body will retain its strength until the Scattering Moon, which needs to be spent on:

  • It's time for athletes to show results. You can add loads in your training cycle, you are guaranteed to show results.
  • In work, it is very important to strive to complete your endeavors before the moon enters the fourth phase. Unfulfilled deeds come back to haunt you in the future with remorse and quiet or not quiet reproaches of the inner voice.
  • At the end of the third cycle, you can sum up the results of your deeds and successes. When the forces practically leave you, analyze your actions and develop a strategy for the future so as not to repeat your mistakes.
  • Make peace and forgive your offenders.
  • Hand out debts and fulfill the promises that you made before.

Third phase of the moonYou have already figured out what can and should be done, now it is important to list what it is better to refrain from when the Scattering Moon is in the sky:

  • Do not enter into any business transactions, especially with dubious people. Signing any agreements during this period is fraught with negative results.
  • The person's attention begins to dissipate, so try to limit communication with unknown or suspicious personalities, it is likely that these are scammers.
  • Do not try to manipulate people, but try not to become an object for manipulation yourself.
  • In the first days of the third phase, refrain from wedding ceremonies, because in 9/10 of the cases they end in divorce.


The period of the waning moon should be the finish line to achieve the intended goals. If, having come to this point, you have already spent your energy, it is better to devote yourself to pleasant and easy things in order to maintain a positive mood for as long as possible. The last days on the eve of the beginning of the fourth phase of the cycle, it will be better to take time to communicate with friends, family and like-minded people.


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