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Growing (young) moon

The period from New Moon to Full Moon is called the waxing moon time. The time is favorable for a person, because during this period there is an accumulation of energy in the body. You can and even need to devote yourself to planning new affairs and the gradual implementation of your plans.

The growing moon and the human body

From the moment the New Moon phase ends, under the influence of the heavenly body, the human body begins to store a lot of energy. His emotional background changes for the better, a feeling of lightness and joy appears. The energy will remain until the beginning of the third lunar phase – the scattering Moon.

During this period, you need to start an active life, devote yourself to achieving the tasks set, increase the intensity of work, and so on. These are not just recommendations – this is a vital necessity. Otherwise, you risk harming yourself and your loved ones. The accumulated energy is looking for a way out, and do not doubt that it will find it. Lack of physical activity during the growing moon will make you more aggressive, and this aggression will spill out on relatives, friends, friends or work colleagues.

Astrologers’ recommendations

Astrologers recommend doing the following during the growing moon:

  • Engage in the implementation of large plans and the implementation of previously assigned tasks, both in work and in other matters.
  • Businessmen can sign contracts, hold various events or negotiate cooperation with new partners.
  • Athletes can add to the load on the body during training, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, because the time to show the result will fall in the third lunar phase .
  • Investors and brokers will be more productive and successful in playing on stock exchanges and increasing their capital, so this chance should not be missed.

Experts in the field of astrology say that at this time it will be best to organize active holidays, various mass events. Especially creative people will succeed in everything – the growing Moon is the time to create masterpieces of art.

During such a period, a desire appears in the hearts of people to prove their superiority, to declare themselves as a person. On this basis, quarrels and conflicts will arise, both in the family and at work. Despite this, the growing moon is the most favorable time for dating, because people during this period evaluate a person less skeptically. Men and women become more attracted to each other. The growing moon affects not only physical activity, but makes the emotional background more sensitive and vulnerable, so choose expressions when communicating with your significant other. The spoken words, even in jest, can be taken seriously, which will greatly upset the interlocutor, and such an insult will not pass soon.

Growing (young) moon

Important points

Despite the fact that a person begins to accumulate energy in huge quantities, it is important to ensure that not all of it was wasted by the period of the scattering Moon. Plan its energy consumption wisely, and if there is an opportunity to save, use it. The waxing moon period is an excellent time for healing and cleansing procedures for your body. Can:

  • Visit gyms and fitness clubs;
  • Take a course of vitamins and minerals;
  • Actively visit spa salons;
  • Go to baths and saunas;
  • Apply creams to the skin and make wellness masks.

The period is very suitable for removing harmful substances and toxins accumulated in the human body, and astrologers strongly recommend not to miss such a great opportunity to improve your health.

Be sure to review your diet and add more vegetables and fruits to it. Combined with proper physical activity, visits to health facilities and the use of healthy creams, you will completely cleanse your body of all harmful substances.


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