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The fourth phase of the moon – the last quarter

In the fourth phase, the Moon is illuminated with a thin, barely noticeable sickle, the horns of which look to the right. This phase is also called the third or last quarter. The activity of plants and animals begins to slow down, gradually preparing themselves for the New Moon . The Moon cycle has a special effect on a person during this period , therefore, in order for things to go well, appropriate measures must be taken.

The fourth phase of the moon - the last quarter

The influence of the last quarter of the moon on the human body

The period of the fourth phase (last quarter) of the Moon is called balsamic, because this time is favorable for the removal of everything old and unnecessary. The activity of the human body begins to subside, and physical strength to leave. The psyche works in a completely different way, so very often you can observe that you have managed to discover a truth that you did not notice before.

During the period of the balsamic moon, a person will be visited by smart thoughts, simple truths that were previously hidden or for some reason could not be revealed will be revealed. Often times, outlook on life can change – you will begin to better understand the structure of the world and the feelings of other people. Your family members are more sensitive to mood swings.

The state of the emotional background will also change. A person may feel overwhelmed or depressed if they over-expended their energy in the previous stages. When the balsamic moon is shining in the sky, it is recommended:

  • Do not provoke quarrels and do not be provoked by other people;
  • Be tolerant of the behavior of your loved ones;
  • Don’t make new acquaintances;
  • Refrain from the temptations that will surround you.

A person plunges into a drowsy state, so there is no need to disturb your body once again, this can end in a prolonged depression. The concentration of your attention gradually begins to dissipate, so it is important not to start important and responsible matters. What to do during the balsamic moon period?
The fourth phase of the moon - the last quarter

When the moon has entered the fourth phase, or as it is also called the last quarter, it’s time to take stock, postpone all your affairs that you do not have time to finish before the New Moon, an attempt to implement them may have a negative result. During the period of the balsamic moon, astrologers recommend:

  1. Dedicate yourself to summarizing the work done. It’s time to look back and evaluate the deeds you have done. Review the mistakes, think about how it would be better to act in a given situation, analyze your behavior and put an end to your affairs.
  2. If for some reason you did not manage to finish something from what was planned, finish it as soon as possible, because during the New Moon period not a single thing will turn out the way you want it. It is very important not to be scattered on secondary, but to carry out only the main and priority tasks, because every day there is less energy, and you will not have time to do everything.
  3. Postpone the signing of new contracts, the beginning of any important affairs and events. Since the forces are already running out, and ahead of the New Moon unfavorable for the human body , it is better to transfer new beginnings to the period of the growing moon .
  4. Businessmen should stop investing at this time, the risks of an unsuccessful investment increase significantly. However, it will be very helpful if you donate a certain amount of money to charity. In the future, this will positively backfire on you, both materially and spiritually.
  5. Start planning new things to do after the New Moon . Make plans in advance, and make informed decisions, a special psychological state, inspired by the balsamic moon, will help you in this.
  6. Refrain from self-criticism. Looking back, you can see that not everything was done as you would like, and something was not done at all, but this is not a reason to start reproaching yourself for it. Review the mistakes and, based on this, come up with a plan to help you avoid them in the future. Remember, during the period of the balsamic moon, it is very easy to drive yourself into depression, but getting out of it may not work out for a long time.


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