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Waning (aging) moon

The time from the moment of the Full Moon to the birth of the new Moon is called the waning period or the scattering (aging) moon. The first half of this period is the most favorable time to finish unfinished business. The second is reserved for analysis and deep comprehension of all that has been done earlier. During this period, you need to put up and forgive, finish the previously planned cases.

The influence of the waning moon

Waning (aging) moonBefore the Full Moon, the human body was actively producing and accumulating energy as the celestial body grew. After growth, there is always a decline, and therefore the first period of the waning of the Moon is the time that needs to be spent on the implementation of the accumulated energy. This time is very favorable for athletes, right now they will begin to show results in their activities.

Against the emotional background, changes have not yet taken place – a person feels a mass of accumulated energy and longs to realize it. Changes will occur at the time of the fourth phase , when the period of the balsamic moon comes . Physical activity gives way to spiritual enlightenment. A person will begin to better understand the essence of things and the structure of the world around him. This extraordinary altered state of consciousness will not last long, so it is very important to take full advantage of it.

  • Analyze your actions for errors;
  • Develop a plan or strategy for correcting them;
  • During the period of this spiritual enlightenment, it will be easier to decide on plans for the future, so it is important not to miss the chance;
  • Make peace with your loved ones, ask for forgiveness from those you have offended.

The finale of the waning moon, when it is about to be reborn, is better spent spending time with your family. At the end of the period of this lunar cycle, a person can spoil his own mood with non-constructive self-criticism and drive himself into a deep depression. Refrain, at this moment review your mistakes, but refrain from evaluating them, in 9/10 cases it will be incorrect.

beauty and health

The waning moon period is conducive to various operations that require surgical intervention. However, only the first half of it, but during the fourth phase it is better to refrain from this, because the risk of failure is too great.

Astrologers recommend:

  • Visit hairdressers and beauty salons;
  • During the waning moon, visit a dentist or surgeon if you need their help;
  • Follow a diet, because it is best to lose weight during this period.

Everything bad or harmful to the body will be painlessly removed precisely on the waning moon. You can devote yourself to diets and philosophical conversations with family or friends. As the mood gradually declines, such conversations will help distract from problems, and diets will keep the body in good shape.

Waning (aging) moon

Business and work

Businessmen should refrain from signing new contracts, looking for partners and other things. If you are going to launch any innovative development in your business, put it aside for the waxing moon . Stock brokers and investors need to be more careful in their analytics and betting, because there is a very high chance of a bad investment. If you are going to invest, invest in proven projects with a low level of risk.

World statistics show that most of the layoffs occur precisely during the waning moon. People evaluate their work and often come to the conclusion that this is not what they wanted and go in search of another occupation. This happens to those who have reached a certain level in their work and, having not seen the paths for their development, simply withdraw from the distance. Be careful not to jump to conclusions or make the same decisions.


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