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11th house in the sign of Libra

The house of friendship and great deeds for the good of society, through which the native receives wealth and honors as a continuation of the previous 10th house, where the Midheaven Meridian passes, is extremely important in the analysis of the chart. In this house, we can see what kind of people contribute to social advancement, who should be avoided, and how the owners of the house themselves behave as a comrade, ally, and partly as a boss and colleague. It will also be possible to unravel the sources of sudden profits, since the king of unpredictability, Uranus, is the ruler of this field.

The 11th house in Libra continues the axis of the 5th house in Aries. Ambition and passion in love and creativity undergo changes when entering a large social circle. In friendship, they hold back emotions, but not ambition, wanting not only to talk heart to heart and have fun, but to actively move up the career ladder. Friends are refined, from good families and with great connections.

Friendship and social activity

The ruler of Libra is Venus, and if it is harmonious, then high-ranking people patronize the native, bosses sympathize. Appearance is very important. Finding your style means attracting friends from higher social strata at the energy level. At the same time, men and women with 11 houses in Libra do not necessarily use friendly feelings for selfish purposes. They sincerely like to communicate in the royal circles of successful and famous personalities. It inspires the realization of personal ambitions.

However, with negative aspects to Venus or the 11th house, social climbing is likely. They can even recapture a wife or husband from a former friend, create a new alliance with them in order to break into a certain circle. However, friendship often leads to marriage with mutual benefit.

Having had enough of the stormy experiences of Aries in the 5th house, the owners of the 11th house in Libra want smooth and trusting partnerships, although it is possible that they can periodically go to the side for inspiration, but they will never leave a friendly union that provides a high social position.

The main features of the influence of the 11th house in Libra on fate:

  • good manners, a sense of beauty, the desire to always look like a million, but without excessive pretentiousness, the charm of a well-mannered person;
  • the desire to be friends only with promising representatives of power or wealthy, educated families;
  • creative potential is realized only with the support of the powerful force of a group of people with authority and power, it is difficult to break through alone;
  • the ability to feel conflicts in the team and smooth them out not with endless conversations and intrigues, as the Gemini do, but with a soft word and beautiful deeds, having talked with the boss in private;
  • the gift of winning over an interlocutor with personal charm, but at a low level of development this does not exclude duplicity: they ingratiate themselves and use lovers and friends;
  • dependence on public opinion: they can back away from a friend who has fallen into a bad story so as not to ruin their reputation, although they will secretly help;
  • the ability to look at a controversial situation from different angles, take the position of an arbitrator in the team and give an objective analysis, respectively, make a fair decision.

The nature of friends is looked at by the position of Venus in one sign or another. If it stands next to the Sun or is united with it by a good aspect, then the benefit will come directly from close association with comrades.

Goals and wealth

The right environment brings profit and promotes social growth. This seems logical, but not every native is born in conditions that make it easy to enter the chosen social circle.

If the 10th house and the Meridian of the Midheaven fall into the sign of Virgo, then the owners of the horoscope will have to work hard on themselves, bend their ambitions in order to first serve the interests of this circle, become their own through a demonstration of commitment to their ideals, and only then receive a high status as a reward.

The owners of the 11th house in the sign of Libra will certainly reflect their new position in their appearance, immediately discarding frugality and restraint, and starting to acquire status things. At a low level of development, men and women will remain in the retinue of close associates or will be on errands for the sake of encouraging beautiful things from the master’s shoulder. This position is found among the servants and staff of royalty and celebrities. If the Meridian of the Middle Heaven falls into the sign of Leo, then the native himself becomes a creative person requiring attention.

Elaboration of the 11th house in Libra

Venus, ruler of Libra, is responsible for people’s values and manifestations of love in their lives. It is important for them to accurately define their vocation, which will bring not only material, but also spiritual pleasure. The business of life should be such that they would like to do it even for free.

The owners of the 11th house in Libra need to choose friends not only by status, but also make a selection according to moral qualities already within the desired social circle. Not every rich major will lead to success. On the contrary, if there are negative aspects between Venus and Mars, Lilith, Chiron, Uranus, Pluto, there is a chance of getting into bad company by swiping at too much of the pie.

Happiness and social success will be brought by friends with a good reputation and moral principles. Most often, entry into high society occurs through beautiful-looking and well-groomed women, but it can also be artistic men. Such individuals should hone their manners, find their own style, learn to express their thoughts beautifully and clearly, and skillfully use personal charm.

In revealing these abilities, jewelry with stones that activate the energies of the 11th house in Libra will help: rose quartz, diamond, tourmaline, spinel and sapphire, as well as coral.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 11th House in Libra:


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