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2nd house in the sign of Aries

Ancient astrologers considered the position of the 2nd house in Aries to be unfavorable, but now this is interpreted differently, since the attitude towards money and ways of earning has changed. The second house is responsible for talent to raise money, financial enrichment and material resources. This is the energy of possession that gives the right to wealth. If it is blocked, the native bangs its head against the wall. The owners of the 2nd house in Aries usually break the barriers, passionately dreaming about what they want. Therefore, it was previously believed that such a position makes a person indiscriminate in means, a greedy and unprincipled businessman. This happens at a low level of development. At a high level – active and courageous businessmen who know how to invest all their fortune in risky ventures and win.

The nature and methods of communication in the 2nd house in Aries

The second house also shows self-esteem, the nature of the environment, and even food addictions. The individual interpretation depends on personal aspirations, education, social status of the family. The child of alcoholics and marginal people will punch the way up with fists, humiliating competitors with strong words. A person who grew up in a cultural environment will prove through hard work and discussions without becoming personalized the right to success. But there are also common points that appear in any representative of the 2nd house in Aries:

  • stubbornness, inspiration from clearly set goals, confidence in their value and professionalism;
  • greed for knowledge and a thrifty attitude to the money earned (at the same time, easily received funds are quickly lowered and do not value them);
  • generosity: give gifts to friends and loved ones, sponsor projects that are interesting to them and donate for treatment;
  • experimenting with ways to make money: start early, treat it like a game, gambling and fearless;
  • desire to get rich quickly, aversion to routine affairs, but the willingness to work hard for a grandiose goal;
  • independence, inclination to freelance and one-time, but large orders;
  • fear of the future motivates to take action;
  • addiction to fast food, spicy food, spices;
  • honesty, openness, punctuality: they quickly pay for the work of subordinates, they themselves clearly perform tasks.

Owners of the 2nd house in the sign of Aries divide the surrounding people into two categories: friends and competitors. If a person does not oppose himself to their personal beliefs and does not threaten financial growth, such person is a priori a friend with whom the owners of the 2nd house in Aries will be friendly and sociable, and in case of misfortune he will generously help financially. With enemies, the Aries wards are ruthless and would rather destroy than worry about possible trips on the way to their dreams.

Relationship with money in the 2nd house in Aries

From childhood, these natives learned the joy of owning money, having received the first amount for expenses. It inspires them to start working at school. It is important to remember that having a higher education will allow them to transfer the energy of Aries to the upper floor of the 2nd house and operate with financial flows instead of performing one-time projects. At a low level of awareness, the owners of the 2nd house in Aries are simple hard workers. They can become the owners of an atelier and a repair shop, earn good money, but they will not reveal their potential.

A businessman or a locksmith, there will always be a competitive environment at work, and they will have to fight for status and salary. Good money only comes with a high level of energy and pleasure from the result. Such individuals should not take on long-term projects where they need to wait a long time for payment and moral return. The native’s motto is: “I came, I saw, I won.”

If Mars is affected, they need to be doubly active in their work. The choice of profession should be made for 10 houses and planets, standing there or making aspects to the MC. The Ascendant in Cancer, Pisces, and partly in Scorpio, does not allow them to decide to declare themselves with all the power of Aries in the 2nd house. Wealth here is possible only with a detailed study of psychological complexes. The inability to think over the strategy of financial growth and impulsiveness in spending lead to the fact that in the pockets it is either thick or empty.

Elaboration of the 2nd house in Aries

When people lose money, the ground leaves from under their feet, and they are capable of desperate actions: put the most expensive at stake in a casino, get a divorce, even jump off a bridge. Therefore, it is important to improve the level of financial literacy. Focusing on quick profits in work, they need to invest money in long-term investment. The main reasons leading to the ruin of a native:

  • gambling, litigation, signing contracts without looking;
  • theft, thoughtless investment in a hopeless project;
  • distribution of money and gifts to friends and relatives without a trace.

The perception of the world around as an enemy or beloved makes it difficult to move forward, creating a type of black and white thinking. People with 2nd house in Aries need to learn from Libra balance and the ability to communicate with different representatives of society, as well as carefully consider spending and investments, and not impulsively sign an agreement on trust or relying on luck.

The emphasis is not on strength and assertiveness, but on foresight and self-criticism. Most often, the owners of the 2nd house in Aries with the Ascendant and the 10th house in Virgo, Capricorn, Libra and Taurus succeed.

Cooperation with rational, calm and reliable partners with the Ascendant, Mars and the Meridian of the Midheaven in earth signs will help financial success and stable receipt of material wealth.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 2nd House in Aries:


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