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2nd house in the sign of Leo

Relationships with money, health and reserve of vital energy are formed under the influence of the 2nd house . In fact, it is a source of regular income, not giving to starve to death, something that will always support and become the foundation for a future career, which is defined along the meridian sky Means in the 10th house. Leo is power and nobility, so money for such a person is a way of managing the world and an inheritance for descendants.

The tsars do not like to work, they are condescending to the accumulated, but the understanding that, possessing enormous means, they stand at the top of the golden mountain, and the rest at the foot, saves them from carelessness. However, having reached a certain level of wealth, they are happy to delegate financial management and enjoy the benefits of life. The danger is that with the weakening of the 2nd house, selfishness and criminal inclinations develop.

The nature and methods of communication in the 2nd house in Leo

People with such position are sure that they were born for luxury and exaltation above others. The main fear: being strangers at the celebration of life, not having time to take a place in the sun, pushes them forward. They are energetic, cheerful peole with their own code of rules and principles. Even at a low level of development, they adhere to their philosophy of life, for example, steal, but only from the rich, and do not touch the poor.

Despite attempts to impress themselves, there is a distinctly ingenuous and simple intellect in communication, with the exception of the strong position of Mercury and the powerful aspects with their participation. Without this support, it is obvious that they admire punching power more than intelligence, and their confidence is based only on those things that they saw with their own eyes or know that they can be acquired.

Materialists to the bone,  lovers of beautiful clothes and branded jewelry, nevertheless,they are tight-fisted and save on buying food. Without the development of the spiritual principle, such individuals become  ruthless conquerors, appropriating other people’s victories. Common traits that appear in almost every Leo owner in the 2nd house:

  • selfishness, the desire to attract attention with bright accents in appearance, clothing, home, defiant behavior, arrogant manner of speaking;
  • the habit of dividing people into two categories: the strong, who are worthy of respect, and the weak, who are easier to ignore;
  • admiration for arrogance and relaxedness: they mistake kindness and honesty for weakness;
  • imperiousness, excess of authority, when having received the position of a boss, they change beyond recognition and rule over others like slaves;
  • a stable financial position, although it is difficult to become an oligarch, unless the Sun is in the 10th house with many harmonious aspects;
  • lovers to show wealth that does not correspond to the real situation: they wear diamonds, but they save on the necessary, if only those around them admire;
  • health is good, they rarely get sick and give the impression of hardy and strong people, but attention must be paid to the heart.

If in the 2nd house in Leo the ruler is the Sun, then the karmic task is to gain financial independence and independently develop own business, while this usually attracts wealthy partners who are happy to provide the whims of the royal chosen ones. Better to let their support become seed money for a personal business.

Relationship with money in the 2nd house in Leo

Money comes when people feel special, bathed in admiration for their wisdom, charisma and leadership qualities. With a harmonious second house in Leo, life often gives them the chances of becoming a boss or a popular personality.

The native’s element is show business on both sides of the stage. These are  stars of TV series and singers, if Venus is in Taurus, or directors, screenwriters, choreographers, producers, who perfectly understand what kind of spectacles people are waiting for, and most importantly: how much such individuals can earn from emotions. They will also succeed in business, politics, marketing.

The owners of the 2nd house in Leo may be careless about daily expenses, but they have an emergency supply of money for the children and their future. They will not spend it even in case of need, but rather attract high-ranking fans and sponsors to help. It is important for sunny repeaters to remember that their task is not to worry, but to enjoy the possession of finances and purchases of things. It is this that launches the welfare program.

Elaboration of the 2nd house in Leo

Taking responsibility for financial decisions removes the need to obey others. The basics of financial planning and investing are mandatory, then Leo will gain confidence when thinking about capital for the future and will be able to enjoy creativity and business. People with 2nd house in the sign of Leo will also have to learn:

  • objectively evaluate people, abstracting from personal sympathy;
  • overcome pride and disregard for others;
  • stop getting annoyed with competitors;
  • admire other people’s successes.

Talents and personal charisma must be used specifically to obtain material wealth, then the karmic task will be fulfilled. This is done through monetizing a personal brand in any chosen activity. Ethical principles must be taken from Aquarius: equality, brotherhood, selfless help. Courage and strength will help them overcome obstacles. These owners of the 2nd house in Leo are addicted to gambling, but in the first half of life there is a risk of losing all funds. But in adulthood, luck will bring a win.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 2nd House in Leo:


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