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5th house in Pisces. Love is like a dream

By the sign of the zodiac in the 5th house of the horoscope, it is easy to find out what will be the relationship with the future children of the native, as well as to trace their fate up to the choice of profession. Love in the astrological aspect is closely related to the issue of childbirth, therefore, the character traits of lovers and the circumstances of conception are also considered here, as well as issues of religious experiences in terms of the emotional perception of God.

The 5th house in Pisces makes a person especially sensitive in relation to mysticism, occultism and intuitive insights. He is sick of the ordinary, wants unearthly love and acute romantic excitement, a sense of desire for many. He creates many roles, in each of which a part of his innermost dreams lives. Love is the meaning of life and at the same time a drug that deprives an adequate perception of reality.

Children and creativity

Depending on the level of spirituality, five-house Pisces are the embodiment of tenderness and divine love, sacrificial and devoted, but also infantile, irresponsible deceivers, living empty dreams.

As parents, they have little interest in discipline, control over lessons and regular feeding of the child by the hour, but they will enthusiastically study with him drawing, music, dancing, go to theaters together, walk in the rain, and also dream, looking at the stars. Neptune, ruler of the 5th house in Pisces, is a master at distorting reality on the topics for which this sector is responsible.
The native goes to two extremes:

  • does not see shortcomings in the heir, believes that everything is fine, or is really unable to notice that he is cheating, stealing, lazy and degrading;
  • as if in a distorting mirror, through the prism of his problems in the horoscope, endows the child with negative character traits and vices, which are not in that, which greatly injures both.

Of course, in their pure form, these two types of perception are rare, but their elements appear periodically. Moreover, if the children are spiritual and talented, the parent sees them as mediocre and stupid, and at a low Neptunian level, with a tendency to lie and theft, they are innocent and sensitive. General features of the influence of the 5th house in Pisces on fate:

  • vivid creative imagination, the ability to draw plots for creativity from dreams and fantasies, where they stay most of the day;
  • tenderness and sacrifice in relation to one child and captiousness, strict educational measures to another, due to the influence of the 5-11 axis of the house: Pisces-Virgo;
  • secretive character, artistry, the ability to reincarnate in any role, to understand immoral, criminal and highly spiritual, sacrificial actions, which is equally good for an actor and a priest, but tempts and provokes to go to the dark side;
  • lies and illusions in matters of upbringing: the native promises the unrealizable, or on trifles, they say, we will buy this toy later, but is not even going to do it, or pretends to be religious, and he himself gossips and steals what the children immediately absorb;
  • at a high level of development helps heirs to gain a philosophical outlook on life, humility, understanding of human nature and art.

The tendency to lie strongly spoils the relations of children and the native with the world, quarrels them among themselves, but it is perfectly compensated through theatrical and literary creativity, participation in quests and historical reconstructions. With a strong awareness and spirituality of a person, Neptune gives the gift of clairvoyance, when any lie is felt at the level of intuitive understanding.

Love relationship

At the average level of development, the owner of the 5th house in Pisces seems to be the embodiment of warmth, ready for strong relationships, full of romance and surprises. He wants to trust and drown in the tactile sensations so beloved by him from the hugs and charming voice. But the reality is quite different.

Five-house Pisces is not against flirting and sex, but at the same time they are on their own, and at every opportunity to bind them and raise a question about certainty in a relationship, they elude the answer and specifics. It is impossible to keep them. Players and artists are able to wriggle out of the most difficult situation and turn it around to their advantage. They acquire an erotic experience early, because they are unable to withstand the pressure of loving fans.

Sex is not a reason for love at the level of the soul, so five-house Pisces often find themselves trapped in unwanted pregnancy, and illegitimate children complicate their existence.

In case of defeat at home – unrequited love, dangerous connections. If there are positive aspects, the freshness of passion and romance accompanies the relationship until old age.

Study of the 5th house in Pisces

The more spiritual a person is, the easier it is for him to cope with the fog and temptations of Neptune. Men with this position either embark on many love adventures, unconsciously seeking to find the melody of the highest divine love in another person, or become priests, working off karma.

However, it is possible to alleviate the suffering of people and work on the 5th house on the mundane plane: listen to the suffering, give practical advice, help in practice. It is very important to connect the Virgo-Pisces axis through attention to detail, grounding through the development of commitment, punctuality, responsibility and the education of these qualities in children.

For five-house Pisces, swear words, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling are contraindicated, including partners with such hobbies should be avoided, since the native cannot resist the involvement in them and will die spiritually.

The best mascot stones on this path will be serpentine , blue topaz and agate , larimar, blue aventurine .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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