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5th house in Leo. The whole world is theater

The fifth house is responsible for activities and relationships that bring maximum pleasure. These are communication with children, the circumstances of conception and behavior in intimate relationships, flirting, a penchant for romance and creativity. Actions that are given easily and naturally, by human nature and his ideas about joy and happiness. It is important to know which sign colors the cusp of the 5th house with its energy , because then it is easier to choose activities and relationships to your liking, to understand your child.

The 5th house in Leo symbolizes an incredibly creative, active and proud nature. Children are the subject of the highest pride and a reason for the development of vanity, because, as a rule, they are talented, artistic and ambitious. The only problem here is mutual selfishness, irritating others and provoking quarrels between parents and the younger generation.

Children and creativity

Leo is not considered a fertile sign, but in the 5th house, due to the ruler of the Sun and the playfulness inherent in this sector, he gives a great desire to have children, which is half the battle. The Moon provokes difficulties. If it is damaged or in the fall, then problems with conception require its harmonization. Five-house Leos are smart about pregnancy, so the child is usually desired, loved and expected.

They will do everything to make their child stand out from birth with a luxurious lifestyle and wardrobe items. So it will be in the future. The native perceives the success of the descendants as his own, so it is possible that at a low spiritual level of development, bribes, intrigues, and suing in various competitions will be used, where ambitious Lion cubs will certainly take part.

At a high level, they are helped by advice, personal experience, focusing on the principles of a noble struggle. The main features of the influence of the 5th house in Leo on the character and relationships with children:

  • artistry, a thirst for justice for others, but for themselves, in matters of the prestige of children and creativity, they can calmly and regally transgress the rules of decency;
  • arrogance, the desire to get into the social circle of bohemians and the elite, to show off a deliberately rich lifestyle, even with a modest budget;
  • exactingness and authoritarianism in the upbringing of children, so that they do not sit at home, but develop for the show to the public: they pay for music and theater circles, encourage them to perform on stage, to be the best in the class;
  • personal talent in the fields of art, business, sports, politics, shameless striving for success sometimes turns into social mountaineering;
  • children are always in the spotlight, proud and self-centered, but kind and generous, if the manifestation of these two qualities does not interfere with their personal interests;
  • The emphasized brightness of the image and the focus on the first place in life attract many envious people and enemies: you should carefully consider the aspects of the 7th house in order to understand where the threat will come from;
  • careerism, frivolity, a tendency to put personal life on the side above maternal and paternal responsibilities: they will not sit with their children at home, they will rather be sent to classes in another studio.

The owners of the 5th house in Leo are not suitable for creativity alone: ​​they need spectators and applause, even if they work in business, on the stock exchange or government organizations. This is one of the contraindications for freelancing.

Love relationship

The five-house Leo has everything for show, including love relationships. They love emotional games, flirting, romantic courtship. Women cannot be captivated without luxurious gifts, restaurants, compliments praising her uniqueness and beauty. She is only interested in strong partners who have an undoubted weight in society. Money is secondary here, the main thing is that the partner is known and has a bright charisma.

Men with the 5th house in Leo act assertively. They are not romantics at heart, unless Venus and Mars are in water signs, but they like to maintain this illusion for a short time, especially since the beauty of a person and a process is a priority for them. Leo will conquer only the woman who resists for the sake of appearance, but a real refusal hurts his pride, so if the person he is interested in is cold, he will not waste his resources on a dubious victory.

The owners of the 5th house in Leo go through many romances in order to experience the full range of emotions before deciding on marriage. It is important for them to find a partner, life with whom will be like a noisy holiday with fireworks, adventures, bright events and gifts. Without getting the excitement and flirting in the family, they will satisfy the need for them on the side.

Study of the 5th house in Leo

With a weak Sun and Moon, weighed down by negative aspects, the native or his children may have heart problems. It is especially important to check this organ for women before pregnancy, and in men it is more often expressed as heart pains and experiences as a result of failures in love, although it can also go to the physical plane.

In the presence of a defeat at home and the main planets of the horoscope, it is important to examine the child’s heart in time, and also not to indulge his egoism. Five-house Lions do not cherish a soul in offspring, but one must understand that an adequate perception of their talents and the upbringing of a noble character will bring much more benefit.

The study of the 5th house in Leo lies in the realization that the mission is to inspire the public with a personal example of success, and not suppress it with authority and categoricalness. This also applies to relationships with loved ones. The planets and aspects going to this sector will tell you whether a person will become a famous artist or flourish in another business, but the main thing is to generously give creativity to the world.

Stones-talismans, protecting from enemies and disappointments: amber , citrine , chrysolite , red zircon , garnet and quartz , sun stone.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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